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  • That's weird, this is new. Cobar's gone. I've got the flu. Achoo! Achoo!
  • I'ma steal his shoe.
  • Oh snap, I stole his shoe and he's got a stinky foot!
  • It's FGTeeV!
  • What's up FGTeeVers?
  • It's FGTeeV Duddy and my son FGTeeV Chase. We are back with more Hello Neighbour!
  • It's actually beta 3 in this time
  • There's some changes, and we're going to figure out what they are
  • Oh, wow, that's a nice poster. I didn't want to play this really cuz I'm a crybaby
  • Oh, this is new.
  • Alright my man, we are going in the house and run run run run run!
  • Run run run run run! Oh wait, no, actually I have to show you something.
  • Uhhh... this.
  • Hello
  • Chinese food. You like Chinese food? No. No? You don't? Well, that's good because
  • Ahhh, fart! He's trying to get the Chinese food!
  • That scared me
  • Did a banana peel through that banana juice Windowsill doot-doot-doot open up you?
  • put that behind us to blend of
  • 2002 fun of you
  • We got so all I need appear for real
  • I'm gonna peel for real already angry on the shine again look oh
  • Now it's opening, okay. Let's run
  • Okay
  • Now we've guys are still locked back there, okay? That is still locked oh
  • Good. Oh, he's outside. I
  • Didn't think he's coming
  • mmm run run oh oh
  • Hello, Mr.. Knave me, Mr.. Nature, Mr.. Negly. What's what's happening here?
  • Why why would that?
  • Why did it go? Here is a glitch oh?
  • It is so bad. I know I know I know oh
  • Step whole step. There's an eighth name. There's the neep neep I got this I got this we're going up
  • We're going I wanted boom boom boom
  • go up, oh
  • replay
  • Get up now. We won. Oh my God
  • Hey
  • What?
  • We're underwater hi, I don't see bubbles. Oh, God think we're safe
  • I'm doing
  • Nothing that you're good crying too fast. This is what I do in dark time
  • I just get cox I do not like playing in the dark. It's just very bad
  • There he is there he is there he is
  • dear Years
  • Ha ha ha ha there is trying to catch me, but there now
  • This is still kind of dark for us, but it's whatever I can I can handle it. Go up go scoff come
  • And go, oh, actually oh
  • You're not even coming
  • Remember last time was kind of hard to get up the ladders yet to jump well now you don't have to go through right there
  • Boom you're just go straight in now. We have to like turn on the train. Go up further. What was that water about?
  • There's no shark, huh?
  • There's no shark. Is that door you have to spray and
  • You have to try to make it to google right clutter is there anything there's nothing hit in there, huh?
  • Oh, no, our air bubbles are running out get away
  • We're safe. There's nothing up here where it is physics anything different. We're up here
  • Yes, what there's a different key
  • Ring yeah
  • new crowd
  • Nice things yeah. Yeah, you members I was its room is the same oh oh no, oh
  • No, he's coming. He's coming. He's Joe where do we go? Where do we go? Where do we go? What do we do?
  • What do we do what do we do? Let's just block the door ah?
  • I
  • press space - is your umbrella anywhere where would an umBrella V
  • Maybe in your butt t me chick. Oh
  • In there, I'm gonna try it right back tonight. All right
  • Actually it just might work. Oh no. He's right behind wait
  • Go, how I gotta jump you have to go back
  • ah
  • It's not working do it for me
  • Do I say no a good goal sure that's how you do it sure oh man, okay, okay?
  • go
  • Yeah
  • Dad my boy she does the train not work
  • Yeah
  • Maybe right there look the neighbors right there remember jump onto there. Yes, sir. John part, okay? Well
  • I want to say no don't do it. Oh
  • Yeah, I knew
  • Aha, I got the dummy. Who's the dummy now
  • Me no think so was he in here no oh, whoa this room change. There's a ladder right here
  • I don't care. It's not cool. It's not cool
  • Maybe it is cool. Well no I don't hire clapping whoa Arella yeah, Baby, Rico
  • wears glasses
  • Um here. It's like a new room. Okay. You know how to do it. Yeah, right you go for it. Oh
  • We did it we're up oh
  • No, wait what what is this? Yo? Ho? This is new will we do we're going grocery shop
  • Oh, wasty that is there something about crouch down. They can't see you
  • It says what I liked it when you crouch down
  • I think when you say Mannequin you do this are we in the back of Target wait a minute
  • I just realized where we are warm
  • Yeah, mart works for Walmart am I supposed to like put stuff in the cart like a dirty shoe
  • Oh, I can't pick up. Oh I can pick up this hat I'm gonna fly
  • No, fuck crouched
  • What?
