Hassad Episode 17 | 5th August 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

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Aug 05, 2019


Hassad Episode 17 | 5th August 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]
Hassad Episode 17 | 5th August 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng] thumb Hassad Episode 17 | 5th August 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng] thumb Hassad Episode 17 | 5th August 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng] thumb


  • Sister, so much has happened. Now I want a guarantee for my daughter's happiness
  • Guarantee can only be given for material things, not for relations. But anyways, what guarantee do you want?
  • You will have to transfer that house to Zari's name
  • So that no one can make her leave that house in the future
  • Why did you bother coming here even today. You could have spent some more time with your Nain Tara
  • I thought that you would come over the very next day to convince me to come back home
  • I waited all day but you didn't come
  • I'm sorry I was not feeling well. If ypou don't believe me you can ask mother
  • I don't need to ask anyone
  • Take this, its for you
  • This doesn't mean that I'm not upset anymore
  • Please come home now even if you're upset
  • Home, where you can say that word three times and ask me to leave the house at any time?
  • Zari please, I'm already quite embarrassed, please don't embarrass me any further
  • Whatever I did was in anger, I would never want something like this to happen from my heart
  • If you put it that way then all your sins are forgiven
  • The house can not be transferred to Zari's name. As far as leaving the house is considered, on each occasion Zari has left home at her own will
  • I'm very tired dear, I'm going to get some rest
  • Alright mother
  • Farhan you should also go and freshen up, we have to go to dinner
  • What happened? You're not happy that I'm back? What did you think, Farhan won't come to bring me back?
  • Look at this. Farhan gave me this gold jewelry as a gift to cheer me up
  • It's nice
  • Yes but it's very bad for you that I'm back. Farhan was about to give me divorce because of your son
  • But I am going to end your story in one go
  • You should pack your bags
  • Whose phone is ringing?
  • how are you feeling now?
  • Hello, Nain Tara it's me, Bilal
  • Actually Nain Tara is busy serving her mother in law
  • I'm sorry, I will call later
  • She won't be able to talk later either
  • In fact she usually can't talk to anyone
  • What do you mean?
  • I don't get it. Who am I talking to? What is your relation with her?
  • Who am I is none of your concern. But if you can do anything for Nain Tara, please do it
  • Who ever you are, please free her from these people. She is in great difficulty along with her son
  • Hello
  • This is for you
  • It's very pretty. But Farhan it looks very expensive
  • I know, but I couldn't control myself. As soon I my eyes fell on this I thought of you and then I bought it
  • Besides, what's more important then the price of a gift is the intention of the one giving it
  • Take it as a first gift of our friendship.
  • I can't take this Farhan.
  • Why? Why not?
  • I will have to take out the whole history of this Bilal. This time I will trap you in a way that you will be dishonored in your own eyes.
  • You give it to sister Zari.
  • I have given Zari what I had to
  • I got this for you. Now it's upto you if you keep it or throw it.
  • Farhan are you here? I have been finding you in the whole house.
  • Are you ready?
  • Yes I am.
  • Then lets go. We are already late.
  • Are you angry at Nain Tara?
  • No!
  • Please don't lie.
  • Firstly, we didn't have anything in between us that will spoil her mood. There can be other reasons for a bad mood too. Since now you are with me, talk about yourself. Tell me where do we go?
  • Wherever you take me.
  • I got this for you. Now it's upto you if you keep it or throw it.
  • Aunt, are you upset from me? I know that you didn't like what mother said. But I didn't say anything.
  • I forgot your son's mistake without any complaint and came with him. Now I have forgotten everything and talking to everyone too.
  • No my child, I'm not upset from you. I do respect your decision from the core of my heart. But your mother wants me to give you the ownership of this house.
  • What? This is what she said to you?
  • Yes! Now you tell me that how can I do this? If Farhan is my son then there is Armaan's son as well.
  • You are absolutely right aunt. I'm amazed that why did she talk like this. I will ask her.
  • No! Don't ask. She will mind it.
  • What is there to mind, aunt? She is your sister before my mother. This do happen among sisters but it shouldn't be kept in heart.
  • I want your heart to be clear from her side and there shouldn't be anything bad for you in her heart too.
  • You are talking like a smart person today.
  • I had to be, aunt. I have fear in my heart after all what happened. Now I' afraid all the time that I shouldn't make any mistake which will force Farhan to take me out of his life.
  • God forbid, my child. God forbid that you leave this house or Farhan's life. And listen to me carefully, you are my niece before Farhan's wife.
  • No injustice will happen to you ever. This is my promise. Hmm?
  • Aunt!
  • Is baby Arsalan ready? Shall I take him?
  • What happened madam?
  • Did you say something?
  • I didn't. I'm asking you. What happened? You look upset since morning.
  • It is your misconception. There is nothing like this.
  • It is not. There must have happened something between you and sir. You both were quiet on breakfast table and he didn't meet baby Arsalan before going.
  • He didn't meet baby Arsalan before going to office because he was getting late from office. And why do you keep guessing everything?
