Growing Up Asian

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Growing Up Asian
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  • [Intro]
  • [Double Clap] I'm sorry, Gigi.
  • Dom: Alright. Hello everyone. There's gonna be a different episode. It's not really a hypothetical
  • We just just felt like talking, you know, I'm here in California right now
  • We're staying at a Jomm's mom's place, Jomm's mom's-
  • Jmom's place. And it made me remember some things of like, what it was like to live at home.
  • Or growing up Asian I guess.
  • I'm here today joined by a couple friends. Claire: Hello
  • I am Claire.
  • Ehlboy: I'm Ehlboy
  • Jomm: This is Jomm
  • Dom: I'm sure we all have No slippers in the house.
  • Claire: No slippers?
  • Dom: Sorry, no shoes.
  • Claire: No shoes? Dom: No shoes, always slippers
  • Yeah, do you have that basket of slippers at the front door? Everyone: Yep
  • Claire: When people come over we always offer slippers,
  • There's just an abundance of slippers.
  • Jomm: My issue with slippers is I end up walking outside a lot on accident with them on.
  • So it defeats the purpose of having slippers.
  • It's like I got to get my mail
  • It's outside and I don't think about I just walk out and then it's like "Well now my slippers are dirty what different are they?"
  • Now they're shoes. Dom: Now they're outdoor slippers, permanently.
  • Jomm: You ever have white friends that go to bed with shoes on?
  • Ehlboy: Yeah actually new people-
  • Jomms: Yeah I had friends do that.
  • First I was visiting his house and he just laid down on his bed with his shoes
  • Dom: [Gagging sounds] Ehlboy: Why though?! That's...
  • (Eeewwww!)
  • (So dirty...)
  • Dom: What's the urgency that you need to have your shoes on at all times?
  • Jomms: But it's like the opposite for them
  • It's like if I come into the house and I try to take my shoes off they're like "No just keep your shoes on dude"
  • And I probably feel safer that way anyways, if I wear my shoes in there. [laughing]
  • Dom: From an Asian family, we don't really do allowances
  • I never understood that
  • Jomms: I didn't either
  • Claire: Same same
  • Domics: My friends were like
  • "I get like $100 a week." Like for doing what? "I don't know for existing?"
  • Like-
  • I ask my parents. "Why don't we get allowance?"
  • They didn't know what that meant. It's like "What's an all-ow-wance?"
  • Ehlboy: [Whispers] ...I- I got allowance...
  • [Everyone talking]
  • Claire: What? Ehlboy: Okay but- okay, but
  • the trade off was, I had to do all the chores in the house.
  • Jomms: So you're just getting paid?
  • Ehlboy: But my allowance was like three dollars a week
  • [pain]
  • [mixed mumbling]
  • Ehlboy: That was my allowance. Claire: That's- that's child labour
  • (Overlapped voices)
  • Dom: One of my main methods of gaining money as a kid was when I - uh-
  • picked white hair from my parent's heads [chuckling] (what?) (me too, me too)
  • And then they gave me money for each one I plucked out.
  • Claire: How much did you get? Dom: It started off like a quarter for a hair and then went down to like ten cents and five cents
  • and then went down to just like, a penny.
  • And then they got older- obviously they got more hair, and then they realized,
  • "Oh this is not a good model, cuz- I'm gonna get bald."
  • So then they just started dyeing their hair.
  • Food eating etiquette, yes. Ehlboy: I mean what you just learned with Jomm's mom, right?
  • If you eat real fast, they're like, "Oh you must really like the food"
  • So they just like dumped more food on your plate and then you're just like sitting there full.
  • Jomms: Yeah, so the trick is just eat really slow. Dom: I learn now
  • Claire: Yeah, we just have a bowl of rice or whatever and we have like all the side dishes in the middle
  • No one's gonna force you to like get more rice or like get more of this if you're done you're done
  • Jomms: Yeah, Koreans they'll keep feeding you until they're tired.
  • It's not a question like "Do you want more?" It's like "Oh, you *WANT* more"
  • Dom: The "Do" is silent in your sentences
  • Claire: Just for my family
  • I don't know about you guys, but every time when I have a friend who invites me for like dinner
  • Like parents are always like
  • "oh you have to bring something nice-
  • You know bring this wine bottle that we've been like saving up for like the past five years"
  • Yeah you- I invited you to I think it was New Year's dinner?
