GTA SA - 4 Amazing Cut Things 💣[Beta Analysis] - Feat. MrMario2011

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Mar 18, 2018


GTA SA - 4 Amazing Cut Things 💣[Beta Analysis] - Feat. MrMario2011
GTA SA - 4 Amazing Cut Things 💣[Beta Analysis] - Feat. MrMario2011 thumb GTA SA - 4 Amazing Cut Things 💣[Beta Analysis] - Feat. MrMario2011 thumb GTA SA - 4 Amazing Cut Things 💣[Beta Analysis] - Feat. MrMario2011 thumb


  • Hey, what's going on, everyone? It's me, Mr Mario,
  • and today I'm going to be narrorating this video for you all thanks to Vadim M.
  • The first thing on our list is an earthquake.
  • Yeah, you heard that right!
  • The developers wanted to impement a real earthquake in GTA San Andreas
  • and if you're skeptical about it, then you'd be surprised
  • to find out that we can still enable this feature in the final game!
  • But first, here's a brief explanation.
  • By looking through the game's executable we can find a "Weather" class
  • which is linked with an "earthquake" field.
  • Interestingly enough, the functionality for this feature is still in the game's final code
  • and actually works!
  • But there one thing to note,
  • the "earthquake value" or its strength is always set to zero.
  • That's right, in order to enable this feature
  • we have to increase its value.
  • The first value I used was a small decimal number and what do we see?
  • Our car is shaking!
  • Sadly, the rest of the world seems to be the same as before.
  • Nothing too exciting, so let's increase the value and see what it will do.
  • Doesn't it look better now? I guess so!
  • By the way, have you spotted a floating car in the background?
  • The thing is, if the car has no driver,
  • then, for some reason, it starts to float.
  • It's a pesky bug, which might or might not happen.
  • And speaking of bugs, as soon as someone's car hits something on its way,
  • then it starts shaking as well.
  • Hm, I think I know how we can use this...
  • Yup, just as I thought.
  • It looks kinda cool, I guess.
  • Just imagine if this feature was presented in the final game!
  • By the way, if the value exceeds its threshold,
  • then pedestrians and Carl would do this weird thing!
  • I assume developers wanted to make people shake,
  • but as we can see, it doesn't look or work very well.
  • Maybe they didn't know how to implement this and tried their best?
  • Okay, if I increase the value again, we get this.
  • Everything is shaking and going nuts.
  • Just look at this, what's going on with Carl and the pedestrians?
  • Are they okay?
  • I believe we can agree that the developers didn't finish this feature until the end.
  • I am 100% sure that it was some kind of experiment, which,
  • for some reason, reamined in the final release.
  • And once again a special thanks goes to "Silent" and "Xinerki" for finding this feature.
  • You know what? I decided to increase the value again and.. oh my god...
  • the results are a bit whack.
  • If I was a developer I would enjoy messing around with the code I wrote.
  • Just look at Carl's face! Isn't it glorious?
  • Which Carl's face do you prefer more? Post your opinions in the comment section below!
  • The second thing on our list is a cut safe cracking feature.
  • That's right, I managed to find some unused strings from this cut feature
  • and judging from them you were able to be a real safecracker!
  • Since these are just some unused lines,
  • I will try my best to explain to you how this feature could work.
  • Be aware that this is my assumption and only Rockstar knows how this feature actually worked.
  • As I understand it,
  • this was an interactive minigame, where we had to guess the right code or combination for a safe.
  • So in order to open it, we had to carefully rotate a tumbler
  • and while doing that listen closely for any clicking.
  • Moreover, while paying attention to any irregular vibrating.
  • When we did that, the game would eventually give us four numbers, which we might have we had to memorize.
  • But that's not all!
  • I was lucky enough to find an unused safe model from this minigame.
  • The safe is made from 4 different models;
  • a body,
  • cash,
  • a door
  • and a tumbler.
  • Just think about it,
  • by using 4 different models for the safe,
  • Rockstar probably wanted to show us that Carl could rotate the tumbler during this minigame.
  • As you can see, the door model has an irregular axis,
  • which I believe would be used for Carl to open the door.
  • And finally, we could see that the cash inside would vanish,
  • probably with our help. Simple as that.
  • Judging from the model,
  • the safe was meant to be placed on the floor and near the wall,
  • because these areas don't have polygons.
  • Don't forget! GTA San Andreas was originally developed on PlayStation 2,
  • and according to these text strings,
  • we had to use the Left Analog Stick to rotate the tumbler.
  • And speaking of vibration,
  • I believe the developers had an idea to use Sony's DualShock 2 technology.
  • Just imagine, while rotating the tumbler, your PS2's controller would vibrate!
  • If you don't know, by utilizing the DualShock 2's technology,
  • the developers can control its vibration however they want.
  • Speed, strength, duration, you get the idea.
  • Sounds cool, right? But how would they port it to PC then?
  • According to the text strings, we had to use movement controls
  • in order to carefully rotate the tumbler on PC.
  • Don't forget that you can't control the pressure
  • when you press the keys on your keyboard
  • as you would normally do when you rotate an analog stick.
  • But what about the vibration?
  • How could they achieve that on PC? Honestly, that's a good question.
  • Okay, let's get back to the minigame.
  • Judging from this line,
  • we could rotate a tumbler, enter a code and exit at the same time.
  • This is how invision the minigame:
  • We rotate the tumbler.
  • We find the right place where our controller irregulary vibarates and the safe clicks.
  • We get that number and memorize it.
  • After a while, we have 4 numbers and enter them in the right order.
  • Made a mistake? Then the game would tell us that the code is wrong!
  • By the way, I am 100% sure,
  • that the numbers we got were already in the right order,
  • because if not, worst case scenario it would take us 24 tries to enter the right combination.
  • Simple math and nothing more.
  • Prepare to be surprised!
