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Qlimax 2019. It was beautiful, it was emotional, it was unforgettable. I gave you my everything, and you gave it yours. Thank you my family, thank you Q-dance and thank you Sian Evans - Kosheen for this incredible experience.

Qlimax 2019 Recap

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Sven Behrends
Max Acosta
Gian Marco
Andrew Todd
Carlo Marino
This coming March, Headhunterz & Wildstylez will unite at RAI Amsterdam for a 75 minute set at Dont Let Daddy Know. Don’t miss this special performance
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Dont Let Daddy Know
Terjo Tera
Angel UP
Geraldine Tcs Rios Vega
The Dragon connects us all. Be welcome, to the Ritual of Headhunterz.
Orange Heart - 17.12.2019 Paradiso Amsterdam

Do you see the water rippling, reflecting fire in the sky? It is time for the ritual of the Dragon. The protector of the elements and master of the realm. He holds the balance, leaves the past behind and ever strives to move forward in life

Headhunterz @ Orange Heart | 17-12-2019 Paradiso Amsterdam

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Bailey Seymone Wong
Fabiola Rojas
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Antonio Ventura
After 5 years of absence, it’s time to return to Qlimax, the world’s leading indoor Hardstyle event. See you on Saturday fam.

Qlimax is this Saturday!

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Steven Vriens
Jelle Geerts
Nigel de Wit
Barry Gormley
John Watkins
Learn all about the ins and outs of the recent fusion between Spirit of Hardstyle and Art of Creation during this in-depth conversation with all artists involved. Except for Project One, they couldn’t make it

Spirit of Hardstyle and Art of Creation join forces | The Interview

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Felicia Jolie Jovovich
Chris Cooke
Rachel Moore
Sven Behrends
Headhunterz posted on Nov 16, 2019


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Ibrahim Youssef El-bazioui
Mónica Vásquez
Ignacio Iporre
Audrey Daems
Leslie Díaz Ramírez
The holy trinity is restored and a new formation is formed. This is the Art of Creation
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Maxime Boily
Rachel Moore
Ignacio Iporre
Carlos Fernández Aparicio
Joopit Uchins
Old friends are finally colleagues under the same roof. Today, Noisecontrollers, Bass Modulators and Audiotricz become one with the Art of Creation Family.

The future ahead lives in our imagination. Until it is shaped by the Art of Creation.

Spirit of Hardstyle and Art of Creation join forces

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Weppie Wendy van der Heide
Cyril Romain
Johan de Graaf
Guillaume Barras
Maxime Boily
Headhunterz posted on Nov 14, 2019


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Mónica Vásquez
Guadalupe Esteban Perez
Osiris Berryman
Harderz Handlerz
Mildred de la Rosa
Headhunterz posted on Nov 10, 2019
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