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Sodar, an AR experiment to help visualise social distancing guidelines, was created with the help of webXR in the latest version of Chrome. Try it out on Chrome for Android → sodar.withgoogle.com
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We’re making it easier to control your privacy and security on #Chrome. Take a look at the new features helping you stay safe on the web and rolling out on desktop in the latest release. [ Goo.gle Link ]
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Barry Bordinero
Barry Bordinero
Barry Bordinero
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Tab management just got easier on desktop. Learn more about tab groups, now available on Chrome beta: [ Goo.gle Link ]

Introducing tab groups

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As you adjust to spending more time at home, extensions can help you distinguish whether it’s time to be productive, stay connected, or unwind. We pulled together a collection of extensions to customize your browsing for what you need now: [ Goo.gle Link ]
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Jag vet ej vad som sker hos er ??? Men jag har konton jag inte kommer in med på min youtube mm Skräp!!!
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صلو على الحبيب صلى الله غليه وسلم
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hello there,
I cant find the download setup of google chrome for my pc, please assist
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Dear Google & Guest:
I have tried to reach out to Google Business on Facebook, Twitter, and other forms with no luck. Reviews are wonderful ways to help the public find the company that best meets their needs, but there is a downside to this modern-day technology and convenience such as Google.

It allows reviews from people who have never received your services. They can be disgruntled...
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