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“Attachment Theory can help explain why you need reassurance from a partner, why you are more reserved in relationships, why you feel hyper-sensitive to even constructive criticism by your partner, [or] why you are confused in light of an argument."

How to have a healthy argument with your partner, according to your attachment style

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We explore Japan's popular culture of "cuteness" with a kawaii transformation.

I got an extreme kawaii nail and makeup transformation | Beauty Hop

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Yes, camping in the living room is one of them.

12 at-home date night ideas to try next time you feel like staying in

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"At the end of the day, we’re no longer teenagers. Our knees hurt; we can’t pop, lock, and drop it; and pizza gives us heartburn. But we communicate better, forgive quicker, and laugh harder. That’s how growing up works."

How I learned to stop competing with my best friend by finding strength in our differences

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Endometriosis is complicated, but we've got answers for you.

What is endometriosis? Learn about this debilitating disease from an expert

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