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Following Headhunterz’ statement on social media last week, announcing a break to reconnect and rest, the following announcement comes from Headhunterz management.

Having spent years touring, fighting jet lags and always moving from one destination to the next, it has come to a point where Willem needs to take some time off.

All shows in December have been cancelled with the exception of...
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Voting for the Q-dance Top 100 has started! What's your favorite Headhunterz track of this year? Make sure to vote at Q-dance.com/top100
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The last hours of the Black Friday sale are here! The Home flags are all gone, but you have still have a chance to score a classic Heady flag alongside a fan for 9,95€.

Get yours [ Headhunterz.com Link ]

타임라인 사진

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When we speak of Orange Heart, it means having a heart for this music. It is something that bonds us and gets us together as one big family, and that is exactly how we feel.

What does Orange Heart mean to you?

Tickets for Orange Heart at Paradiso Amsterdam available now: [ Orangeheart.com Link ]

Headhunterz - The Meaning Behind Orange Heart

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Black Friday is here once again! This year, you have the chance to score yourself an exclusive Home flag alongside the classic Heady flag for only €9,95. This is the only time that the Home flag will available to buy. We only have 50 of these bundles... will you be one of the lucky ones to own a piece of Hardstyle history?

More info [ Headhunterz.com Link ]
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Meet the protector of the elements
17-12-2019, Paradiso Amsterdam
Orange Heart
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Headhunterz posted on Nov 27, 2019

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Qlimax 2019. It was beautiful, it was emotional, it was unforgettable. I gave you my everything, and you gave it yours. Thank you my family, thank you Q-dance and thank you Sian Evans - Kosheen for this incredible experience.

Qlimax 2019 Recap

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This coming March, Headhunterz & Wildstylez will unite at RAI Amsterdam for a 75 minute set at Dont Let Daddy Know. Don’t miss this special performance
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The Dragon connects us all. Be welcome, to the Ritual of Headhunterz.
Orange Heart - 17.12.2019 Paradiso Amsterdam

Do you see the water rippling, reflecting fire in the sky? It is time for the ritual of the Dragon. The protector of the elements and master of the realm. He holds the balance, leaves the past behind and ever strives to move forward in life

Headhunterz @ Orange Heart | 17-12-2019 Paradiso Amsterdam

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