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Gommeblog.it CAR & PERFORMANCE TV is a website devoted exclusively to the international world of automobile. Discover all new cars before anyone else!
My site https://www.gommeblog.it/ is an Italian Web Site about performance car tires and alloy wheels: inside my site you can find:

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Hi .. My name is Nicola and I am Owner of Gommeblog.it® CAR TV and PERFORMANCE Youtube Channel. GOMMEBLOG's content is broadcast editorial purpose.

All the videos on my channel are extremely important for the reviews about cars and motorcycles on the site https://www.gommeblog.it/ and act as a point of extreme importance like photos and text.

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00:00 BMW Carbon Fibre (CFRP) - PRODUCTION
1M+ views | May 22, 2019
1M+ views | May 10, 2019
07:03 2020 Mercedes GLS - LARGE LUXURY SUV
30K+ views | Apr 18, 2019
35:45 2020 BMW 3 Series - PRODUCTION
153K+ views | Mar 12, 2019
05:59 2019 Ferrari F8 Tributo - TECH FEATURES
137K+ views | Mar 05, 2019
12:55 2019 Mercedes G-CLASS - CRASH TEST
4M+ views | Mar 03, 2019