  • It hit me you're such a rude shopper. I
  • was crouching oh
  • Crowd, ohh, and it didn't see me. Ha ha ha ha blind Dummy
  • Ha crowd. Yes
  • So when you crouch they don't hit they don't come at you so can I crowd and push this aisle door oh?
  • Pushing the car. I'm pushing the car. I crouch now they can't see me
  • When I'm in wall ok my rap game is not on point today. What's this my God let's buy any
  • Basketball happen Q. I messed up my basketball game boom yeah
  • Jeez uh what oh get away cuz I'm trying to buy this pharrell hat yeah get back dummy
  • Was it that guy? Wow? There's a lot of shoppers. We're hiding which I oh no
  • They're all coming they're coming at me site. You see me
  • ha ha
  • oh
  • that guy's sneaky back doozers way in
  • Whoa Luis Java Code oh
  • There's a Walmart side. This is so much easier than the school though, remember the school. Yes, that's right no
  • Holster. Oh, this is like check out this my cashier
  • Hello, hi here what what's it happen? I got caught
  • No gay, no, we're not getting anything this time
  • How do we get past this we just keep yeah? Yes? I keep going oh when you go running out
  • oh
  • nothing doing
  • oh
  • They set a trap door
  • How do we do that Kings especially is it? I swamp throw that
  • Under 100 you hey that's me
  • Nice throw it at the Mannequins ya can throw at the Mannequin ready?
  • Nothing, so rule number one don't sell budget. I'm Mannequin because it doesn't do anything
  • Ha to work
  • See this game is glitchy. I was crouched you saw that right. He does why me tiny will kind of bad bad games now?
  • They're awesome. They're really ugly I know but after when you go, they're
  • Moving Mannequins. Oh
  • I'll race you to checkout
  • See me to beat me to check out. Oh, shiny guess who that's why he wants to beat you a song
  • I won't read into that wait. Do we have to copy the same items that are that's in their part
  • So what if we do there?
  • We go because they are five different items go go go. Let's see five things light up one two three
  • What?
  • No, do we have to have like right items, just like a password
  • This is so frustrating
  • I know
  • Don't get a mother. I'm coming back down, okay, dude. That's our shopping this oh
  • Okay, okay, giggles cook no, don't touch our cart Mannequin dude. I can't get the milk out
  • No, once you put it in it in yeah, okay, matt matt Matt what no no just just get
  • all got
  • this perfect as an all trash oh
  • Now oh that that's all right
  • We need another jar. What does it look like? It's like
  • Small we're ready yeah, yeah, yeah, and then we're done with it go
  • And go yeah now that's everything in the cart
  • oh
  • Problem is I have milk in there. That's not supposed to so let's see if I can
  • Oh, hi by the thing I grab milk, but I didn't want it, right
  • Yeah, I didn't want the milk get out of here. You know the rule no milk past its time go on fall down
  • Number fall is down there. I'm not trying to die open this gate ah
  • Who just pushed me?
  • I'm not so sure why this is so hard, but this should be
  • Just boom we're not dummies
  • Yeah, well then why did it take you seven times to get through my arms a little bit of a gumbo
  • But I'm not a dummy. Hahaha. Yummy dirty who filled this jelly. No, we did it use your duty and
  • Go back no don't go
  • Department hey still okay. I'm going in well you went in or nothing collabing me a lot cuz your purview
  • What's this, but was the point of n, lz? It's over three get a special ability?
  • Most appointed going to Super Walmart. We just spent all that time for no reason
  • Why there is this with a crowbar room was yeah? Oh, it's gone
  • You get still crouched wait. What wait what who just did that hMm? What who's doing that light?
  • That's weird. This is new Cobar thought I got the flu
  • Axew
  • That's weird
  • this is new
  • crowbar
  • Doggone I got the flu. I've got the flu. That's you that's you that's you that's you?
  • God bless you wow thank you very much. I'm gonna celebrate
  • Oh nice drought then the other reason we have to jump on that and then the next is enriched
  • Why not off although we don't want them to dang calanques you think?
  • Pu do you think I?
  • Just want it. Let's try smell your palm fit. Okay, do it?
  • for Joel
  • Taco what's in here? Whoa?
  • Don't you dare come on? Yeah?
