GTA V - Cut Features During Missions [Beta Analysis] [Part 1] - Feat. SpooferJahk

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Feb 12, 2017


GTA V - Cut Features During Missions [Beta Analysis] [Part 1] - Feat. SpooferJahk
GTA V - Cut Features During Missions [Beta Analysis] [Part 1] - Feat. SpooferJahk thumb GTA V - Cut Features During Missions [Beta Analysis] [Part 1] - Feat. SpooferJahk thumb GTA V - Cut Features During Missions [Beta Analysis] [Part 1] - Feat. SpooferJahk thumb


  • Hey there again guys it is SpooferJahk again with another video production from Vadim M,
  • today's video is going to be on the topic of Grand Theft Auto V's beta missions.
  • Today we are going to investigate the missions and see what they were originally meant to be,
  • how they were changed,
  • and what was actually cut from them during the development of the game.
  • Let's start our journey with the first mission in Grand Theft Auto V, "Prologue."
  • According to the unused in-game text, during the bank robbery the player had two additional objectives,
  • going in to the security room and shooting the monitors.
  • Interesting thing is,
  • there is actually a hidden surveillance room here where the player can't normally get into,
  • unless you use the evil black magic known as cheats.
  • In this forbidden surveillance room you can destroy everything,
  • starting from these monitors and onward to these "redwood" boxes.
  • Sadly it is unknown, if these monitors and the security room were connected with one another,
  • because there are more things to discuss.
  • According to this unused voice line from Brad:
  • Brad: Hey. Hey, we gotta torch the servers. Come on.
  • There was another cut objective for us,
  • which was to torch some kind of servers,
  • and unfortunately their location is unknown.
  • By the way, it is also possible to destroy these surveillance cameras as well,
  • however it is unnecessary to do so because the game doesn't tell you do do it.
  • Looks like in the early days of development,
  • the developers had an idea for us to destroy every single evidence of our crime,
  • but later the whole idea was cut.
  • Also, according to other unused strings,
  • the "Prologue" mission had more secondary tasks, like
  • Follow Trevor...
  • Press "insert button here" to exit the phone menu and put away the phone...
  • Switch to Michael to drive...
  • Grab the woman and so on...
  • All of these actions in the final version of the game were replaced with cut scenes.
  • What I can't really understand is the fact
  • that you could fail this mission by letting the hostage to escape.
  • Now you can't really do it,
  • because the game won't go any further if all of the hostages are locked in that room.
  • All of this might mean that it was it was intended to be a much more complicated mission in the game's early stages.
  • But wait, there is something more to discuss.
  • By scanning the second trailer,
  • we can spot some distinct differences in our crew's apparel.
  • It appears that during the prologue,
  • Michael was supposed to wear completely different apparel.
  • Just look at his boots and jacket.
  • In my personal opinion, these clothes look very close to Michael's appearance
  • in the famous "Bury the Hatchet" mission,
  • but it's very hard to tell since the trailer is kinda blurry.
  • Moreover, Brad didn't wear goggles
  • and his ski mask seems to have only one colour.
  • Instead of a ski mask with googles,
  • Trevor wore a Balaclava just like Michael.
  • By the way, did you notice that Michael is still wearing his balaclava in this scene?
  • Could it possibly mean that the sequence with Jasper's was added much later?
  • Who knows!
  • Speaking of outfits,
  • according to the game files,
  • the security guard you punch in the beginning
  • was meant to have a "bobcat" cap
  • as he has a fully functional slot for it.
  • Jaspers, whom you killed with a headshot,
  • was meant to wear these reading glasses.
  • Finally, Brad was able to wear an ushanka,
  • but it collides with his hair unless wearing a ski mask.
  • Just imagine a balaclava with an ushanka,
  • seems like a rad robber's disguise.
  • That was all for the first mission,
  • let's continue onwards.
  • Remember when Jimmy bought a yellow "BeeJay XL" from Simeon
  • nd Franklin had to reposess it afterwards?
  • It turns out, there is an unused animation with an unused objective found for this particular mission,
  • suggesting that Franklin was able to climb up the vines in order to get into the Michael's house.
  • What you are seeing right now is the unused animation found for this specific objective
  • with Franklin slowly, but surely climbing up the vines.
  • At the end he breaks in the same window as it is in the final version of the game,
  • just using a different approach for his goal.
  • Special thanks for this find goes to "HeySlickThatsMe" from GTAforums.
  • In the final game, in order to do your dirty deeds we use Michael's vehicle;
  • we climb onto his truck and then onto the roof
  • and woosh, we are in the house.
  • Sadly, it is unknown why this feature with the vines was cut.
  • Were there two ways for Franklin to get inside Michael's house?
  • One by using the truck and one by using the vines?
  • Were these vines replaced with the truck? Who knows!
  • But anyways, let's keep our eyes peeled for the next mission.
  • According to the first trailer,
  • by choosing the "loud" aproach for "The Jewel Store Job" heist,
  • our crew would use Bugstar's equipment,
  • ambushing with the "Assault Rifles".
  • The whole idea with this stolen "Bugstars" equipment in the final version of the game
  • was changed to the "smart" approach.
  • The "loud approach" received a few tweaks.
  • The crew now uses Carbine Rifles,
  • drives a black Burrito
  • and wears motorcycle helmets with suits as a disguise.
  • By the way, if we look closer at the Social club image,
  • we can see that originally Michael wore his everyday suit
  • with the team wearing Balaclavas during the "loud" approach.
  • Interesting thing is
  • in the Michael's character trailer it is shown that he received his new tuxedo,
  • but still wears a balaclava instead of a bike helmet.
  • You see, Rockstar Games always polishes these small cosmetic details until the end.
  • And by saying "until the end", I mean by thinking over and over again about them.
  • Just look at this brief scene from the trailer along with the social club image.
  • Looks like the developers considered reusing the Carbine Rifle in the "smart approach" as well,
  • but later, for some reason,
