GTA San Andreas - Five Cut Missions - Feat. SWEGTA [Beta Analysis]

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Jul 03, 2016


GTA San Andreas - Five Cut Missions - Feat. SWEGTA [Beta Analysis]
GTA San Andreas - Five Cut Missions - Feat. SWEGTA [Beta Analysis] thumb GTA San Andreas - Five Cut Missions - Feat. SWEGTA [Beta Analysis] thumb GTA San Andreas - Five Cut Missions - Feat. SWEGTA [Beta Analysis] thumb


  • Hey folks, my name is SWEGTA and today, I'll be serving as the narrator for this video, so let's get right to it!
  • Before San Andreas was originally shipped, there existed more missions in the storyline,
  • as well as more in-game features, but for various reasons, a lot of them were cut during development.
  • Without a doubt, a lot of you know about the "Things to do in San Andreas" mod, or, as it's also known, "TTDISA"".
  • Its' fame stems from the fact that it "restores" beta content and adds new features to your favourite game.
  • And here is the first myth.
  • It is believed that this mod restores five cut missions:
  • Impounded, Doberman, Tanked Up, Roadside Assistance and The Truth Is Out There.
  • And my question to you is:
  • Do you really think that this mod restores these missions?
  • If you were to say yes, I would fully understand;
  • however, the answer is actually NO, it does NOT restore them.
  • Of course, you might say;
  • "Wait a second... I heard that these missions are really in the game files, but that they are just disabled."
  • Disabled? That's something new to hear, honestly.
  • The problem is, that these missions were actually cut once and for all.
  • Let me give you a quick rundown on what I mean by this.
  • As we know, Rockstar is kinda lazy when it comes to clearing unused content from their games.
  • And thanks to this, we can easily discover these removed features simply by looking into the game files.
  • So now I want you, guys, to take a look at one of these five missions;
  • specifically, at Roadside Assistance.
  • According to the "american.gxt" file, this mission has a codename of "Steal_3",
  • which means that Roadside Assistance took place in between the missions "Test Drive" and "Custom Fast Track".
  • Test Drive is "Steal_2" and "Custom Fast Track" is "Steal_4" respectively.
  • Well, that's pretty much it what is known about this mysterious "Roadside Assistance" mission.
  • Is it possible to restore an entire mission based solely on its name and the name alone?
  • No, it is not possible at all.
  • Of course it's not the end of the world if the mission's code is missing.
  • We can always try to reacreate the sequence simply by using other mission leftovers
  • such as in-game text, voice lines, mission objectives, cutscenes and so on...
  • But hold on. The the "Roadside Assistance" mission is actually missing EVERYTHING from the mentioned list above... apart from the name.
  • As a result, the idea of the mission being "re-enabled" in TTDISA, to put it frankly, is utter bullshit,
  • which has nothing to do with the actual "beta" stage of the game.
  • No one, apart from the Rockstar Games, actually knows what you had to do in this mission,
  • and I highly doubt that you had to tow a Sultan from the Railroad Crossing.
  • Furthermore, the dialogue used in the mod was created by using different parts of other in-game dialogue,
  • with the whole mission itself being done from scratch.
  • What I am trying to say here is that if you are a beta hunter and researcher like me,
  • then you should completely ignore this mod while discussing these cut missions.
  • Having that said, let's focus on the rest of the missions.
  • Speaking of "Doberman" mission.
  • In the final version of the game the Doberman mission starts
  • hen Carl receives a phone call from Sweet who tells him to go to Ammu-Nation in Market to get firearms and kill Little Weasel,
  • for slinging to Grove Street brothers.
  • Surprisingly, in the game files, this mission is listed as a mission for "C.R.A.S.H."
  • What is more interesting, is the fact that there is a voiced and unused cutscene for this mission, so check it out.
  • Without any doubt, this isn't a coincidence, because when you take over Glen Park in the final version,
  • you will see Little Weasel running away and yelling that Tenpenny and CRASH sold him out
  • and these lines are listed as "crash2".
  • I am pretty sure, that originally these lines belonged to Poncho, but later reused for lil Weasel.
  • And now the most interesting part,
  • in the same sound bank, alongside with Little Weasel's quotes, there are tons of other unused voice lines from two police officers.
  • Check it out.
  • I assume, when you arrived in East Los Santos to kill the dealer,
  • there were at least two cops who cordoned off the area.
