Greatest Trick Plays in Basketball History

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Greatest Trick Plays in Basketball History
Greatest Trick Plays in Basketball History thumb Greatest Trick Plays in Basketball History thumb Greatest Trick Plays in Basketball History thumb


  • Lily Green hits again. He's one who started the second half for the Hornets six-point lead for New Orleans
  • Blazers will call a timeout right here and...
  • Andre Miller does and he fakes the timeout and scores! The Hornets were already to the huddle
  • Nate McMillan smiling in front of us, rolls his eyes and he looks down.
  • freedom if he feels a situation where an opponent
  • Trail Blazers, who were headed for the timeout look at the Blazer bench,
  • Blazers are heading off, you see the Hornets with their backs turned.
  • just slides down the right side and scores.
  • He even angled towards the referee, never said anything to him.
  • Somebody's got to take a timeout, it might as well be me.
  • NO! Miller fakes the time-out and they're gonna count that on a goal-tend
  • We've seen that before!
  • He hid behind Spoelstra
  • He actually hid behind him, and came out, and got the steal.
  • *next game*
  • NO! Miller fakes the time-out and they're gonna count that on a goal-tend
  • We've seen that before!
  • *next game*
  • (audio is too quiet to fully understand)
  • *next game*
  • Look he's trying to..
  • He did it!
  • He hid behind Spoelstra
  • *Ha-Ha*
  • He actually hid behind him, and came out, and got the steal.
  • Hiding behind the coach, but then all of a sudden he runs back on the floor
  • *laughing*
  • *next game*
  • Louisville will have possession of the basketball to kick things off once again
  • Now Louisville is very very strong in the third quarter...
  • outscoring...
  • *unintelligible words*
  • And some confusion by the Blue Devils defending the wrong end of the floor to begin the third quarter
  • So the very beginning of this third quarter
  • Louisville sets up on the opposite end of the floor, the quick dish
  • and Brianna Jackson cashes in for the easy basket
  • *next game*
  • *buzzer sounds*
  • *whistle blows*
  • *crowd cheers*
  • *next game*
  • There might be some reward if they get 100 [points].
  • I don't know, the fans are really in to...
  • But there's no indication they're gonna try to get off a shot.
  • With a takeaway
  • And a loose ball...
  • They're past the basket foul...
  • Have you ever seen anything like that?
  • It was like congratulating. >>They Were Shaking Hands!
  • Butler grabbed the ball,
  • and like he was just gonna pat it or something, and took it away.
  • They're gonna discuss whether or not this is a clear path to the basket.
  • this is not the most important decision they're gonna have to make.
  • Now watch this...
  • He just gets it across the time-line, and let time expire.
  • He picks up his trouble, Butler comes over, they start shaking hands...
  • Watch, shake hands...
  • Sayin, "Good goin' man, good goin'."
  • Wait x5
  • And meantime he's stealin' the basketball.
  • break him down court.
  • *next game*
  • Then Ty Lawson letting the clock wind-down
  • I'm surprised Denver's not picking him up. I mean he can just sit there...
  • I mean this is, I don't think I've ever seen this in all my years.
  • I don't think I have either, no.
  • I mean it's unbelievable.
  • *next game*
  • *crowd erupts*
  • Slam-Dunk by Bryant!
  • Kobe
  • Dunk at the other end!
  • They fell asleep!
  • I really think that when the Lakers didn't advance the ball took it out where they took it out
  • Three-quarter court and then lined up across the free-throw line
  • It confused the defense, they started playing on the underneath side
  • as if they were on their defensive end!
  • All of a sudden Kobe streaks the other way that was a
  • Masterful call by the Lakers defense.
  • They just get the easiest hoop you could imagine.
  • That
  • is
  • simply
  • *next game*
  • Billups will inbound Anthony trying to get three on some streets.
  • Billups bounced it off the back and he banks it in!
  • Kobe Bryant wasn't looking, he bounced it off, and gave him a... pass to himself!
  • What a heads-up play from Chauncey Billups.
  • You have to throw that pass perfectly so it comes back to you
  • You got to get both feet inbounds
  • solid play by Chauncey Billups
  • *next game*
  • After the jump ball, William Miller got the basketball.
  • That was a moment of confusion
  • *speaking in foreign dialect*
  • *next game*
  • 7/10ths of a second remain on the clock
  • Enough time to.. catch a quick shoot!
  • Butter's last field-goal was at the 6-0-6 part of the quarter.
  • *buzzer*
  • Westbrook at the buzzer! Got it
  • That!
  • Could be a little bit of ignition
  • How 'bout that? Westbrook off the back of Rodney Hood recovers...
  • and scores it
  • He didn't even mean to take that shot!
  • Just tremendous
  • Tremendous focus...
  • I mean, that's probably the only way it could happen.
  • And the clock started immediately
  • *next game*
  • Watch the barking-dog play.
  • Down by one point, with two seconds left...
  • This player gets down on all fours and barks like a dog in an attempt to distract the other team.
  • It works, and his team wins.
  • It's just a same we can't use that play again.
  • Here it is in regular-motion.
  • *next game*
  • *whistle blows*
  • *kid starts barking*
  • *next game*
  • *whistle blows*
  • *people start laughing*
  • *crowd goes wild*

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