GTA VC - Exclusive Japanese Content [Comparison] - Feat. SpooferJahk

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GTA VC - Exclusive Japanese Content [Comparison] - Feat. SpooferJahk
GTA VC - Exclusive Japanese Content [Comparison] - Feat. SpooferJahk thumb GTA VC - Exclusive Japanese Content [Comparison] - Feat. SpooferJahk thumb GTA VC - Exclusive Japanese Content [Comparison] - Feat. SpooferJahk thumb


  • Hey there again everyone, SpooferJahk here again with another video for good ol' Vadim!
  • Today we are going to talk about the exclusive content available in the Japanese version of Vice City.
  • In addition to that, we will be examining some of the odd censorship
  • that Rockstar had to do to Vice City to satisfy Japan's CERO rating system as well.
  • With no delays, let's get on to the rest of the video.
  • To start this video, I want to highlight one interesting thing.
  • Japanese versions of the GTA series always released in this region with a slight delay.
  • For instance, Japanese PS2 versions were released one and a half years
  • after the worlwide release
  • while the PC and Xbox versions was delayed by only five months.
  • You heard that right,
  • this is the only region where the region received the PC version first with the PS2 version following.
  • Due to these delays,
  • the Japanese release of Vice City appears to have some exclusive content and even some improvements.
  • For instance,
  • while developing the PC version, Rockstar decided to add two completely new Tommy skins to use;
  • Tache and Wild.
  • By applying the, "Tache" skin, Tommy will have a mustache, whiskers and slightly different eyebrows.
  • His clothes are completely black and overall looks kinda impressive.
  • If you always wanted to play as a fantastical mustachioed thug, he is a great choice to consider.
  • The second skin "Wild" seems to be a reskin of his default clothes, but with a few differences.
  • Tommy seems to have blonde hair and stubble.
  • He wears a red shirt and light blue jeans.
  • If you don't like his default clothes, it can be an interesting skin to use.
  • Both of these exclusive Japanese skins were later released as a part of the Mac OS port of the game
  • and later appeared in the Android version files.
  • The problem is, the Android version doesn't even support the dang skin system.
  • And yeah, if you want to mess around with them the link can be found in the description below.
  • The next interesting thing R* did to the Japanese release is that they changed this wheel texture.
  • For some reason, they decided to avoid any similarities with "Fiat Punto's" hubcaps,
  • therefore making the new texture less similar to them.
  • Fun fact is, this change appears only on the PS2 version of the game,
  • because R* simply broke this feature on PC.
  • The thing is, they changed this texture in a wrong texture container,
  • which the PC version doesn't even use.
  • Thankfully, this bug doesn't appear in PS2 version of the game,
  • because the game has only one texture container with the right texture.
  • If you are wondering, this change doesn’t apply to the Xbox version,
  • because this version always had different wheels and textures.
  • The next thing people received in this region are these two exclusive Japanese skins for the Vercetti Gang.
  • They are still "Marios" saying the same garbage over and over again,
  • but look like Yakuza members,
  • which is a bit strange for the Miami locale for the game.
  • Yet again this change only appears on PS2.
  • My guess is, they screwed with PC version once again
  • and if you want to read my thoughts, you can pause the video now.
  • And no I don't think that these are beta models.
  • As I said before, the JP release received some extra content in the form of bugfixes.
  • These bugfixes are not so crucial and don't change the gameplay at all,
  • but they are still worth a mention.
  • Remember the unique golden Stretch in the "Martha's Mug Shot" mission?
  • Did you want to get one in your hands?
  • Well, a long time ago, several players found an interesting trick to steal it
  • by simply killing a chauffeur with a headshot and his dead body opens a door for us.
  • Unfortunately, the mission would fail if you did this.
  • Interestingly enough,
  • this trick was fully fixed in the Japanese release,
  • because you can't kill him any more.
  • But yeah, there is yet another trick to steal this golden limo.
  • Just run towards the vehicle and set it on fire by using a flamethrower.
  • The driver will run away leaving the door open.
  • People enjoy this trick more,
  • since it does not lead to mission failure and of course we all have inner arson tendencies.
  • Unfortunately, you can't do this anymore in the Japanese release,
  • because the limo now has "fireproof" protection.
  • Moreover, there are new flags in the code
  • which forbids the driver to abandon his car in any way and respond to threats.
  • It means, Japanese players can't trigger another amusing glitch
  • where Tommy could replace Candy's chauffeur and drive it to the checkpoint.
  • Did you know that the limo drives without you pressing the keys?
  • You should try it!
  • Some of these fixes were also reused for the Cuban Voodoos in the "Trojan Voodoo" mission,
  • where they received fireproofing as well.
  • This time you CAN actually kill drivers though.
  • They must have forgotten to make them immortal for this mission.
  • In the worldwide release, you can ignite their cars
  • and they will abandon their cars just like the limo driver.
  • However, during the mission Tommy will talk with these ghosts
  • as well as we will see these cars driving without the Cubans.
