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Looking for a simple science experiment to do with young children? Try this one! You can make a lesson out of it by recording your predictions and observations.

SEE IT HERE: [ Happyhooligans.ca Link ]
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Make these for your kids tomorrow morning! They're so much more fun to eat than regular French Toast. You can eat them with your fingers. Just dunk in a puddle of syrup and pop them in your mouth. They're SO good!

RECIPE HERE: [ Happyhooligans.ca Link ]
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Hi Everyone! Wondering if I could get some parenting tips here? I have three children - an infant and two in elementary school. The older two are constantly bickering and unkind to each other. Prior to being quarantined it was a a somewhat common occurrence but now that we have been home together all day every day for weeks, it’s become worse. They argue about the...
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These are so soothing and mesmerizing to play with. Your kids will feel like little scientists making them too. :)

HOW-TO HERE: [ Happyhooligans.ca Link ]
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These are a lot of fun to make, and so yummy! If you don't have Fruity Pebbles, just use Rice Krispies.

RECIPE HERE: [ Happyhooligans.ca Link ]
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Ok, so you may not have an excess of real eggs to decorate this year, BUT, if you have some plastic dollar store eggs, your kids can have a TON of fun decorating those! <3 Pass it along to all your friends with crafty kids! <3

HOW-TO HERE: [ Happyhooligans.ca Link ]
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Here's a super-easy art activity for your kids to have fun with today. Set them up with some paints and a crayon. That's all there is to it. We popped ours into dollar store frames. Beautiful!

HOW-TO HERE: [ Happyhooligans.ca Link ]
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This recipe will give you about a year's worth of laundry detergent, saving you many trips to the grocery store, all for about $20 bucks! I've been using it for years, and I love it. Have the kids help you make it... Chemistry lesson!

RECIPE HERE: [ Happyhooligans.ca Link ]
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A little something to start your Friday off with a smile.

Nội dung này hiện không hiển thị

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Take the kids out for a nature hunt in the yard today, and make these with the treasures they find. Give them a bag and a pair of scissors for collecting their goodies from the garden. It's a great fine-motor activity and a lovely way to explore the textures, colours and shapes of various plants and grasses. <3

DETAILS HERE: [ Happyhooligans.ca Link ]
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