  • There are lots of lines where they tried to tell you multiple times to go away because it is police business.
  • And, perhaps, if you ignored them, they would attack you.
  • Remember when Pulaski told you about the weed?
  • Well, guess what, these cops joke sharing this weed with someone and even managed to damage the bags somehow.
  • Sadly, we don't know what actually happened there, because linking Poncho's lines with these cops lines doesn't give as a thing.
  • Was DEA involved in the ambush?
  • Why were these two cops such dummies?
  • Were they corrupt?
  • Was it a stealth mission?
  • We don't know.
  • So, to sum it all up, there was a "Doberman" mission for CRASH,
  • where you had to deal with Poncho.
  • For whatever reason, the game developers decided to remove this entire mission and,
  • and, unfortunately, the story with Poncho was cut once and for all.
  • But, strangely enough, they took this mission and made an entirely different sequence for Sweet on the top of the old version.
  • This time, you had to take over Glen Park and kill Little Weasel.
  • And as you might've guessed, both of these versions don't really have anything in common.
  • Why it was done in such manner, I don't really know,
  • but thanks to all of this, we have a chance to look at these leftovers.
  • And now for the meat and potatoes of this mission:
  • This mission was actually called "Doberman",
  • because in the old cutscene Tenpenny described CJ as a doberman,
  • who can deal with whatever mess he finds himself in.
  • But why they decided to not change the mission name for Sweet is kind of odd.
  • And it sure as hell, raises a lot of questions.
  • Second of all, remember when Pulaski told Carl, that he can take an opportunity to get some weed of Ponchos lairs?
  • If yes, then you probably know that in the final game the player is not allowed to use or proccess any kinds of drugs.
  • However, there are a few unused strings from the stats menu,
  • which suggest that earlier in the game's development, there was an option for Carl to buy and sell drugs.
  • Sadly, it remains unknown what this system was like
  • and if Carl really was able to sell Poncho's weed after this mission was completed.
  • Oh, and by the way!
  • I almost forgot to mention.Earlier the Doberman mission went after "Burning Desire" and before "Gray Imports",
  • however in the final version of the game,
  • "Burning desire" unlocks both "Doberman" for Sweet and "Gray Imports" for CRASH.
  • If you want to read my two cents about mysterious "csplas1" model
  • and why it can or can't be linked with Carver,
  • then please pause the video, because if not we will move on.
  • The next mission we're going to talk about is "The Truth Is Out There",
  • which has a few strings.
  • The mission plot is very basic.
  • Our true pal - Truth now has some real problems.
  • Truth is chased by the federal agents for wandering into the restricted area known as Area 69.
  • He's currently in the Bayside and wants CJ to help him as soon as possible, to which CJ agrees.
  • This is damn mysterious mission, because at this time we only have some additional mission strings,
  • stating that you have to escort The Truth's car to safety by taking out anyone trying to kill him.
  • And as a result, we know why the mission was started, but how it played out remains a mystery.
  • But, let's focus on the "Heli Health" string for a moment.
  • It seems that there was a helicopter present with a health bar,
  • which was involved in the chase.
  • I have no idea whether or not if this helicopter was yours or the enemy's.
  • But one more thing to note is that the Truth also had a health bar.
  • The missions would fail if Truth died or if his car was destroyed.
  • Fun fact, by looking at these strings, it appears that CJ wasn't alone during this mission,
  • as he asks someone to get back in, and says "We gotta rescue the TRUTH".
  • And nothing more is known about it.
  • In all honesty, I doubt that this mission was ever even finished.
  • You see, the additional text for this mission isn't even colourcoded.
  • For instance "The Truth died!" string must have an "r" flag to make the text red and so on...
  • Moreover, "Area 69" is listed here as "Area 51" as it is called in the real life location that it parodies.
  • And for the last note. This cut mission has a codename of "desert12", but interestingly enough,
  • there is no mission or even a mention about the eleventh,
  • hile the tenth is "Green Goo".
  • I have no idea how to explain it.
  • By the way, there is no evidence that this mission used FBI trucks.
  • Just consider this.
  • The "Tanked Up" mission was the third mission for Zero.
  • Thankfully,it has some unused text strings with a few, but still present, in-game voice lines.
  • As you can see, this mission had lots of sequences.
  • For example, strings from "AA" to "AF" stands for one sequence
  • and "BA" to "BE" stands for another and so on.
  • Based on a guess, I do believe that it was a complicated mission after all.
