Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Chamber of Azkaban! - What’s The Difference?

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Chamber of Azkaban! - What’s The Difference?
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Chamber of Azkaban! - What’s The Difference? thumb Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Chamber of Azkaban! - What’s The Difference? thumb Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Chamber of Azkaban! - What’s The Difference? thumb


  • You're a wizard "Harry".
  • - The boy who lived.
  • "Casey" it is about time we got around to this series.
  • - I know, "Clint".
  • The "JK Rowling" novels published from 1997 to 2007 were immediate hits and
  • didn't take long to land on the screen.
  • So let's do right, let's look at the whole thing at once.
  • Non of this one book at a time business.
  • We're talking the whole series of books compared to the entire film franchise.
  • Bu,t because there are seven books and
  • eight movies, we're gonna break it into three parts.
  • Seven books and eight movie, and three parts?
  • This could have been so much easier.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, no restraint on spoilers- (Sound) Here
  • comes part one, 'Harry Potter' and the 'Sorcerer's Chamber of Azkaban'.
  • What's the difference, IE?
  • (Sound) You got your cockney accent all dusted off then, "Casey".
  • - I do not, no.
  • - Well, that's all right, because I'm not using mine either.
  • - Thank God.
  • So, right off the bat, the books and movies start off in different places.
  • The 'Sorcerer's Stone's' opening chapter follows "Vernon Dursley", 'Harry Potter's'
  • straight-up abusive uncle, as he goes about his normal, very non-magical day.
  • But "Vernon" notices strangely dressed people celebrating in the streets,
  • hordes of owls flying, and
  • even bumps right into a man who shares the joy of 'You-Know-Who's demise'.
  • It's not until later that night that "Dumbledore", "McGonagall", and
  • "Hagrid" leave the freshly orphaned 'Harry Potter' on the doorstep of 'Number 4
  • Privet Drive'.
  • The movie begins straightaway with the wizard and witch leaving "Harry" with
  • the only family he's got left even though they're stupid, idiot muggles.
  • While the scene plays out basically the same in both mediums it's
  • interesting the movie decided to lop off "Vernon Dursley's" day.
  • While the movie drops you in with our lead characters,
  • magical characters the book instead opens on the muggle world.
  • A world that we, as readers, are familiar with.
  • The magical world them slowly seeps in as "Vernon" sees
  • glimpses of it on the street.
  • This allow the reader time to let the magical world seep in as well.
  • But, the movie is best served to open from the prospective of its main characters.
  • >From there, the 'Sorcerer's Stone' moves along to the same beats as
  • both the book and the movie.
  • We see "Harry's" brutal childhood as ward of the "Dursleys",
  • living in the cupboard under the stairs.
  • His discovery of the wizarding world along with his very famous place in it,
  • making both friends and enemies at "Hogwarts".
  • All the way to discovering "Voldemort" hiding on the back of "Professor
  • Quirrell's" noggin.
  • Of course, the usual liberties of adaptation are taken throughout the movie.
  • For example, "Hagrid" picks "Harry" up on his birthday, on July 31st, and
  • whisks his off to "Diagon Alley" and
  • to 'Kings Cross Station' to catch the 'Hogwarts Express' the very next day.
  • Which completely skips the month of August, by the way.
  • A month which is not skipped in the book,
  • that finds "Harry" returning to the "Dursley's",
  • where he's almost completely ignored until school starts on September 1st.
  • But that's time spent in the muggle world.
  • The movie chooses to skip it in favor of devoting more screen time to
  • details of the wizarding world, where they shop,
  • how they bank, what their candy's like, important stuff.
  • Of course the brilliance of "JK Rowling" is learning about these
  • everyday wizarding activities doubled as important
  • plot points in Harry's investigation Should be into the 'Sorcerer's Stone'.
  • "IE, Hagrid" picking up the stone from "Gringotts",
  • learning about "Nicolas Flamel" from a chocolate frog box and so on.
  • The important point here is that the plot as well as the main character and
  • their arcs stay in tact from the book to the movie.
  • "Harry" is brave and loyal to his friends, "Ron" is well on his way to finding
  • his self worth and "Hermione" discovers that book learning ain't everything.
  • - And more important things.
  • - The one character however whose scenes get trimmed and
  • ultimately loses a little something is "Draco Malfoy".
  • - The book features a chapter called 'the Midnight Duel',
  • in which "Draco" baits "Harry" and "Ron" into meeting in the trophy room for
  • a wizards duel at midnight.