  • Didn't you hate this pesky bug with the stuck "Top Fun" van
  • after completing the "Bombs Away!" mission?
  • It feels like the van is frozen to the ground and you can't do anything about that.
  • Even a tank can't move this bucket of nuts.
  • In the Japanese release the developers added a special flag in the code
  • to let this van unfreeze after completing the mission.
  • That's right, Japanese players didn't have the fun times messing around with the stuck "Topfan" van as we all had.
  • What I actually love about their version is the fact that
  • they finally fixed a pesky bug involving a one seat vehicle
  • in the "Love Juice" mission.
  • If you didn't know, by using a one seat vehicle like a "Pizza boy" to pickup Mercedes,
  • the cutscene will freeze and you don't have any other options other than quit the game.
  • In the Japanese version, the game tells you to find another vehicle for that.
  • But anyways, the developers didn't stop with that.
  • They also decided to add some more minor improvements.
  • For instance, during the "Cannon Fodder" mission,
  • the player leaves the car slightly before the Cubans,
  • instead of right after as in the international release.
  • And if you noticed, they also moved the mission marker.
  • When you waste at least $300 greens in your newly acquired "Pole Position" club,
  • the mission complete cutscene now lasts a little bit longer.
  • The message "Come back when you have finished the Biker gang missions"
  • is now shown for 4 seconds instead of 1. I always had problems with that.
  • During the "All Hands On Deck!" mission,
  • the spawn point inside the mall for the "Infernus" is now disabled.
  • Why? That's because if you managed to get inside the mall during this mission and enter the car,
  • the mission would fail and you will stuck in the ghost world.
  • I have to wonder, who messed around enough to discovered this bug and how they achieved it.
  • Actually, there are more bug fixes and improvements made for this region's release,
  • but if you want to known more about them,
  • pause the video and check out the full list from "Space Einstein" and "Saven Play ftw" on the GTA forums.
  • I actually used their posts to prepare this topic and I want to give a huge thanks to them.
  • On the other hand, the Japanese release isn't as polished and great as you are lead to believe.
  • Unfortunately, it was a victim of censorship, and let's briefly talk about it.
  • First of all, since violence and gore is too risque for the Japanese market,
  • thanks CERO,
  • some gore aspects of the game were slightly nerfed.
  • For instance, blowing off the heads of pedestrians has been completely removed and blood was nerfed.
  • Here is a slow-motion comparison.
  • Speaking of blood,
  • you won't see any blood droplets on your screen by using a chainsaw.
  • This feature was omitted from the Japanese version of the game.
  • Finally, if the player uses deadly explosives, you won't see blood splats anymore.
  • Here is a slow-motion comparison.
  • Other stuff like running with a katana was untouched.
  • Don't ask me why, these are strange attempts at censorship.
  • Speaking of mysteries, I have no idea why,
  • but the developers decided to make a fire sprite much bigger,
  • ut only for the PC version.
  • Looks if someone really wanted to see the Vice city world burnt to a crisp.
  • Secondly, they also decided to remove all the scenes with Ken Rosenberg taking his special miracle wonder sugar.
  • The first mission is "No Escape?", which originally starts like this.
  • To solve this problem,
  • this mission in the Japanese version starts right after the controversial scene.
  • The same thing happened with "The Shootist" mission, which had this scene.
  • And now it start like this.
  • The next thing they had to do was to censor the love scenes during two missions for the "Film Studio".
  • In "Martha's Mug Shot" Japanese players will not hear any of Candy's moans,
  • because they were simply cut out making the scene silent for the most part.
  • Here is the international version.
  • Moreover, they changed the camera angle to hide some of the special fun from the scene
  • and here is a quick comparison.
  • The second mission is the "G-Spotlight" cutscene,
  • which was short cut as well.
  • The developers simply cut the scene with Steve insisting Candy to do some creative swallowing.
  • And now it start like this.
  • And yet again, they also hid the love scene from the player and removed all the moans.
  • Speaking of this mission, remember the spotlight we used to promote an adult film?
  • This "smiley face" was replaced with simple text in the Japanese version,
  • but for some reason not on PC JP release.
  • Looks like the later Japanese versions are more polished than the PC release for this region.
  • What the heck.
  • And now be prepared for the worst cut ever!
  • Ready?
  • Well, they replaced all "extravagant" photos of Candy Suxxx
  • in Diaz's mansion with kittens and flowers.
  • Just think about it,
  • Diaz - the drug lord of all Vice City,
  • has rather adorable flower and kitten photos all over the place.
  • Don't forget about this giant poster with a cool cat on the wall!
  • With all honesty, this change looks rather weird.
  • Didn't they try to make it less stupid?
  • Was it a joke from Rockstar?
  • Would be interesting to get an answer,
  • because the cat change makes Diaz look even more insane than he should.
  • Here is a good question for you.
  • Do you know why almost all recent Vice City speedruns
  • are played on a Japanese version of the game?
  • That's because this version has one unique bug and thanks to it
  • the speedrunners can complete the game faster by skipping some chunks of the game.
  • Here is a brief story.