  • These are not guesses. I can know by looking at you that when you are upset and when you happy.
  • I have heard from my elders that if someone has expectations from you that you will talk to them if they get upset, never disappoint them. Always go and try to talk to them.
  • He is your husband afterall.
  • You take him to mother. I have to clean my room also. Go!
  • Don't listen to me. Come baby Arsalan, let's go to grand mother.
  • Farhan can not be upset on this small matter.
  • Then what I will do is that I will take Rehman with me and will have a look on all the formalities.
  • Hmm!
  • There was something else also. I can't recall right now.
  • On this site, what did you see here?
  • You can attend. There must be something important.
  • What will I say that why am I calling?
  • Hello!
  • Hello! Is everything alright?
  • Yes! I ...
  • Is there anything important?
  • No! I just ...
  • Okay then, I will talk to you later.
  • I'm sorry.
  • It's alright. This happens in families.
  • Yeah so I was saying that I will have a look at all the formalities with Rehman.
  • Okay!
  • I'm leaving the file here.
  • Why am I thinking so much about him?
  • I didn't get peace for a while. Sister, when I came to know that you are upset, I came running here. I said too much that day in emotions, sister.
  • O no, Nusrat! That time was like that. You could say anything.
  • Sister, Zareen is very dear to me. I accepted Farhan's proposal because she will leave her mother's house to go to another mother of hers.
  • And you took alot of care of her. She got so much happiness in this house and I'm sure she will get more in future. I trust you but Farhan ...
  • Nusrat, you don't need to get worried. I'm with her. I will not let any injustice happen to her.
  • This is what I used to think but look sister, he was about to give her divorce.
  • Fine, you had to keep Nain Tara in this house so he married her. Keep her in this house. I and my daughter have no objection. But keep my daughter happy also.
  • Give her any reward of her sacrifices.
  • You don't worry. I'm there to support her. You don't need to be worried about her now.
  • I thought that both of them were going to Islamabad so their differences will end.
  • But God wanted something else. I only depend on you sister. I'm handing over the responsibility of my daughter's happiness to you.
  • Why are you being worried? I'm there for her. You don't worry.
  • Really sister? Aren't you mad at me now?
  • No!
  • What happened mother?
  • I have convinced her.
  • I knew that you will do it. What did she say?
  • What could she say? Your value is increased in her eyes now.
  • Now you will see. She will talk to Farhan and he will take you for outing somewhere out.
  • Why would she say so?
  • Because I asked her.
  • Even if aunt agrees, Farhan will not take me along.
  • Why wouldn't he? I can bet.
  • I would love to loose such bet. I just want Farhan back.
  • You will. Zareen, now take care of yourself. Go to salon, get the facial done. You don't have any kids that you have stopped taking care of yourself.
  • Are you taunting me for not having kids?
  • No Zari, I'm not. Listen, you are beautiful and young. If you will take care of yourself a little more, then your husband will not look anywhere else. You understood?
  • Is Arsalan sleeping?
  • Baby Arsalan is awake. Madam is getting him changed.
  • Okay!
  • Shall I cook something for dinner?
  • Aunt, how am I looking?
  • O wow! Wow! How wonderful my niece is looking. God protects you from evil eye.
  • You wouldn't be liking me.
  • Why not?
  • Aunt, please get something cooked that Farhan likes. He will be happy.
  • Yes, Rani will cook. You can take Nain Tara's help.
  • She's looking after Arsalan. I will cook myself.
  • Aunt, leave it. I will cook something for Farhan.
  • No, you just came back from salon. Rani will handle it. I will look after Arsalan. When two people do the work together, it gets done quickly.
  • Yes!
  • Rani will come and take you to grand mother.
  • Where were you? I was waiting for you since long.
  • Madam, you not smart at all. Look at madam Zareen. She just came back from salon. She looks wonderful. Farhan sir will keep staring at her.
  • Don't speak too much and waste your time. Hold him. I will make his feeder and come.
  • You also have to cook food for sir that too of his choice. The way you have dressed up, you can only cook food. Isn't it baby Arsalan? Tell something to your mother.
  • What rubbish are you talking to this baby?
  • What will he understand madam when you are not understanding it? He is a baby. If not make up, you should have atleast changed your dress.
  • Rani, why are you after me?
  • You are very simple, madam, and she is very clever. She will take away madam by using her words and sir by using her style from you.
  • He is already hers. How would she take away him from me.
  • Lets go to grand mother, baby Arsalan.
  • What happened? Are you jealous?
  • Not at all sister. You look beautiful.
  • I haven't done this all to get praise from you but from my Farhan. You concentrate on your work, please.
  • O Farhan, here you are. How am I looking?
  • You look good.
  • That I am.
  • Anyone can look good by getting ready from a salon.
  • I promised from myself today that I will not mind anything that you would say. Come to aunt. Arsalan is there.
  • Madam, haven't you seen the way madam Zareen is showing off?
  • She isn't.
  • Don't you feel jealous from her at all?
  • No Rani. And why do you concentrate of stupid things? Focus on your work. Go and get the salad ready. Farhan is here. He would want food. Go!
  • Smile! Look at here. Aunt
  • Enough. How many more pictures will you take?
  • One more. Give him to me. I will take a picture with him.
  • Zari, what has happened to you today?
  • When I take him in my lap, I feel like my emptiness has gone away.
  • Why do you think like this Zari? Arsalan is your own son.
