Go on a trip with us in the Audi Q2!

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Feb 27, 2017


Go on a trip with us in the Audi Q2!
Go on a trip with us in the Audi Q2! thumb Go on a trip with us in the Audi Q2! thumb Go on a trip with us in the Audi Q2! thumb


  • The Audi Q2 offers a brand new experience.
  • Audi have extended their Q range by offering this compact SUV, which is designed to be youthful and rugged.
  • So I am going to show you what makes the Q2 such a unique car.
  • Polygonal in design around the car. Let´s take a look at some of those sharp and edgy design elements.
  • For instance: the octagonal design Singleframe, the wedge-shaped LED headlights.
  • Wherever you look, the car feels sporty.
  • The low roof line, the high window line, concave flanks and short overhangs oozes confidence and energy.
  • And all this is topped off with the C-pillars, they come with color offset blades, so you can personalize your Q2.
  • Another option is the LED-lights with dynamic indicators at the rear of the car.
  • Whilst we are here, let´s take a look inside the luggage compartment to see how much space is in offer from this newest member of the Q family.
  • For the size of the car, it´s surprisingly large in here and if you want to create more depth, you simply lift the floor of the compartment to drop it down.
  • If you want more length, we can now drop each rear seat individually, to add more variety for your passengers and their luggage.
  • Spacious and versatile at the rear, let´s now look inside the cockpit of the Q2 to see what it offers.
  • The first thing you notice when you get into the car, is the LED interior lighting, creating the mood that you want as a variety of colors. And I have chosen Audi red.
  • The Audi Q2 is a perfect companion for my smartphone. I simply place it in the Audi Phone Box and it will charge automatically.
  • For advanced features I can use Audi´s Smartphone Interface.
  • In fact it allows me to create text messages using free speech, make phone calls and even select the music I like from my phone without taking my hands off the wheel.
  • I can even connect two devices simultaneously.
  • When using the voice control system, it´s as easy as chatting with your friends.
  • The MMI operating system even understands colloquial phrases.
  • Now I got a party to get to tonight and it´s at the Münchner Freiheit, so: navigate me to the Münchner Freiheit.
  • „Getting directions to Münchner Freiheit.“
  • Awesome.
  • If typing is your thing, then you can use the MMI touch system or push the rotary button to input your destination.
  • The idea is to have as few amounts of operating steps as possible.
  • The fewest amounts of keys, the least amounts of layers and therefore the least amount of confusion and hopefully it´s time saving as well.
  • In fact, you should only have to put four letters per word into the system for it to recognize where you are going.
  • Ah, there it is.
  • One of my favorite parts of the Q2 is the Audi Virtual Cockpit.
  • It looks fantastic and it is really high definition and sharp.
  • It allows me with my hands on the steering wheel to go through my music and my playlists.
  • I can go to my contacts on my telephone directory and make a phone call.
  • And of course the navigational system, fully customizable, right across and perfectly in my eye line.
  • Right, I think I am ready, time to get to my party.
  • And there they are again, those cool dynamic indicators, the LEDs illuminating from the inside outwards.
  • I really like driving the Q2; it has such a great dynamic feel to it.
  • It´s thanks to the progressive steering, which means: the quicker the input from me, the faster the car responds. It makes it feel incredibly sporty and very direct, almost a bit like a go-kart.
  • Alright, here we go.
  • It really is great fun to drive.
  • Ah, Jane texts me.
  • „Jane said: Hi Ben, are you going to Niklas´s birthday? Would love to see your new car. Looks ace. Jane.“
  • Reply. Yes I am and I´ve got him a present.
  • So that´s the intuitive voice control. Making sending and receiving text messages super simple.
  • Thanks to the systems inside the Q2, traffic jams are a thing of the past to be frustrated with.
  • I have lane assist here, which keeps me between two white lines and if necessary does steering for me at low speed.
  • I also have traffic assist down here. I pull this and systems at the front of the car detect the car in front and if that car then begins to move, my car automatically goes with me.
  • Absolutely fantastic. It´s the same when the car stops again. To stop me from running into him, my car slows down as well.
  • And I am not doing anything. It´s an amazing system.
  • Another great safety feature on this Q2 is the Head-up Display.
  • It displays the speed that I am going at, it displays the speed limit around the area and it also has various other driver assists, such as lane assist or indeed traffic assist icons.
  • And it can double up as your satellite navigation system as well. A fantastic detailed and wonderful little feature to have inside your Q2.
  • Aha. We have arrived at the bar.
  • And one last trick for my friends outside the bar.
  • This is park assist. I simply press that button there and ultrasonic sensors scan the environment around the car looking for parking spots and then I follow the instructions.
  • Stop the vehicle, release the wheel and put it into reverse.
  • I am controlling the speed using the brake pedal but the steering is done for me to optimize the space that we have and get the car into the best possible position.
  • I simply need to follow the instructions when it comes to braking, to stop the car from hitting the car behind and then change the gear, back into drive. Everything is done automatically. There you have it.
  • We have parked. Now the only worry: the parking ticket.
  • Time to go to the party.
  • Using the key, I don´t even have to touch the luggage compartment to open it.
  • We have one button here. It locks the rear compartment and all of the doors, giving me a peace of mind.
  • Niklas, there you go, a big present for you. Let´s go for a drink.
  • So if you want to configure your Q2, then visit the Audi website.

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We will show you how to set up the vehicle and how to use its special features. Explaining many elements of the standard and extra equipment, our presenter Ben provides useful tips for configuring your own Audi Q2.

More about: www.audi.de/yt-Q2-ws12


Fuel consumption in l/100 km: combined 5.1 – 4.8; CO2 emissions combined in g/km: 134 – 125.
Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions data as well as the efficiency classes are dependent on the choice of wheels and tyres.

Further information on official fuel consumption figures and the official specific CO2 emissions of new passenger cars can be found in the EU guide "Information on the fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and energy consumption of new cars", which is available free of charge at all sales dealerships, from DAT Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH, Hellmuth-Hirth-Straße 1, D-73760 Ostfildern, Germany and at www.dat.de.

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