  • Did you know this string, which says "Number of safes cracked", is in the stats menu?
  • That's right, the game had an ability to track how many safes were cracked throughout a playthrough!
  • Would you be amazed if I told you that this stat actually works in the final game?
  • The problem is, there is not a single in-game event
  • which could increase this stat's value.
  • If this stat works, why don't we see it in the stats menu then?
  • Well, that's a good question.
  • We don't see it, because it is a hidden stat and it won't show up until its value becomes greater than 0.
  • There are a lot of hidden stats in the game, by the way.
  • Heck, you can start a new game and compare fresh stats with your older save game
  • and you'll see the difference.
  • Anyways if we make, for example, a script which manually increases this stat's value,
  • then it will appear in the menu. I just did it and it worked.
  • But that's not the end, let's get back to its model.
  • Actually you can find two similar safe models.
  • The first one is a closed safe,
  • while the second one is an opened safe with some cash inside.
  • Both of these models are used in Catalina's missions
  • and what's more interesting
  • is that both of them are always spawned simultaneously at the same coordinates.
  • It means that the game can swap these models so it would look like you cracked it.
  • Interestingly enough,
  • Catalina's second mission doesn't use this swap,
  • although the game loads both of these models at the same coordinates.
  • Just look at this, the game loads cash from the second model although Catalina never opens it.
  • Something isn't right here, for sure.
  • But anyways, you can find the closed safe in Madd Dogg's mansion
  • and an opened one in Big Smoke's Crack Palace.
  • Who knows, maybe we had to crack them by using that cut minigame?
  • Or could we crack similar safes during burglary missions at night?
  • Sounds logical,
  • because these models are stored in "GTA interior IMG archieve",
  • but well, this is just a guess.
  • Oh, and here's the last fact.
  • The safe model was brought back from GTA Vice City.
  • The third thing on our list is oil puddles.
  • The respected GTA community member by the name of "Silent"
  • managed to find an unused function in the game's code.
  • It basically read as "Gun Shot Sets Oil On Fire",
  • and this function belongs to the Shadow class.
  • To understand what it does, Silent wrote a script for me,
  • which adds this attribute to a blood puddle.
  • And it actually works.
  • We can set the blood puddle on fire by shooting at it and by doing so the blood puddle eventually disappears!
  • Sadly, the fire doesn't last long,
  • but at least it works, kinda!
  • Interesting enough,
  • we can make it deadlier by walking through the burning oil,
  • which would set a small area on fire.
  • But we're not done with this oil thing yet.
  • According to some strings, it was meant to be used in story missions as well.
  • For instance, according to unused dialog from Sweet's subtitles,
  • the Fire Truck we chased during the last story mission was meant to spill oil somehow.
  • So yeah, let's listen to his cut lines.
  • Firetruck's dropping oil!
  • Oh f=ck, oil!
  • OIL!
  • Sadly, his lines don't give us a clue as to how the scenario could have played out,
  • but at least it's solid proof that the oil was used, but later cut.
  • Secondly, you can find two interesting opcodes and they are:
  • "create_oil_puddle"
  • and "remove_oil_puddles_in_area".
  • Sadly, the first opcode doesn't have any functionality anymore and it does absolutely nothing,
  • but the second one should work.
  • What is more interesting is the fact that the second opcode is used in the "New Model Army" mission from Zero,
  • where we had to help Zero defeat Berkley on a playground.
  • So, according to the mission code,
  • the game removes all oil puddles in this area and coordinates,
  • which are used in this opcode, sorta correspond to this interior.
  • I would say that the developers moved this playground a little bit to left
  • and forgot to change these coordinates,
  • but this is only an assumption.
  • But anyways,
  • I believe that the barrels used in this mission could somehow leak,
  • because oil and barrels seems to be connected?
  • Or maybe the spawned barrels left an oil puddle and the mission cleaned them?
  • Honestly, I don't know,
  • but it looks like the opcode was used in the beginning of this mission.
  • Your guess is as good as mine.
  • And here is the last thing on our list: appliance shops.
  • You can find an interesting place by the name of "Shafted Appliances"
  • in Las Venturas, near 4 dragon Casino.
  • By the way, Shafted means a "Rip off".
  • But anyways, what is so special about this place?
  • Well, there is an entrance box behind its doors,
  • which means that we could enter this building at some point,
  • but later this ability was cut.
  • Unfortunately, this place no longer has an interior.
  • I wonder if the developers cut this or never made it.
  • The cool thing is, I managed to find 3 unused strings,
  • which are probably linked to this topic.
  • It seems, the game had at least 3 more appliance shops
  • around San Andreas and they were:
  • Arcox Electrical
  • Cheap Electrical
  • Schnidt & Priss
  • And all of them have the "electrical" tag.
  • Interestingly enough, you won't probably find these 3 places in San Andreas
  • and I can't find anything about "Shafted Appliances" in the text files.
  • Looks like we're dealing with a very early cut feature.
  • Why should we have appliance stores in San Andreas?
  • My guess is, that we could buy appliances for our house just like the furniture
  • I told you about in the last video, but who knows?
  • You might be surprised, but "Schnidt & Priss" was brought back in GTA IV,
  • where it became "Schmidt & Priss".
  • What's more interesting is the fact that you can find a lot of
  • its branded appliances in GTA V.
  • Just think about it,
  • they started to think about this during San Andreas
  • and brought it back in GTA IV and GTA V.
  • Interestingly enough, Rockstar does remember what they've cut.

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In this video I am going to show you 4 amazing features, which were omitted from the final GTA San Andreas release. Trust me, you will be surprised to know what this game lost during its development stages. Enjoy!
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