  • In order to unlock the third act of the game,
  • the player must complete seven assets and two of them are "Mansion" and "Print Works".
  • To avoid completing the other five assets,
  • speedrunners can start the "Hit the courier" mission for Print Works
  • and while on this mission, they also start the "Distribution" mission.
  • They cancel the "Distribution" mission,
  • they insta-pass this mission, which gives them a "+1" point to their "asset complete" stat.
  • But that's not all, they can repeat this glitch again and again.
  • After the fifth time, they have to complete the "Print Works" mission and that's it,
  • the third act of the game is unlocked.
  • If you didn't get it, instead of completing 5 assets,
  • they replayed the Distribution mission 5 times.
  • Special thanks for the footage goes to "ANTI",
  • who to this date has the international record completing the Japanese version of the game.
  • The information about this bug was provided by "KZ_FREW",
  • "Mohamad fvc" and Nick007J.
  • and thanks to Gael for the support.
  • But anyways, we are not done with the Japanese release yet.
  • Since it was published and distributed by Capcom there,
  • the game received two additional intros,
  • one telling you that you must be over 18 years old to play it...
  • with the second one showing the well known Capcom logo.
  • Moreover, the discs and the cover have a Capcom logo.
  • It is rather cool to have the companies responsible for legends
  • like GTA and Mega Man printed all on one disc.
  • Oh and here is a minor thing.
  • They slightly changed the intro screen.They slightly changed the intro screen.
  • Nothing really interesting about it, but still worth showing.
  • Futhermore, the Japanese version has only one language available to use, their own.
  • No English language options to be found here.
  • The developers simply cut an option to choose a different language in the menu
  • and removed any other text containers from the game.
  • They also changed in-game fonts, so if I replace, for instance,
  • the Japanese text container with the international English one in the PC version,
  • you will clearly see the difference.
  • It will work but with glitches though.
  • The interesting thing is,
  • the XBOX version has all language containers,
  • but the game doesn't use them even by changing the dashboard language.
  • Moreover, both PC and Xbox versions received a minor improvement.
  • Instead of saying what button you need to press,
  • the tips will show you an image of the button instead.
  • If you are wondering, previously this features was available only on PS2...
  • and hey, if we were to compare these versions,
  • then we could clearly see that the dualshock icons are different.
  • Despite the fact that their release has only one language,
  • a lot of English strings in the Japanese text container were not translated.
  • For instance, the mission names and the car names are untouched.
  • What is more interesting is the fact,
  • that some of the English strings are different.
  • For example, "Mission Passed" string is now "Mission Completed".
  • The "Distribution" mission for the Cherry Popper assset is now called "Ice Cream Mission".
  • It was probably done to hide the fact that you are selling drugs in this mission, but that's just my theory.
  • Instead of "Good Citizen Bonus!", Japanese player sees "Nice Guy Bonus!"
  • Quite a fun little change.
  • Some of the assets names in the stats received proper names.
  • For instace, instead of Taxi company,
  • the stat says Kaufman Cabs and so on.
  • Moreover they changed "ASSET COMPLETED" to "MISSION COMPLETED".
  • I guess, to avoid any difficulties to undestand what it means due to the translation.
  • And speaking of assets, they decided to change "PROTECTION RING" to "VERCETTI ESTATE".
  • Have you ever wondered why the Vercetti Estate is called "PROTECTION RING"?
  • Unfortunately, the Japanese release appears to be a "Haitian-friendly" version,
  • where you won't hear or see any words like: "Haitian", "Cuban"
  • and even all expressions insulting various groups of people.
  • They were simply omitted from the game after Haitian-American community protests.
  • I assume, you already know about these in-game differences,
  • therefore we will skip this part.
  • If you don't, YouTube is your friend for learning this information.
  • By the way, the Japanese region has a different control scheme.
  • Instead of a "Cross" for "yes" and a "Triangle" for "No",
  • the Japanese PS2 version uses the "Cross" for "No" and the "Circle" for "Yes".
  • If you are wondering, this is a common thing for Japanese Playstation games in general
  • which I think, Rockstar Games decided to implement for this version.
  • These changes are present in the game menu,
  • mmu-nation and hardware stores, and potentially for other places as well.
  • As you can guess, these controls are kinda inconvenient for us to use,
  • because it swaps "Yes" with "No" and adds completely different keys for another action.
  • But the PC version is a different story.
  • Instead of "Sprint" for "No" and "Fire button" for "Yes",
  • the international release uses "Sprint" for "yes" and "enter the car" for "No".
  • I need to press the left mouse button to buy things now...
  • okay I guess?
  • This fact made me think that both PC and PS2 versions were in the development around the same time,
  • because this is a change in the game engine.

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Here we are going to talk about the exclusive content available in the Japanese version of Grand Theft auto - Vice City.

In addition to that, we will be examining some of the odd censorship that Rockstar Games had to do to Vice City to satisfy Japan's CERO rating system as well. Moreover, we will be looking and some unique bug fixes available in this region.
Japanese Skins; Tache and Wild
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