Hardcorllector is the most Fun Family Friendly Cards & Collectibles channel that is fun for everyone BUT IS MADE SOLELY FOR A MATURE COLLECTOR AUDIENCE & NOT INTENDED OR DIRECTED AT CHILDREN! This channel focuses on the fun that Collecting brings! The Dad is known as "Hardcorllector" (For always being a hardcore collector) and the son is known as Ethan Monster (known for being a "monster" since being a mischievous baby). Carl is a Shopkeeper who opened a real store inside their house and is known for being a very shady and over mature character! Mom is camera shy while the littlest one Arianna will be appearing on special moments in the channel. They collect everything Pokemon cards for nostalgia, highly collectible marvel and DC figures, Cards, Legos, disney, various movie items and even high end figures like Hot Toys! This is the place to enjoy the hobby of collecting and enjoy some of the funniest family bonding toy and card unboxings you will ever see! SHARE THE FUN!