  • Anyways, since it is just a text, we can't say for sure what this mission truly was like.
  • I tried my best to piece it all together, so here's my guess:
  • CJ and Zero are having a conversation discussing Berkley.
  • Our nerd feels anxious, because after defeating his rival for the last time, his life became boring,
  • but suddenly, they hear some strange noises.
  • Zero thinks that it is a model 7, with a ratio 5:1, equipped with a cannon,
  • however changes his mind.
  • CJ believes that there is a whole army of those noise makers.
  • Zero suddenly feels happy.And the cutscene ends.
  • Right after the cutscene, starts the "B" sequence,
  • when they finally see a group of those noise makers.
  • Zero mentiones, that Berkley might be using transmitters to control his army.
  • However, Zero doesn't know how to stop him and asks CJ to do something.
  • Sadly, the text for the "C" sequence is missing, so we have a gap on exactly how CJ dealth with this,
  • although if the player actually did something wrong,
  • then Zero would kindly ask "what are we doing and where we are going".
  • In the "E" sequence, they see Berkley's units somewhere nearby,
  • so CJ decides to deal with them.
  • However Zero thinks that it is a trap left by his rival.
  • I'm not sure who said to deploy the tank,
  • but it reveales that we are using "RC Tiger" in the fight.
  • And finally, in the "F" sequence it is said that we must fight against buggies to stop them at all costs,
  • stating that they are just little cars.
  • See, there are no remote buggies in San Andreas, however it might be an "RC Bandit"
  • and there is a solid proof for that.
  • First of all, in GTA 3 the "RC bandit" is called "RC Buggy".
  • Secondly, it can explode.
  • And now the most interesting part.
  • Apparently the mission would fail if you received too much damage from Berkley's side
  • and the main reason for that were those pesky buggies.
  • I might be wrong, but I see this scene like this.
  • You are controlling an "RC Tiger" and tons of Berkley's "RC Bandits" are trying to destroy your precious tank.
  • I also assume that you could use tank's canon, because why not, it's a tank.
  • I imagine that nearby terrain became a small place for tiny scale war.
  • Buggies could explode, and your tank could shot.
  • It actually seems kinda intriguing.
  • If you manage to eliminate all Berkley's units,
  • Carl would say that these nerds are playing hard
  • and Zero tells him he has a lot of work to do.
  • You might have noticed that I didn't bring up the "A and Z" strings.
  • What is more interesting, is the fact that these lines were actually voiced. Check it out.
  • Honestly, I haven't got a clue on who these two people are;
  • random pedestrians,
  • Berkley's minions?
  • We don't really know for sure.
  • Fun fact, it appears that while CJ and Zero were having a conversation during the cutscene,
  • there was an "RC Tiger" and a "chopper" present.
  • Since it's Zero, it's probably an RC Goblin or RC Raider.
  • What's more interesting and kind of odd
  • s how I really don't know how to connect the chopper with those in-game strings,
  • was it used in the actual mission? Who knows?
  • The biggest problem we are experiencing here is that there are no strings with the objectives or any kind of additional text,
  • for instance, go there, grab this, you failed to save this character and so on.
  • It's just a plain text with lots of in-game dialogue.
  • And you can only really guess who said these specific lines.
  • I am starting to think that this mission wasn't even done till the end.
  • If you somehow acquire control over the miniature tank, which is not possible in the vanilla game,
  • by attempting to shoot, you will hear glitched minigun sound, which won't disappear.
  • And that's pretty much it what can we say about this mission.
  • The "Impound" mission will be the first and only mission
  • which will be shown to you with a help of this modification
  • and the reason for this is very simple.
  • You see, in the final version of the game there are tons of leftovers scattered around from this mission;
  • text, voice lines, objectives, map icon, phone calls
  • and even the initial cutscene's audio.
  • However, there is no code left for this mission and the cutscene itself is missing from the scene.
  • Thanks to these lefovers, there was no need to speculate or guess what the mission's sequence would be,
  • in fact, the author just followed the trace of these leftovers and restored them, piece by piece.
  • So at this point you will TTDISA gameplay in the background.
  • After our precious victory in the race against Cesar, he decides to call us.
  • When CJ arrived at Cesar's, it would trigger the cutscene.
  • Without a doubt, while you were driving, Cesar would make a few comments.
  • And after that, the game informs the player that all impounded cars are stored in secured underground car park with cops around.
