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Some good news from Koala Hospital Port Macquarie

49 bushfire-ravaged Koalas were tirelessly treated and rehabilitated in the wake of the devastating Australia fires - and this week they started successfully releasing them back into the wild (some back to their original trees). Beautiful #ProtectRestoreFund #rewild

Ảnh từ bài viết của Greater Port Macquarie

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LIVE NOW Join this live telethon and online rally with an incredible list of speakers!
More details here [ Fridaysforfutureto.org Link ]

Fridays for Future Toronto - Global Strike

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Today, the Global Climate Strike moves online with several activities including a digital storm!

˜ "* ° •. ˜ "* °• What is a digital storm? •° *" ˜.• ° *" ˜ It's a way to challenge the government practicing physical distancing!

messages on your social media * (, or ) calling on the government to listen to science and put in place a recovery plan for workers, not fossil fuel...

Ảnh trên dòng thời gian

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Greenpeace Canada
Nunzio Mayo Altomonte
Greenpeace Canada
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ADD YOUR NAME: tell John Horgan, Adrian Dix and Justin Trudeau to STOP putting oil and gas profits above Indigenous health. Send workers home - stop all construction on Coastal GasLink, Site C & Trans Mountain to protect Indigenous communities.

Stop all Construction on Coastal GasLink, Site C and Trans Mountain: risk of COVID 19

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"We must not repeat past mistakes like, for example, those made during the 2008 financial crisis. That recovery plan bailed out corporations rather than people.

...The way the Canadian economy needs to be rebooted must be the object of open, collective deliberation targeted at identifying the industries of the future that can build truly sustainable, circular and resilient economies."


COVID-19 recovery must bail out people not corporations.

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Greenpeace Canada
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FRIDAY: Join this incredible lineup of inspiring speakers for an innovative lunchtime rally online.

Bailout people, not big oil

Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: People Not Polluters: No Bailout to Big Oil!. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar.

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Brett Bennett
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STARTING FRIDAY: join RAVEN Trust and The Council of Canadians for a three-part webinar series focussed on national resistance to LNG - aka fracked gas.

Debunk the myths with expert guests and frontline activists. SIGN UP #TogetherAtHome

We are UnFrackable - Webinar Series

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Looking for something empowering? Read this. And then join the online Climate Strike this Friday act.gp/Apr3ClimateStrike

"What if your power in this fight lies not in what you can do as an individual but in your ability to be part of a collective? What if you broadened your perspective beyond what you can accomplish alone and let yourself see what you could do if you lent your efforts to...

We Can't Tackle Climate Change Without You

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Tony Weber
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Tony Weber
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This is the third mass bleaching event in five years.

"We need to take these events as global calls for the strongest possible action on climate change."

Great Barrier Reef suffers another mass bleaching

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Jason Kenney literally just fired 25,000 education workers. This project will only create 1,400 direct jobs

Don't let Justin Trudeau make the same mistake with taxpayer money. Send a message, tell him to scrap the multi-billion dollar bailout for Big Oil he's preparing and invest in workers and their communities instead >> [ Act.gp Link ]

TC Energy to start work on Keystone XL pipeline after $1.1B US Alberta investment | CBC News

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Greenpeace Canada
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