  • And then you brought was that like the the bird's nest?
  • Yeah, I don't even know what it is. Apparently supposed to be really healthy?
  • Jomm - Bird spit soup things
  • Dom: Yeah, like you gave it to my parents the instructions were in Chinese like
  • "we don't know how to eat this"
  • I'm like, okay. I'll ask Claire.
  • Claire: I don't know either,
  • my parents just told me to hand this over and I did.
  • Dom: Yeah, your mom makes a lot of leftovers
  • and that's like the mindset my family grew up with
  • like we always either make too much food
  • cuz they want to bring it for lunch like to work the next day.
  • We call it "Baon".
  • I don't like wasting food.
  • That's why we have a term for when there's like a little bit of food left and you gotta eat it clean
  • It's called "Simot".
  • Jomm: Killings. Dom: Yeah, kill it to the- *spec*.
  • Ehlboy: There's like the Chinese saying like
  • "every speck of rice and your bowl is like that's gonna be on your lover's face" or something
  • Dom: Lover's face? why-
  • Ehlboy: Or your like husbands or your wife's face.
  • Like it'll- like turn into something bad
  • [laughing]
  • Wait WAIT-
  • Dom: So if you don't finish your food your wife becomes ugly???
  • Ehlboy: Yeah, something like that- yeah.
  • Dom: Because it's generally known that Filipinos have like flat-ish noses
  • So like when every morning like instead of just saying like wake up
  • My mom would just walk into my room and pinch the bridge of my nose. I'm like
  • "WUh, what's HAPPENING?"
  • Jomm: I was like Captain America Super Soldier Serum all the time. I had a new liquid a new pill all the time
  • She every morning she would like Pat my legs down and stretch my legs out
  • Try to make me as long as possible, and I'm the tallest person in my family
  • (Laughing)
  • Claire: And it worked.
  • Ehlboy: Did you guys have to... Take uh- the Chinese medicine stuff you go to, like the
  • old chinese doctors, you have a bunch of drawers with like deer antlers and bugs
  • and there and then you go there you're like,
  • "I want my kid to be taller", and they're like, "Alright, I got you" and I'm like
  • Yeah, I'm just like weird stuff-
  • make a drink-
  • Claire: A potion?
  • Ehlboy: Yeah, like make a potion. It tastes disgusting.
  • Dom: A liquid chimera basically.
  • Ehlboy: We call that hanyang [spelling?]
  • I think that Koreans are obsessed with medication that makes you taller
  • Dom: I guess that's true cuz like all the Koreans in my high school and freedom like we're super tall
  • I was in between two Koreans Pak and Park
  • Pak and Park...
  • Yeah, so I was like in between him and like freaking graduation
  • It was just like (tall ass Korean) and then (me), and like (another tall ass Korean).
  • What about clothes? Claire: My mom would just steals my clothing
  • Especially because we're like about the same height like I would just go home like after - I don't know - University
  • I have like a month off and I visit going to my closet
  • Find like 10 things missing
  • and I look over on my mom and she's like
  • wearing the exact sweater that I wanted to wear
  • Dom: Does she do the thing where it's like when she's buying you a gift? She's buying it with the intent that she's gonna wear it too.
  • Ehlboy: Did you guys have a lot of tutors and stuff?
  • Dom: Tutors?- well, I did Kumon
  • Ehlboy: Where I grew up, pretty much every kid had a tutor every day and it's like for every subject if
  • Dom: If everyone has a tutor, what's the point of going to school?
  • Ehlboy: There is- there is no point going to school
  • They learn so much more.
  • Dom: But then all of the teachers feel like "Man you guys are so smart!"
  • Ehlboy: Yeah, if he just like "oh, man, all these kids are so smart!" Like no
  • We just have a lot of tutors helping and-
  • Dom: I just go to school twice.
  • Claire: We had like math test and stuff, right?
  • This is back in China. And I think I got like a 96 and then my mom was visiting from Canada
  • And the teacher called me out and had a meeting with my mom and she's like oh
  • This is your daughter's grade. And then my mom looks at it. It's like a 96 "oh this is pretty good!" and she's like
  • "Nah nah - That's the lowest mark in our class."