  • However, "Draco" had no intention of ever going,
  • only to set them up to be caught out of 'Gryffindor House' at night.
  • A real douchey move.
  • The book also has a lot more additional "Draco" shit talking.
  • In fact, "Ron" finally snaps and
  • lays him out at one of Gryffindor's quidditch matches.
  • And while the entire quidditch match against "Hufflepuff" is left out of
  • the movie losing this much of "Draco's" antagonism in the first film will start to
  • add up as we go through the rest.
  • Of course, the movie still paints "Draco" as an entitled little (Sound) who is
  • clearly the bad guy.
  • And "Tom Felton's" performance which is probably the best out of all the kids in
  • the movie, really sells him as "Harry's" primary foil.
  • But it's still in a, the viewer's gonna know this guy's "Harry's" primary foil so
  • we can use a little short hand, kind of way.
  • But outside of that, the story of 'The Sorcerer's Stone' proceeds with Harry and
  • his friends discovering 'Fluffy, the three-headed guard dog',
  • learning about "Nicholas Flamel" and the elixir of life.
  • And besting the 'Devil's Snare', 'the flying keys', and 'the giant game of
  • wizard's chess' on his way to confronting "Lord Voldemort" himself.
  • And with very few twists and turns aside, the movie does basically the same thing.
  • The changes made to the movie
  • actually seem to make it a cleaner retelling of the novel.
  • For example, "Draco" sees "Harry", "Ron", "Hermione" in "Hagrid's" hut with a baby
  • dragon, and immediately runs to tattle on them unwittingly getting detention for
  • himself as well.
  • Which sets up their journey into the forbidden forest to find
  • an injured unicorn.
  • In the book, however, "Draco" sees everybody with the baby dragon,
  • then weeks goes by while "Harry" and the gang hatch a plan to smuggle the dragon to
  • "Ron's" brother "Charlie" in Romania and nervously anticipating "Draco" tattling.
  • And finally, when the night comes to ship the dragon off,
  • "Draco" springs another trap for
  • them to be caught out of bed, only to be caught himself and given detention.
  • However, "Harry" and "Hermione" are so relieved to be rid of the dragon,
  • they get careless and end up in detention as well, which sets up their journey
  • into the forbidden forest to find an injured unicorn.
  • See, my way is cleaner.
  • - Well, it's not your way.
  • It's the screen writer.
  • - Point is, the movie did an admirable job of keeping basically everything in.
  • And in fact, telling the same story in a more efficient way.
  • By making the plot cleaner,
  • the film adaptation was allowed to keep all of the details that fleshed out, and
  • made real the world we'll be inhabiting for seven more films.
  • And that, my dear "Casey", brings us to year two at "Hogwarts",
  • 'Harry Potter' and the 'Chamber of Secrets'.
  • - Wait, why'd you do it so spooky?
  • - I don't know.
  • It felt right. - Okay, fair enough.
  • 'The Chamber of Secrets' picks up right where 'The Sorcerer's Stone' leaves
  • off in both mediums.
  • "Harry" is once again stuck in the "Dursley's" house like a prisoner when
  • 'Dobby the House Elf' shows up determined to prevent "Harry" from returning to
  • Hogwarts.
  • Then "Ron" and his misfit brothers "Fred" and
  • "George" show up in an enchanted flying car to rescue him,
  • bringing him back to the "Weasley's" home before heading off to school.
  • Again, the movie fast forwards past much of the month leading up to "Harry's"
  • second year at Hogwarts because the second installment in the series is designed to
  • build upon the first.
  • The movie keeps only what it needs to further explore the wizarding world.
  • So, the movie keeps things like traveling by flue powder which we hadn't
  • seen before.
  • While cutting things from the book like "Harry" practicing quidditch at the burrow
  • with the "Weasley" boys which we have seen before.
  • - (Applause) - We do also get to meet "Gildaroy
  • Lockhart" the celebrity wizard set to be the new defense against the dark arts
  • professor.
  • In the book, he announces his new post in the bookstore.
  • But, the movie saves that reveal for the first day of class.
  • - Me. (Sound)
  • - The movie also rearranges a few days
  • worth of conversations at the burrow into one scene at the breakfast table.
  • Choosing to put much less emphasis on the raids "Mr Weasley" is
  • carrying out at the ministry.
  • Skipping much of their discussion about "Mr Weasley's" job policing the misuse of
  • muggle artifacts does have an effect that trickles down to the "Malfoy" family which
  • once again gets mildly short change in the deal.