  • Okay, I live in crisis. There's no guns allowed in this room. Oh, oh
  • Whoa, whoa, what is this? Where is that? Oh?
  • We have to try to change it this room is new right? Yeah. He's coming. I could smell him
  • No, open up that door quick. See there's anything there go back up
  • Faster song why why there basketball where the key card is I?
  • Love the toad. Oh my oh wait. What we've been down there. Yeah, we get that basketball. Can you use this backup ah?
  • I think you can get through it. We can't get through it. You want to know why okay show you?
  • Back to the swimming guys. I know how to do it, but my dad won't lend me for a reason
  • oh, there's the keys no can I try
  • what to play I'm gone
  • it's a
  • crowbar
  • No, it's hot wait on we're supposed to know wait now that you did that
  • We can't even cool down the crowbar yeah, we can know
  • I
  • Really want it. We don't want a crowbar yeah, we don't okay
  • So so I mean about you or did I?
  • Shall listen this is decided to do list we still have to turn up the generator get our crowbar
  • play
  • Basketball I went to play basketball. Oh, hey. We're just gonna fall down. Oh, that's what I'm just gonna fall down
  • We let's go down here. We've been down here. Oh
  • Is it a birthday party happy Caliente hmm by that opened up - Jeweler's cage?
  • Oh shucks dduk all right, but first let's grab something else like a party hat oh
  • I can't put it on sorry. We'll get rid of that door right there
  • Boom that opens up this. Oh he hung out there. Oh, that's how he got in okay
  • That makes sense use a little bit of that what?
  • What was it a camera five nights at Freddy's? I can't what is this oh?
  • Turns off. Oh boy shut off the cameras. He won't see us. Let's turn on something better than stuck and
  • over very first hello, Neighbor video
  • That's also free ride. Whoa. They hate well, that's the generator. Oh, we need to shut that off
  • I think we can do that with like throwing something at it
  • I have a bit. Let's throw cake at the generator are the poor neat
  • Huh, let's generate a sticky machine go
  • Porty hat Junya Lumen ah I'm stuck. What do we do? What do we do okay? I'm going down. I'm doing them
  • Dressed up butt-head open that door run Rocky's name
  • Mods, we're down here. We
  • There's no kike
  • God we oh dude
  • The generators there we have to get too bad nah run past them run past them
  • - we have to find out how to shut off that generator? What is that there anything is he coming?
  • He they become he's coming. He's coming alright. Oh
  • Oh my baby come on, baby
  • killer
  • Just lost the umbrella dude. Is that was that the only umbrella?
  • Yes, I think so yes, I think so, too you sent it so proper rate them so proud of you, buddy
  • I'm not proud of you though. Oh
  • Yeah
  • Hey quickly, you almost
  • Gobble, I don't think it's possible. What if I throw a box at the umbrella to knock the umbrella down in it no
  • Oh, let me try clear, Lisa
  • Yeah, jase all right now. How do we go down there and kick chase you are a living boss, bro
  • Oh there, it is. Oh no
  • So where's the neighbor there he is?
  • Years ago Chuck chuck Abandon ship no I checked it off. Okay boy ow
  • He's pushing me don't push me. I'm legit ducks
  • Keith
  • Found his vampire Glitch
  • Glitch alert blech alert Flipped a stage speed chase ditch me because that going to be imma steal his shoe. Oh
  • So soon. It's Gonna stink for it. What does restart dude? Oh?
  • No, I'm pressing restart. I got my umbrella changed. It's me. I think we're going to call this video quits right here
  • We got some stuff to figure out. We love you guys. We'll talk to you guys later next time
  • We'll see you later make so much next time for watching one. We see you later
  • We love you guys, and we will see you next time later when we love you guys that we see you guys another time
  • That's not today when we see you guys another time
  • That's why today is not today because it's tomorrow
  • And we will just see you guys laters what I'm trying to say think you must want to be something positive
  • We're showing toys in our living room. Oh, my gosh the horror
  • This it so it
  • appropriate
  • Oh my God. Oh my God all craft

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Duddy & Chase are back with INTERESTING NEW UPDATE for HELLO NEIGHBOR, This is the BETA 3 aka Alpha 5 Game and it's got some cool new stuff including Shopping @ Walmart or is it "Wall-Mart"! :) Thumbs up if you enjoyed this vid!

HELLO NEIGHBOR PLAYLIST (Beta 1, beta 2, Beta 3, Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Alpha 4 & more!):

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