  • Ehlboy: Thats the lowest mark? Claire: What the frick?
  • Ehlboy: You get like the... we have like that check mark system -
  • You get like a check mark ✓ or a check plus ✓+, check minus ✓- :(
  • (Overlapped voices)
  • That's it - if you get the check minus ✓- it's like devastating, you're like
  • "OH NO - I'M dOing BAD!"
  • A minus - !? Let me just edit that into a plus + ...
  • *laughter!*
  • You guys get hit?
  • Ehlboy: Yes
  • Claire: Yah...
  • Dom: I didn't get hit. Claire: Only in China though
  • Dom: *I didn't get hit...!*
  • I got hit verbally and that was...
  • Claire: I got both!
  • Jomm: They made us write letters of apologies like if you get sent to the principal's office.
  • Dom: I wonder if like, principals that actually read that?
  • Ehlboy: Mine definitely did because you would read it
  • And if you would like show us our mistakes as we're writing.
  • And I was like
  • oh.
  • [laughing] Dom: So they critiqued your apology!? Ehlboy: You're already sorry man!
  • "You spelled this wrong."
  • Dom: Take the damn apology - holy crap!
  • Jomm: There was this is one time in high school
  • I was in my uh, social studies class or something like that, and I was just sitting there
  • It's really boring class
  • And then Gabe kicks the door open
  • Right? And he- my friend Gabe, uh, he kicks the door up and he's like "Ma'am. I need Jomm, right now!"
  • so so she looked at him like
  • "Okay, alright- what is it- what do you need him for?" He's like "It's an emergency"
  • So I walked out the doors I was like-
  • "Dude, Gabe what's wrong- did something - did something happen wh- what's wrong?"
  • And he's like "Dude - I just got you out of class! Isn't that sick?"
  • I was like,
  • *Oh fppth!*
  • And then we just- we just left and then we just want to go hang out till school was over.
  • When you go to a school, you know how you have to give them your contacts? Like your parent's or whatever?
  • *Who to call when there is an issue*; and I just put my grandpa so then cuz he can't speak English
  • [laughing] Claire: Wow...
  • There was a point where I- my friend's mom called me
  • In the middle like- the night
  • I'll call him uh, I'll call him Andrew
  • Dom: Or Randy? Jomm: Or Randy, his mom called me in the middle of the night and she was smart about this
  • She called me on Andy's cell phone. She took his cell phone
  • It called me like "hey, what's up?" And she's just crying like this. You just tell me something like
  • "Oh, my son is doing bad in the school because you the bad friend. I dont want him to talk to you."
  • I'm just like - oh my god- like, shes like-
  • "Promise me you will not talk to my son anymore."
  • Was like "I'mst - what?" I like - I didn't know what to say!
  • I've never been in this situation where a mom called me and called me a piece of *shit*.
  • Everyone: [Laughs]
  • Jomm: So I can't hang out with somebody else like-Jesus Christ.
  • I- I didn't know what to do
  • I'm pretty sure me and Randy had to hang out like
  • secretly or something. I don't know
  • Ehlboy: Dude, it's like Romeo and Juliet- [laughing]
  • Dom: Randy, Randy let down your hair!
  • I can't my mom bowl cut me!
  • [more laughter]
  • Jomm: I think for for me, like, a lot of my friends
  • They had a ban on relationships,
  • especially during high school, their parents were like
  • "You cannot have a boyfriend or girlfriend"
  • They should have just been like
  • "You can't see your girlfriend, unless you get an A" and then you'd be like, "Okay!"
  • Dom: Yeah that's like, that's the better incentive.
  • Ehlboy: Like "If you get an A, like, I'll drive you."
  • Jomm: "I'll pay for your date tonight!"
  • Like, I don't know if it was my first or my second girlfriend,
  • But I remember I told my dad and he's like,
  • "oh you have a girlfriend?"
  • "How many?"
  • And I was just like -
  • [laughing] Dom: What the fuck?? Claire: What? How 'many'?!
  • Yeah, they were just like
  • "Date as much as you can now, because then you- you'll learn, and you won't make stupid mistakes later when you're an adult."
