He Wasn’t Ready for the Hologram - Key & Peele

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He Wasn’t Ready for the Hologram - Key & Peele
He Wasn’t Ready for the Hologram - Key & Peele thumb He Wasn’t Ready for the Hologram - Key & Peele thumb He Wasn’t Ready for the Hologram - Key & Peele thumb


  • ♪ ♪
  • Decker.
  • Agent Jackson, you'll be working with him on this mission.
  • Agent Jackson, let's get one thing straight.
  • I don't like orders,
  • and I don't play by the rules.
  • I trust you heard of me.
  • Actually, no, I haven't.
  • Ooh, hubba hubba.
  • ♪ ♪
  • We don't have much time.
  • The Arachnid agents have taken over the consulate.
  • We need to get you in and resolve this from the inside.
  • We've taken the latest sitrep of the hostile's position,
  • and we've reconstructed a holographic blueprint
  • of the consulate.
  • Save the mouth squirt for the new recruits, General.
  • Not gonna by impressed by any fancy...
  • technology!
  • [beeping] - [shouting]
  • It's just a 3-D representation.
  • Pretty standard these days.
  • All right.
  • I know what it is.
  • Agent Jackson,
  • you will enter through this AC duct on the south side
  • - of the building. - Yes, sir.
  • Decker, you will be dropped on top,
  • and then you will gain access through this elevator shaft.
  • We want you to go down to the fourth floor.
  • - [gasps] - Make--
  • Decker.
  • You okay?
  • Heard everything you said.
  • Elevator shaft.
  • It's bright.
  • Yeah, it's bright.
  • The terrorists are located
  • on the third and fifth floor of the building.
  • Each floor has six groups of six men.
  • What we're gonna want you to do is stop in the middle
  • of the fourth and pry open the elevator door
  • and go--
  • I just want you to move through that elevator door
  • and then go do--
  • [beeping]
  • Pry open--
  • [beeping]
  • Elevator door. Go down to the third flo--
  • Okay, maybe this isn't gonna work out.
  • Why? What's the matter, General?
  • Everybody's putting their hand in the laser.
  • It's not a laser.
  • It's a hologram.
  • Tomato, tomato.
  • Look, what's with all the babysitting and handholding?
  • Papa's a big boy.
  • Let's zoom into the interior.
  • Yeah, let's zoom in.
  • Oh, boy!
  • [breathing heavily]
  • [beeping]
  • Let's cut to the chase. Why am I here?
  • [sighs]
  • Your primary target is your old rival
  • from the Cold War, Nikoli Androkovich.
  • Now, Androkovich has been leading--
  • He's here!
  • [grunts]
  • Wh--Jackson! Jackson!
  • Wait.
  • Good job, Decker.
  • Jackson was an undercover agent for Arachnid.
  • How in the world did you know?
  • Ain't my first rodeo.
  • [dramatic music]
  • [screams] Hot!
  • Not hot enough.

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A former military operative comes out of retirement to take on a new mission, but a lot’s changed since he’s been gone.

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