  • If you did loose your car, it would probably get towed.
  • After this quick impound introduction, the player is prompted to retrieve his car back.
  • And since it's a highly secured facility, your next challenge would be to bypass the gate.
  • And as you did so, there were a few policeman quotes.
  • Fun fact, three of these quotes were not even voice acted,
  • though it remains a mystery if there were two options to pass by this cop.
  • You heard that he could greet and open the gate, or that he could attack you.
  • Speaking of the first option.
  • There is only one way to get there without getting caught, which is by simply using a Police car.
  • Who knows, maybe if you stole PoliceCar, the gatekeeper would greet you.
  • Anyway, when Carl had retrieved his car, he would receive a few wanted level stars
  • and cccording to the strings, the game offered you to just respray it.
  • After losing the heat, we had to return to Cesar's so he could tweak our car for us.
  • And here are some more facts.
  • Perhaps, when Cesar offered us to pimp our car, he ment a LowRider,
  • but who really knows.
  • And finally, we don't actually know what Cesar could do with our car.
  • Did he add nitro or other goodies?
  • Your guess is as good as mine.
  • In all honestly, this mission doesn't make any sense for two reasons.
  • First of all, I am fairly certain, that most players would just steal the first low rider car off the street.
  • If so, why would CJ get upset if his car was towed, if it wasn't even his in the first place?
  • ...Unless CJ used the same lowrider car from the previous race.
  • And secondly, in the final game, the impound lot doesn't work in the same way as it is shown during the mission.
  • At the end of the day, I think that this mission was cut solely because of the second reason.
  • Though, as you might have noticed, this mission had everything as if it was cut in the late stages of development.
  • Thanks to "Silent", who fixed this feature in his SilentPatch,
  • he said that technically impounded garages DO work.
  • But due to a bug, if you you are too far away from the actual Impound,
  • your car just disappears.
  • And that's pretty much all I can say about these missions.
  • I gave you all of the leftovers, now try to imagine what would you would do during these missions
  • and compare them with the TTDISA modification and you will find that those missions don't actually represent the beta stage.
  • Remember when I said that I understand why you would answer YES to the first question?
  • Well, that's because there is false information and common misconceptions everywhere.
  • For example, there is a HUGE article detailing the "Roadside Assistance" mission on the GTA Wiki,
  • which was undoubtedly written by relying solely on the TTDISA mod.
  • Of course everyone thinks that the WIKI can't lie and thus begin to spread this information even further.
  • And of course, there are more sources, but that's for another time.
  • So, what have we learnt today?
  • Firstly, that the GTA Wiki is not a reliable source of information,
  • because anyone can, at any given time, edit and create their own articles and weird ideas.
  • Always try to check these facts by yourself.
  • In all honesty, we shouldn't blame our beloved GTA wiki for these errors,
  • because the staff does try to warn people that there is a high amount of speculative content out there.
  • Sadly though, people tend to overlook the legitimacy of other people's claims and just go on a whim that it's all true.
  • I guess the point here is that you should always be critical of source and the validity of the claim itself.
  • Especially when the person making said claim doesn't even have a source to begin with.
  • Secondly, no one should rely on the TTDISA mod for facts about the beta content.
  • Even the creator of this modification himself stated that it's just an expansion pack for your beloved GTA San Andreas
  • and nothing more.
  • Not to mention that gamers don't even want to read the readme file,
  • where it is stated by the author, that he had many difficulties while making these missions as real as possible.
  • In short, he just made them as he believed.
  • And also the expansion pack it is more than great.
  • So, why people decided to fabricate these stories about the mod containing "beta missions" is quite the mystery.
  • Though it can probably be attributed people just making vague assumptions.
  • It can also just be a bunch of tall tales told by people ho really have no idea what they are talking about.
  • That wouldn't really be that unusual considering the fact that,
  • well, people love to make up things just to get the attention.
  • No one actually attempted to check if the information was factual before spreading it.
  • I hope you now know the truth.

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There are 100 story line missions in San Andreas. Did you know that earlier there were more of them?
That's right! In this video we are going to look at five cut missions in San Andreas; Impounded, Doberman, Tanked Up, The Truth is Out There and finally Roadside Assistance.
Of course, a lot of you know about TTDISA modification. As a bonus, I will show you that these "restored" missions in this mod are not real "beta" recreations (with only one exception). I hope you'll enjoy it.


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