  • When I grew up, I obviously wasn't the smartest student
  • and my family was always worried about that, but they kind of got over it
  • But my grandparents never got over it and there was this one time where I released an animation
  • It was Ice Cream 2 [?] back in like 2009 or something, right?
  • And it was the first time I ever got paid for an animation
  • I got $100 from stickpage.com in back then, it was like a million dollars to a kid, right?
  • I was like, "Holy crap. I can make money doing this!?"
  • "I can buy some new bones" But then
  • my grandpa pulled me aside one night and he's like,
  • "Hey Jomm, you know, I think it's cool that you like to draw these weird stick people, but you know
  • I don't want you taking money from the internet because that's *blood money* and
  • Ehlboy: What? Whoa...
  • Jomm: It's like "You have to get a real job, you know, you have to- you have to work with your own hands, hard labour."
  • But once my mum saw, she was like, "Holy crap you would - *this* is what you're doing this whole time?
  • I thought you were just dumb, like - go ahead keep doing this!"
  • Ehlboy: See what I thought was interesting like uh- like I went to some art schools and stuff
  • I would always like notice like-
  • there's nine girls for every one guy or something-
  • I remember I talked about it with my mom and she's like,
  • "You'll notice that none of the guys are Asian."
  • Like why? and she just straight up told me like
  • "Asians never let their kids become artists - Especially if they're males."
  • And then she tells me these stories like
  • Parents like, they would like, break their kids crayons and stuff like- [gasps]
  • Like if they found her kid drawing, they would immediately crush all their dreams- as fast as they can. (Literally crush their-) "Nooo..."
  • Yeah, like literally crushed all their supplies and like stop them.
  • And then the'd give them like- math problems to do or something
  • I don't know
  • Jomm: You guys ever been bullied for being Asian in your school like racist- kids?
  • Ehlboy: Nope.
  • Jomm: No y-you frickin...
  • Yeah like "They're all Asians"
  • Dom: I think- what was the one that was like-"Chinese, Japanese... something knees"
  • (Look at these?)
  • Claire: They did that to me and I'm just like
  • *what?*
  • [seriously never do this]
  • Dom: What? I'm F i l i p i n o *mild laughter*
  • In high school I was like walking home from uh- from my friend's house
  • I'm just walking by this house that has, the garage is open\
  • and a bunch of these little like- f---ppth boy white kids in the garage
  • And then they look at me and they're like "go back to the railroad"
  • and I'm like "what the f---ppth? I'm not even Chinese!"
  • "Look, I didn't contribute to that!"
  • Took me a while to process what they meant, but I knew it was racist.
  • *laughter*
  • Ehlboy: Like, that's all you knew... Dom: Yeah, it felt racist
  • Claire: I think people made fun of my accent, because I used to have a Chinese accent when I first came to Canada.
  • But like that was about it.
  • Ehlboy: Dude, I don't even worry about it,
  • I slept and was born here, speaking English all my life-
  • Dom: I don't really practice Tagalog at home
  • So when I went to the Philippines instead of speaking Tagalog
  • I just started speaking English with a- Filipino accent
  • [laughing]
  • Try to like, cuz i was trying to blend in
  • Did you get a Korean name even though you were born here?
  • Ehlboy: Yeah, I mean like, it's decided by your grandparents, usually
  • Well like, if you get really traditional, you go to a fortune teller and they assign you a syllable
  • For the generation you're born in.
  • Dom: Your second syllable is EH
  • [Laughs]
  • Dom: How do- how do you say Park in like Korean like- Korean accent?
  • Ehlboy: It's just Pak.
  • I don't know. Dom: Is that another one of variances like Pak?
  • Ehlboy: Yeah, like mine is like Lee, but there is no L in the Korean enunciation. It's just ee like
  • ||||||REEEEE||||||
  • Everyone: [Laughs]
  • Jomm: Is it random but I forgot to mention earlier
  • in the
  • getting hit part - there was one time my mom got really mad at me, and tried to throw a shoe
  • And then she missed and it *pff* hit my brother.
  • [Laughs]
  • She's like "You can cash that in later"
  • Everyone: [Laughs]
  • Dom: You know what I didn't have as a kid?
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