  • decided to stick with the Assault rifle like in the early concept shown in the first trailer.
  • Also, according the original concept,
  • Michael supposed to wear a respirator mask.
  • After some time he received this gas mask
  • and this gas mask received two yellow cartridges.
  • Not to mention that there is an unused Bugstars cap available for Michael to wear.
  • Some people think that he could wear it with that scrapped respirator mask.
  • I guess, it is kind of an art for Rockstar
  • to create a unique look for every single mission.
  • By the way, according to this pre-release screenshot,
  • during the getaway you could actually spot some Police Buffalos and Cruisers,
  • while in the final version of the game the police constantly use the Interceptors.
  • That's all we can really say about this heist mission.
  • Without any doubt a lot of you remember that glorious day when the first trailer hit the Internet.
  • It was that thing... that magic.
  • I am guessing everyone remembers this scene with the "Crop Duster"...
  • Basically what we saw there might be a cut mission,
  • where we had to take the "Crop Duster",
  • load it with whatever chemicals we were offered
  • and spray them over the Vineyard, for whatever reason.
  • Despite the fact that trailer shows us a Duster spraying pesticides,
  • it is currently an exclusive GTA Online feature.
  • If I remember correctly, it was added there with an unknown past-gen update quite some time ago.
  • By the way, in the trailer we can clearly see that the chemicals fly from the sprayers on the wing,
  • while in the multiplayer they come from tail.
  • Sadly, the true story behind this scene will probably remain a mystery forever.
  • I think, it's a time to tell you yet another interesting fact about our beloved leaked "missions.xml" file.
  • Both PS3 and Xbox 360 have two different mission.xml files.
  • If we were to compare them,
  • t would turn out that the PS3 file is much older than the 360 one
  • and there will be some examples I will mention later.
  • The next mission on our list is the "Friends Reunited" mission,
  • where we had to drive to Los Santos with the idea of finding the mysterious Michael Townley,
  • who was considered dead by Trevor.
  • Here is the deal, according to the leaked PS3 file,
  • it is said that Trevor actually took Nervous Ron to his trip to Los Santos.
  • However in the leaked 360 file,
  • instead of Nervous Ron, it lists Wade as it is in the final version of the game.
  • How this would affect the game afterwards is a complete mystery.
  • Here is another example.
  • According to the PS3 file, it is said that
  • the "Friend Request" mission was actually split up into two separate missions, A and B.
  • The A mission was was going to be called "Friend Request"
  • basically as in the final game,
  • while mission B would have the "Selling Short" name.
  • According to the file, the first mission would involve Michael entering the "Lifeinvader" office
  • and setting a bomb in a mobile phone... and that's it.
  • Here is an interesting tidbit,
  • instead of LifeInvader offices, it says "LifeBlurb" offices,
  • meaning it was a beta name, just a cool fact.
  • Sadly, it is unknown how the second mission would be triggered.
  • Maybe you had to wait until the start of the press conference
  • or lurk around the town as much as you want
  • until you decide to enter the marker,
  • which would show you the famous scene killing Jay Norris LIVE.
  • By the way, Michael's character trailer shows him wearing his
  • everyday clothing while watching the press conference.
  • In the final version of the game he still wears that LifeInvader disguise clothing
  • since the game just skips right away to the action.
  • This fact with the trailer might prove the idea that you had to wait for the press conference.
  • Oh, and by the way,
  • Tracey in this scene wore grey trousers.
  • Nothing really interesting, but a good thing to mention anyways.
  • Remember the mission "Trevor Philips Industries"
  • where we had to defend our meth lab from the Aztecas gang?
  • Based on the leaked file,
  • in addition to the Grenade launcher, Chef would give us some "C4"s
  • so you could have some more fun playing around with the explosives.
  • Let's take a brief look at the "Nervous Ron" mission.
  • In Trevor's character trailer, the scene where Trevor is shooting on the airplane wing
  • took place during stormy weather and there were many explosions occurring all around the plane.
  • However in the final version,
  • during this mission the weather is clear
  • and Trevor bails out from a plane without any fireworks in the background.
  • According to this pre-release screenshot,
  • the whole event during the "Franklin and Lamar" mission took place during the night.
  • But hold on, there is something more to discuss.
  • If you had to slow down the second trailer,
  • you could actually see that at least "9F" had an "SA Exempt" license plate.
  • If you don't know, the "SA Exempt" plate is based on the real life "CA Exempt"
  • meaning that this specific car is owned or leased by the U.S. Government, state agencies and so on.
  • As a result, the car or cars you stole during this mission weren't just civilian cars.
  • Which would beg the question,
  • how you could Franklin repossess a government car for Semion?
  • What is more interesting,
  • is that in the previous screenshot both of these cars had civilian license plates as in the final game.
  • And for the last note,
  • the dude who saw his car stolen, received a different shirt.
  • That concludes this first video on the Grand Theft Auto V beta missions,
  • this is the first part in this series and there will be more in the future.

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Today we are going to investigate Grand Theft Auto V missions and see what they were originally meant to be, how they were changed, and what was actually cut from them during the development of the game.

These answers can be found by looking into the game files, scanning unused in-game strings, as well as listening to the unused voice lines. These answers can also be found by just simply looking at the leaked "missions.xml", which was brought up in a few older videos.

This is just the first part in these series. If you really like it, there will be more.
Special thanks:
WildBrick142 - for finding unused line for Brad and some prologue text
HeySlickThatsMe - for finding unused animation for Franklin
NONative - for noticing "SA Exempt" license plate
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