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Graduated college. Won an Olympics. Met Dom. He changed my life. So much so that I had to marry him. Became a wife. Won a World Cup in my hometown. Got pregnant. Whoops! Along came Cassius. Became a mother. Goodbye to the life I once knew. Goodbye spontaneity. Goodbye sleep. Goodbye time to myself. But hello to a new found love. Hello to finding myself again. Hello to reinventing myself. Hello to being okay with not being okay. Got pregnant with baby number 2. Miscarried. Found myself at rock bottom. Clawed my way out of it. Got pregnant again. Baby girl. Went through pregnancy determined but scared shitless. Played soccer with her in my womb until I couldn’t do my cleats up. ‘You’re crazy!’ ‘You’re going to kill your baby!’ Gave birth to a beautiful, HEALTHY and perfect baby girl. Along came Roux. Played in a professional game 3 months after I gave birth. They will tell me I can’t. I will tell them I will. Here’s to another decade.

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