Here’s Why This Celica is the Greatest Car Ever Made

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08:22   |   May 18, 2019


Here’s Why This Celica is the Greatest Car Ever Made
Here’s Why This Celica is the Greatest Car Ever Made thumb Here’s Why This Celica is the Greatest Car Ever Made thumb Here’s Why This Celica is the Greatest Car Ever Made thumb


  • rev up your engines, today I'm going to talk about perhaps the best car ever
  • made, my old 1994 Toyota Celica s it's got a
  • little bitty 1.8 liter engine same exact engine they used in the
  • Corolla the same year that puts on a whopping 110 horsepower yeah it's not a
  • race car and the problem with celicas is they tried to make them more into
  • race cars then they had problems, take for example to 2002 Celica that
  • they had a yamaha redesigned engine that did put out a hundred and eighty
  • horsepower at very high rpms, but they had problems with blowing up they
  • weren't designed correctly in my opinion it was that Yamaha engine that led to
  • the decline and eventual total demise of the Celica, made them for decades before
  • that that was the beginning of the end to my 94 Celica else it's got the 1.8
  • liter Corolla engine and yeah it's not gonna win any races, a race of time this
  • thing's got 240,000 miles on it still runs like a clock and sure it burns a
  • little bit of oil it burns half a quart every 3,000 miles
  • I changed the oil every 3,000 miles heck I've seen some modern cars that
  • they burned half a quart of oil every three four hundred miles and this thing
  • is 26 years old has almost 240,000 miles, that's what I call a solid engine and
  • it's got an uber dependable 4-speed automatic transmission yeah I would have
  • rather had it with a 5-speed standard but heck I only paid 350 bucks for the
  • car so in that case beggars can't be choosers, and really it's just perfectly
  • fine with 240,000 miles on it, it's had the filter and fluid changed like eight
  • or nine times in its lifetime transmissions has never been touched
  • other than that, and look at the nice wheels, well it's just a facade anyway
  • these are autozone hubcaps but they look pretty good yeah I'm not gonna
  • waste my money on tires and rims and when you put these back on it actually
  • looks pretty good from afar, now the engine and the transmission is all
  • original I had put one timing belt and one water pump on the engine, but other
  • than that it's all original except for quite a few other parts, but if you want
  • the truth of that, the old parts weren't even worn out, anybody who knows me knows
  • I check out things all the time so my customers are sending me things all
  • the time, this thing's got a catalytic converter, all four struts, fancy seat
  • covers, new discs and rotors, but I was testing out products that other people
  • made the car didn't actually needed but hey they gave them to me for free and I
  • was testing them out for all you viewers to see if those companies make decent
  • products or not, so these fancy LED headlights they're not stock they look
  • cool, I still got the stock halogens in the trunk they still work I'm testing
  • them out for people, as you can see they still work quite well I put them in years ago
  • I'm just using it for testing stuff, this hatchback has a lot of room yeah there's
  • a lot of junk in it but realize this is a work car and I use it for hauling
  • stuff all the time, watch what happens when I take pieces of it out and move
  • things around this comes right out, then we can pop the seats back, look at all the
  • room this thing has, it'll hold all kinds of stuff, giant screen TVs, wood for fixing
  • the old house, there's a lot of space in this thing well this is a lot
  • of space when the seats are put forward, but truthfully if you're sitting in the
  • back of this thing there isn't that much space for big people to ride in the back
  • it is a compact car after all, and yeah the seats wore out, but look at
  • this these are custom made seat covers I got online, they really look good these
  • are seat covers these aren't reupholstered, these are actual seat covers you'll see
  • they're just seat covers they snap on, and I know people are saying, oh scotty
  • this thing doesn't even run, well look every time you turn the key it starts
  • right up, it's a Toyota and look at this original AC system
  • ah this still blows ice cold, granted with all this glass yeah you got
  • a lot of Sun in there you got a greenhouse effectt you need a good
  • air-conditioner in this car, and here's one of my cool inventions since Scotty's
  • cheap they broke years ago and you gotta buy them in pairs and they cost a lot of
  • money, so look at this I just bolted on a little plastic swing arm that holds
  • it up, when it's closing you see you open it up it locks in place and holds it in, then
  • when you want to close it you just pick it up and then get out of the way, down
  • it goes, it's been that way for over 10 years now, that thing isn't going to break
  • those assemblies you buy the factory ones and you gotta buy them in pairs, it
  • was over 200 bucks. why not just invent things. I don't care if this thing's
  • stock or not you know I'm never gonna sell it, it's my work, now they're fun
  • to drive the suspension is a big upgrade over what would be on a 94 Corolla, it's
  • no race car it's a fun car just to go around in, and I mean I took it out the west
  • Texas one time where the speed limit is 85, it had no problem cruising for eight
  • hours at 85 miles an hour, and yeah years ago I had to change the radiator their the
  • plastic aluminum stuff like everything else is, but I bought one of these
  • Japanese ones back in the day when I bought it was $79 took like 40 minutes
  • to put in and it's still working ten years later, that's the advantage of
  • getting something that's basically a Toyota Corolla there are parts all over
  • the place aftermarket because there's still millions of them rolling down the
  • road, you don't have to special order sports car parts and pay a fortune like
  • other cars, most of the Toyota parts fit this thing, now sure this thing's 26
  • years old but look at it it's still got decent style, the GT that's out front
  • that's going to the junkyard, it had more horsepower and it's headed to the
  • junkyard, but this little thing is still rolling
  • along, with its 1.8 liter Corolla engine and being front-wheel drive it's good up
  • north and the snow, it pulls itself along quite well, it's not like a little
  • rear-wheel drive sports car in the snow it's gonna fishtail all over the place
  • heck the previous owner took it to Colorado skiing many times, and yeah the
  • paint's faded a little the reason I got it for 350 years ago was
  • the fender was crushed I had to get my body guy to put a fender on and the front bumper
  • you could see the orange yellow underneath, because the previous owner
  • had it painted at one of those high school shops where you pay for the
  • materials and they paint the car free, I had the whole thing painted one color at
  • one of these discount paint shops and they didn't do a fantastic job, you can
  • see it's getting all flat now but at least it's all one color making, this is the
  • first car I ever owned in my life that was all one color, all the other ones are
  • a bunch of different colors because they'd been wrecked before, I bought them and
  • fender wouldn't always match, the bumper wouldn't match, the hood because they'd
  • been resprayed when you repainting the car it's almost impossible to get it the
  • same color unless you paint the whole car the bumper is gonna look different
  • than the fender if you don't paint both of them, and unless you're willing to
  • spend thousands having the paint scraped out of the bare metal and totally
  • repainted to look like no you're gonna end up with a flat paint job after a
  • while if you get a cheapy paint job, but ah it's my work car, the hot Texas Sun is
  • fading the heck out of the paint, although it's Texas rain at the moment
  • you want and all-around vehicle that can drive all over the place and not break
  • down you can't beat his 94 Celica s, I wouldn't think twice about jumping in
  • this thing now I'm driving to California, and yeah I took out the bad Toyota
  • radio the head a tape deck in it and put in a CD player years ago, so now you know
  • the truth about my old Celica work car why they can run forever, so if you never
  • want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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