  • When you don't have your own child, you try to make yourself happy with others kids.
  • But I don't think so Nain Tara like it when I take Arsalan in my lap.
  • Why? Did Nain Tara say something to you?
  • No she hasn't. She is afraid of my emotional behavior. She thinks I can harm Arsalan again.
  • My child, I have told you to forget everything and start your life again.
  • Infact Farhan, do one thing. You both go for outing for some days.
  • Mother, it wouldn't be possible right now. Business is new. It consumes alot of time.
  • Keep giving time to your business. But go for atleast two days. I want you both to spend some time together.
  • Okay mother. I will talk to my partner.
  • Thank you aunt!
  • Mother, dinner is ready.
  • O yes, I'm very hungry.
  • Farhan, take Arsalan please.
  • Lets take one family picture.
  • She has gone mad. Come come.
  • Once second.
  • Smile!
  • Have this. Before anything else have this sweet. Open your mouth. Yes!
  • What happened mother? Why are you giving me sweet in the morning?
  • One eats sweet when it's a happy moment.
  • What has happened?
  • I brainwashed sister to send Zareen with Farhan somewhere out. I didn't know that sister will get it done so quickly.
  • This means, brother Farhan is going with sister for outing?
  • Yes! Even I am unable to believe it but thank God. He showed this happy day to my daughter. They will spend sometime alone.
  • This means that Nain Tara will be alone at home.
  • Don't you dare to go there, Kashi. After so many hardships, my daughter is getting happiness in her life. Look, if you will try to go there, I will break your legs.
  • Mother, I'm not mad. I will not go to their house just like that. This time I will not take any step until I complete my home work.
  • What do you mean? Will you tell me something?
  • You will get to know everything on the right time.
  • Atleast tell me what you are about to do?
  • I'm not doing anything right now. I'm just in search of a chance. The day I will get the chance, I will ruin the life this Nain Tara.
  • Eat quietly and don't speak too much.
  • Madam, what do I cook in dinner?
  • Cook anything.
  • Madam, have you seen the way madam Zareen is happy.
  • Any wife will be happy who will go with her husband for outing.
  • You are also his wife.
  • She has different position.
  • What different? You are also sir's wife just the way she is. And whatever has happened, stop blaming yourself for it and start making your place in sir's life.
  • Otherwise you know madam Zareen very well. She will send you out of this house as soon as she will get a chance. And this time you will loose baby Arsalan also.
  • What rubbish are you saying?
  • I'm saying it right. I'm making you scared of future. If not for you, accept sir for your son.
  • I can not do this. You go and work.
  • My return will be proven really bad for you. Farhan would have given divorce to me because of your son but I will end your chapter in one go now.
  • It is about two days. I will stay in touch with Mr. Rehman.
  • That's okay. Don't you worry. You enjoy your trip. You are lucky to have a family. You can share everything with them.
  • I don't if I should ask you this or not but since you started the discussion so I thought you are alone.
  • Yes, I'm alone. I haven't seen mother ever and my father also died last year.
  • The biggest disadvantage of being alone is that you don't have any sibling with whom you can share things.
  • Not all relationships are of blood. Some are made by heart. We both can be good friends.
  • I have also lost my brother. I will get my brother through you.
  • Is it possible?
  • After so long I felt like I have met someone o my own. Coffee or tea?
  • We should have after this.
  • I will ask.
  • Zari, this dress is beautiful. Take this also. It will look good on you.
  • Mother, pass me from hanger
  • Yes, I am.
  • Do wear nice dresses there. Take this
  • O Zari, be quick. Farhan is about to come.
  • Thank you so much aunt. You are too good.
  • You are also good but a little stupid.
  • This is why I have handed her over to you, sister.
  • Aunt, what do I bring for you from there?
  • There is no need to bring anything. You both are going just for outing so enjoy alot. I don't need anything.
  • I will miss him alot.
  • Now your luggage is packed. Go and get ready.
  • Go!
  • I'll do it. Leave it.
  • Where is Arsalan?
  • He's with mother.
  • Any demand?
  • I know. May be to you there is no value of my gift but I have complete right on Arsalan. It is also my duty to do everything for him. This is why I'm asking you what to bring for him?
  • Nothing! He has everything.
  • Nobody has everything ever, Nain Tara. Someone always need something. It is an another thing if you don't agree.
  • I want to do alot for Arsalan and want to get him so much. He isn't like you who refuse everything.
  • My child, go and come back happily. Understood? And you both don't have to fight. Have a good time with eachother.
  • Now go, come on!
  • We shall leave now.
  • Okay aunt!
  • Good bye! Go safely and come back safely.
  • Nain Tara, are you upset from Farhan?
  • No mother! Why are you thinking like this?
  • Nothing! Farhan didn't look happy while going and you also didn't come to see off so I thought something might happen. Arguments do happen among husband and wife.
  • You agree or not but you are Farhan's wife and he is your husband.
  • But Armaan?
  • Armaan was my son. No one can feel the pain of a child's death than a mother. But look my child, I'm still living my life. I haven't forgotten Farhan in Armaan's sorrow.
  • Nain Tara, you will also live with this sorrow. Due to this pain because of Armaan ...
  • Nain Tara, I'm not asking you to forget Armaan.
  • But I will definitely ask you to make new memories of your new life.
  • Memories of you, Farhan and Arsalan. To tell your son, you should have some memories and some stories.

