GTA 3 - Who was Darkel? [Analysis] - Feat. SWEGTA

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Dec 11, 2016


GTA 3 - Who was Darkel? [Analysis] - Feat. SWEGTA
GTA 3 - Who was Darkel? [Analysis] - Feat. SWEGTA thumb GTA 3 - Who was Darkel? [Analysis] - Feat. SWEGTA thumb GTA 3 - Who was Darkel? [Analysis] - Feat. SWEGTA thumb


  • Hey, folks. My name is SWEGTA and today I'll be serving for the voice of this channel as we dive head-first into the mystery that is Darkel from GTA III.
  • Let's roll!
  • According to various sources, Darkel was a
  • "dark, brooding old man who hides, or sort of dwells, in the shadows of the game"
  • "He says weird things, and asks you to do weird things, too."
  • Sadly, this character was completely removed from the story,
  • which surely was upsetting to a lot of hardcore GTA III fans across the globe.
  • I don't really think you'd be surprised if I were to tell you that
  • there is actually a lot of interesting leftovers of him still intact in the game files.
  • In fact, this is his old creepy model, still in the game files.
  • By the way, his model also has "LOD",
  • meaning that he was both used in-game and in cutscenes.
  • Now if you don't know, the game loads LOD when the player stands way too far from the actual model.
  • Lots of games do this to prevent framerates from dropping and to keep performance smooth.
  • I think it's worth noting that we should consider ourselves VERY lucky
  • that Darkel's model is still present in the game files.
  • Also, if you were to complete the game, then you could spot his name in the end credits,
  • where it is stated that Bill Fiore was going to voice him.
  • Or possibly that he did voice him.
  • The same information can be found in the game manuals.
  • Moreover, by clicking on "Harbour tunnel" in the official GTA 3 web flash, in Portland,
  • you will see a render of Darkel as well as a strange group of Tramps,
  • which is still presented in the final version of the game.
  • Was this group of tramps Darkel's gang?
  • Why were these Tramps are armed with molotov cocktails?
  • Did he use this tunnel as a hideout?
  • Who knows.
  • Now you're probably asking yourselves, "What missions was Darkel involved in?"
  • Thankfully, there is one interview where developers acually brought up one of his missions.
  • According to this IGN intervew,
  • "Darkel sets you out to steal an ice cream truck"
  • "and to acquire some dynamite"
  • "Your job is to attract as many people to the truck as possible
  • and to set off the bomb to kill as many of them as you can!"
  • According to the PSE2 magazine,
  • it seems this whole event took place in the middle of the park,
  • on a hot summer's day.
  • So yeah, it is safe to say that Darkel was kind of a douchebag.
  • Anyways, by looking at this pre-release screenshot
  • we see an Ice Cream van in the "Little China Park".
  • Unfortunately, I can't say for sure if this is where the mission actually took place,
  • or if it's just a cool unrelated screenshot that the developers took.
  • Despite being cut, this mission actually reappeared in the final game.
  • Perhaps, you already know that this mission has a lot in common with El Burro's mission
  • "I Scream, You Scream".
  • To give you a quick recap,
  • in this particular mission you had to find a briefcase filled with dynamite...
  • Steal an Ice Cream Van..
  • Park the van here and turn the jingle ON...
  • And as soon as Forellis got close to your van, you blew it up.
  • Now without a doubt, this feels very... very similar to that of Darkel's mission.
  • Now you might be wondering,
  • "Why was this character cut from the game in the first place?"
  • Well, thanks to the anniversary answers, we have this:
  • "Darkel was just a crazy bum who gave you some crazy missions.
  • They were removed a few months before the game was done and long before 9/11,
  • because they just weren’t as good as the rest of the game, and tonally they were a little odd.
  • He started with 5 missions and they were slowly all cut.
  • When only one or 2 were left, they were all removed
  • as the character just didn’t work alongside the other characters."
  • And that's how he was slowly but surely cut from the game.
  • As we established before, The El Burro mission
  • "I Scream, You Scream" was the spiritual successor of Darkel's chaos.
  • And unfortunately, this is the mission which was actually proven to be one of his cut missions.
  • Originally, in the IGN interview I mentioned,
  • developers described this "Ice Cream mission" as "Dark!" "Evil!" and "Gruesome!"
  • Posing a question "When was the last time you did that in a video game?!"
  • Which begs the question, what did the rest of the missions look like?
  • Were they more "dark".. or more "evil".. or even more "gruesome"?
  • Sadly, we won't ever know for sure what the developers came up with
  • and why they decided to change their minds.
  • If you've ever tried to Google the rest of Darkel's missions,
  • then you've probably come across this list of his "removed" missions".
  • Sadly, it's pretty obvious that this list is FAKE.
  • A lot of gamers trully believe that there existed mission by the name of "Love Hurts".
  • They all say, that the main goal of this mission was to kill Donald Love.
  • Which could be achieved by crashing a Dodo into Love Media building.
  • I shouldn't really be doing this, but whatever.
  • Developers said. "The Dodo was never meant to be flown very much at all.
  • It was just a fun thing that people then went crazy
  • with when they figured out various bugs that let them fly it!"
  • So... poof... busted.
  • Yet another popular mission was considered to involve blowing up school buses full of children.
  • So the developers commented on this by saying:
  • "None of these missions involved blowing up buses of school children"
  • Although admitted that it is a funny rumor!
