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My name is Rod, I live in Canada, and I try to make videos, which try to teach people, how to live a happy, and successful life, God's way.

Some of the topic titles for my future videos might be, Our Perfect Teacher God, What God Is Like, Awesome God's Wonderful Creation, God's Purpose For Life, What Life Is Really about, How To Live Life Successfully, What The World Is Really Like, God's Way To Love, God's way To Be Happy, God's Way To Overcome Fear, God's Way To Overcome Depression, How To Obey God, God's Greatest Career For Us, What Heaven Will Be Like, God's Purpose For Sex, Who Satan Is, Our Demon War, Satan's Child Training, God's Child Training, Satan's Plan For Your Life, God's Plan For Your Life, God's Perfect Justice, God's Economic Survival Plan, Salvation And Obedience, Choose God's Blessings Or His Curses.