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Being envious of others and trying to steal their happiness will only make you bitter and unhappy. Hassad is a story in which an elder sister in law is extremely jealous of the younger sister-in-law which destroys both their lives.

Minal Khan as Naintara is a simple and kind-hearted girl who is married to Armaan. They both love each other immensely.

Shehroze Sabzwari as Armaan is the youngest son of his family. He is married to Naintara and is always expressive about his love in terms of actions and words.

Arij Fatima as Zareen is the elder sister-in-law of Armaan. She is always envious of the loving relationship between Armaan and Naintara, and this makes her unsatisfied with her on life.

Noor Hassan as Farhan is the eldest son of the family and is married to Zareen. He is not as expressive in nature as his brother, Armaan and usually keeps his feelings to himself.

Despite the stark contrast in their nature, there is still a strong bond between both brothers.

Naintara and Armaan both are living a happy and fulfilled life until a tragedy strikes.

Zareen and Farhan have a content married life, but Zareen’s constant jealousy with Naintara and Armaan’s loving relation always makes her crave for more.

Because of Zareen’s jealousy towards Naintara, she leaves no chance to belittle or degrade her, making her life difficult.

Saba Faisal as Sadiqa is the mother of Farhan and Armaan and is the head of the family.

Written By: Abida Ahmed & Maimoona Aziz

Directed By: Aabis Raza


Arij Fatima,
Minal Khan,
Noor Hassan,
Shehroze Sabzwari,
Saba Faisal,
Nida Mumtaz
Ayaz Samoo and others.