  • - While the movie finds "Harry" shooting out the wrong grate in the flue network
  • and winding up in 'Knockturn Alley' he quickly stumbles into "Hagrid" who sets
  • him back on his way safely with the "Weasleys" In the book though,
  • "Harry" first overhears "Draco" and his father,
  • "Lucius Malfoy" attempting to sell suspicious items.
  • Fearing one of "Mr Weasley's" raids could find some questionable and
  • dark magical artifacts.
  • But because the movie cuts this thread entirely, we lose bit of the adversarial
  • relationship between the "Malfoy's" and our heroes.
  • Granted, it's only one bit, the "Malfoy's" are still entitled [BEEP], mind you;.
  • Losing the political nature of the "Arthur Weasley", "Lucius Malfoy" rivalry allows
  • the movie to focus on some of the darker ideas present in the story.
  • Underneath everything else,
  • 'The Chamber of Secrets' deals with issues like racism and slavery.
  • - "Dobby" has vowed to serve one family forever.
  • - The chamber itself is built over 1000 years ago by "Salazar Slytherin",
  • the pure blood advocate founding member of "Hogwarts"
  • - The movie has"Professor
  • McGonagall" explain the legend, while the book uses Professor Binns,
  • the ghost who teaches History of Magic,
  • which is one instance where the book version makes way more sense.
  • - I was wondering if you could tell us about the chamber of secrets.
  • - Either way the story is based around the discrimination of the so
  • called 'Mudbloods' by the so called 'Pure Bloods'.
  • While the adaptation is littered with little trims to the plot in the name of
  • efficiency like 'The Sorcers Stone',
  • the movie does not loose the more grown up allegorical themes.
  • One function of the second entry into the 'Harry Potter' franchise is to get
  • slightly more adult.
  • The darker elements like, the monstrous snakelike "Basilisk" that wants to
  • rip flesh from bone, the bald face racism of the "Malfoy's".
  • And the decidedly bloodier and dangerous climatic fight,
  • they all served to bridge the gap into the subsequent, more dramatic.
  • "Harry Potter" adventures, and
  • the smaller changes to the mechanics of the plot become irrelevant.
  • Like the fact that in the movie "Harry" and
  • "Ron's" voices Don't change when they drink the 'Polyjuice Potion',
  • a difference that becomes more troubling and inconsistent later in the series.
  • Maybe they did it not to confuse the audience, or maybe it was so
  • "Hermione" didn't have to sound like a cat.
  • Who knows, either way, it doesn't matter much in the context of the series.
  • - Yeah, why doesn't she sound like a cat.
  • - I don't know.
  • Point is, 'Sorcerer's Stone' and 'The Chamber of Secrets' are more or
  • less the same from book to movie, efficient in direct translations of
  • the short books made for slightly longer than average movies.
  • And the world of 'Hogwarts School for Witchcraft' and
  • "Wizardry" is richly set up.
  • We understand what the stakes are and what the fight for "Harry", and his friends,
  • will be moving forward.
  • But let's get a year older, shall we?
  • And move on to 'Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban'.
  • - You're sticking to that spooky voice then?
  • Maybe you should worry about your own lines.
  • The third "Harry Potter" opens the way they all do.
  • "Harry's" stuck under the thumb of the "Dursley's".
  • The book finds him smuggling his wand and a few textbooks up to his room and
  • hiding them under the floorboards to do some secret summer homework.
  • (Cough) Nerd.
  • "Harry" also gets a handful of birthday wishes from those friends, and
  • a book from "Hagrid", the toothy and dangerous 'Monster Book of Monsters' argh!
  • But the film skips all of that with in favor of a cold open
  • with "Harry" secretly practicing "Lumos Maximo"
  • in his bedroom while infuriating his stupid mogul uncle that we hate.
  • The movie issues some of the let's get caught up housekeeping in order to more
  • firmly establish "Harry" as a rebellious teen coming into his own.
  • >From there, 'Prisoner of Azkaban' hustles through many of the same beats.
  • "Harry's" horrible aunt "Marge" shows up, talks (Sound) About "Harry's" parents, and
  • then "Harry" gets straight up pissed and
  • inflates her to 'Thanksgiving day' parade levels of floating obesity.
  • - Bye auntie.
  • - Then he bolts running away from 'Number 4 Privet Drive' and
  • encountering a big scary wolf, before being picked up by the 'Knight Bus'.
  • - Welcome to the 'Knight Bus'.