  • And because all of these facts we're left with just one scrapped ice cream mission,
  • while the rest remain a mystery that only Rockstar truly knows about.
  • And here is somemething really interesting regarding his missions.
  • According to this intervew with Dan Houser,
  • we have a statement that these missions were never even completed.
  • But hold on. We are not done with this character just yet.
  • When this game was still in early development stages,
  • Darkel was actually somehow connected to the Rampage missions.
  • And according to the "GameInformer" magazine, it's stated that:
  • "The popular "Kill Frenzy" mission from the first two iteraions of GTA are missing from the part three...
  • Kill Frenzies have been replaced with a "stinky old tramp" by the name of "Darkel".
  • Darkel lurks in the dangerous reaches of Liberty City, and will give you missions along the lines of
  • "kill twenty pedestrians in five minutes."
  • For your dirty deeds Darkel will reward you with a variety of special items that only he posesses."
  • Before we will move on, I just want to give our beloved SpooferJahk a shoutout for providing these lovely scans!
  • Speaking of "Kill Frenzies", they're basically the same thing as rampages,
  • with only one real difference of significance.
  • GTA 2 and this magazine article say that your enemies on these missions are normal pedestrians.
  • As we know, when you engage in a rampage in the final version of the game,
  • your targets are various gang members instead.
  • So unlike pedestrians who just run away yelling,
  • gang members can actually take you down with the speed of bullets,
  • what makes these rampages way more fast pace and intense.
  • I decided to see what would happen if your enemies were pedestrians, and this was the result.
  • In all honesty, playing the rampage minigame with just innocent pedestrians fleeing just came off as boring and unsatisfactory.
  • Was this the main reason for why these peds were later swapped to mobsters with guns?
  • And why did we only have five minutes if you literally could finish the mission in just a few seconds?
  • I guess it all played out very differently than what I tried to show you.
  • And lastly but not least,
  • it is mentioned that for killing those innocent peds, he rewarded you with a variety of special items that only he posessed.
  • And as you might guessed, these items all remain unknown.
  • Moreover, as those articles suggested,
  • these new "kill frenzies" were to be found in the dangerous reaches of the city,
  • suggesting that Darkel was found in multiple locations around the city, just like the skull pickups that I previously mentioned.
  • I'm very curious to figure out how this system would work.
  • See, according to the mission sources, the skull pickup is actually refered to as "Kill Frenzy" in the native language.
  • And thanks to some people who managed to reverse the game's code,
  • it is now clear that the class responsible for these rampages still uses the name "Darkel"
  • with some funcions and variables having "frenzy" in their names.
  • If you don't know, the native language is the original GTA scripting language,
  • which looks something like this before it gets compiled.
  • Anyway, let's get back to his character model.
  • If we were to compare his flash render with this model,
  • we can easily spot some distinct differences.
  • For one, his boots were different.
  • And his coat seems to be a little bit different as well.
  • You might think for yourself, well, "You know, the render looks better, SWEG'!"
  • Well, you would be surprised, because this actually used to be his way older model.
  • And the reason for why I belive this is the case is because it has the exact same structure as these other alpha models of some other characters.
  • What makes his model so unique is the fact that it uses a different texturing scheme.
  • For instance, he has 3 separate textures;
  • one for his face, one for his bandage and one for his coat.
  • Which is kind of odd considering that each character just has one big texture instead.
  • Actually, there is one more character model with uses such texturing scheme.
  • It's the alpha model of Eightball left unused in the PS2 game files.
  • And since Eightball looks identical to his appearance in the alpha version of the game,
  • let's say it is an alpha texturing scheme,
  • which proofs that Darkel was scrapped a few months before the game release.
  • By the way, in GTA III there is this fictinal Liberty City news paper by the name of "Liberty Tree".
  • This is an issue from August, where it's said that Liberty City has been flooded with problematic Tramps.
  • They terrorize the local citizens and after drinking the booze by the name of 'Boomshine',
  • they go berserk, which leads to terrifying results.
  • And as you might've gussed, this article as well as the IGN interview prepared gamers for the future game events with Darkel,
  • however after he was cut, these articles pretty much just became obsolete.
  • Thank you for watching this Vadim M video on "Darkel from GTA III"!
  • My name is SWEGTA, and I hope you guy enjoyed!
  • If you're a fan of the game "Bully", then make sure to check out my channel
  • as I cover almost everything related to it.
  • From beta content to commentary "Bully 2: News" and much, much more!
  • You can find links in the video's description below!
  • Have a good day, folks.

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In this video we will be looking at the cut character by the name of "Darkel". Rumors state he was a crazy bum, who wanted to see Liberty City in flames and terror by giving you various weird and controversial missions. Sadly, a few months before the game release, he was cut.
I tried to show you everything what I managed to find. As a bonus, we will bust a few myths. Let's close this topic once and for all. I hope, you will enjoy it!


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