  • - It's on the 'Knight Bus' where "Harry" learns about 'Sirius Black's escape
  • from Azkaban' before being dropped off at famed wizard pub,
  • 'The Leaky Cauldron' - The only significant part of the book
  • that's cut from this section is a scene in which "Harry" overhears "Mr and Mrs.
  • Weasley" discussing 'Sirius Black' before "Mr Weasley" brings it up with Harry at
  • the train station the next day.
  • The movie skips straight to"Mr.
  • "Weasley" telling "Harry" directly of 'Sirius' supposed
  • intentions to murder him.
  • - And kill me.
  • - Once again, the screen writers decided what to cut based on a thematic decision
  • to get a little older, to treat "Harry" with a little more emotional maturity.
  • As soon as "Harry" heads off to school, he encounters a dementor as well as their new
  • defense against the 'Dark Arts teacher on the Hogwarts Express'.
  • And the first days of class proceed without change is well.
  • - It's an omen of death.
  • - (Noise) - It isn't until their first
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts class when things change slightly.
  • Instead of allowing the boggart to change into a dementor in front of "Harry",
  • 'Professor Lupin" steps in before it has a chance to.
  • But even then, "Snape" filling in for 'Lupin" and
  • assigning a paper on recognizing werewolves, the quidditch match, and
  • "Harry's" injuries at the hands of the dementors all make it on-screen.
  • Some of "Harry's" other classes and
  • Quidditch practices, as well as his stay in the hospital ward are left out.
  • Aside from changing the location of the conversation in during which "Harry"
  • overhears his professors discussing ,Sirius Black's relationship',
  • to "Harry", the movie matches up with the book pretty well from there.
  • "Harry'" learns about the patronus charm, the kids uncover the truth about
  • Peter Pettigrew and Scabbers after chasing "Sirius" to the shrieking shack.
  • Then "Harry" and "Hermione" use the time turner to save both "Sirius" and
  • "Buckby" the hippogriff in the climactic sequence.
  • - Expecto, Patronum!
  • - The one major bit of info the movie leaves out is the identity of "Mooney",
  • "Wormtail", "Padfoot", and "Prongs".
  • The message are credited as creators of the 'Marauder's Map in the film', and
  • "Lupin" clearly knows what the map is and how to use it.
  • But the fact that it was "Lupin", "Sirius", "Peter" "Pettigrew",
  • and" Harry" own's father, "James", is not mentioned at all.
  • One of the most emotionally charged moments in the entire series is when
  • "Harry" realizes that his patronus manifests itself as a stag.
  • And makes the connection to his father, "Prongs".
  • The movie on the other hand has Harry mistaking his own patronus for his father.
  • Of course this is cleared up with just a little bit of 'timey-wimey time travel'.
  • The purpose of this difference is no doubt one of a kind, and
  • explaining all that takes up valuable screen time in a movie based on a book,
  • that's a good 100 pages longer than the first two entries.
  • The spirit of the novel however remains in tact.
  • - You helped uncover the truth and save an innocent man from a terrible fate.
  • (Laugh) It made a great deal of difference.
  • - While the book sees "Harry" learning more about his parents,
  • the movie version focuses on "Harry" coming into his own as an adolescent, and
  • growing confident in his own abilities to face what he must in the coming years.
  • So, while the mechanics of the plot differ slightly, and
  • an entire quidditch match is once again cut, 'The Prisoner of Azkaban'
  • hangs on to the important parts as "Harry" and his friends growth as young wizards.
  • - Do you want to move a bit closer?
  • - "Ron" and "Hermione's" burgeoning romance is also featured
  • more predominantly in the movie than in the book.
  • Which might not actually be a difference, seeing the accidental hand holding and
  • awkward interactions on screen just brings the flirtation to the forefront.
  • We'd also be remiss if we didn't mention the "Malfoys" again here.
  • The movie version of "Draco" is largely comic relief.
  • He goes from snarling racist in 'Chamber of Secrets' to sniveling leader of "The
  • Three Stooges"-like band of physical comedians being
  • bested by snowballs in "Hermione's" right cross,
  • only to return to his straight-up evil nature later on in the series.
  • But that's for, well, later in our series.
  • Hope you enjoyed part one of our adventure into the wizardry world with 'Harry
  • Potter' and 'The Sorcerer's Chamber of Azkaban'.
  • Make sure to like and subscribe, and stick around CineFix for part two.
  • 'Harry Potter' and 'The Goblet of The Phoenix'.
  • - So, that voice is still spooky to you.
  • - Absolutely, right "Harry"?
  • - Spooky.
  • - Thanks dude.
  • (Sound)

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