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"I know that sounds pretty obvious, but people honestly think you should be getting better."

21 Things That Seem Obvious About Chronic Illness, but the General Public Misunderstands

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From Canada: "A "virtual clinic" of medical health officers focused on better diagnosing and treating tick-borne illnesses, first announced by the Manitoba government last June, is expected to be operating by early next year, says Dr. Richard Rusk, the province's medical health officer for communicable disease control."

'Virtual clinic' of specialists focused on Lyme disease diagnosis, treatment expected to open early next year | CBC News

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"These findings suggest that American dog ticks can transmit Rocky Mountain fever almost immediately upon attachment—with almost no grace period. Somewhere between five and 30 minutes after piercing a host’s skin..."

Don’t Get Too Attached: New Research on Grace Period for Tick-Borne Spotted Fevers

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MONTREAL -- The number of reported cases of #Lymedisease continued to rise in Quebec this year.

Lyme disease: An increase in reported cases in Quebec in 2019

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“Tick-bite victims may suffer the lifelong effects of Lyme disease because Scotland’s treatment programme is not aggressive enough...” [ Sundaypost.com Link ]

A ticking bomb: Families demand an urgent battle plan to combat lethal menace lurking in Scots countryside - Sunday Post

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Thank you to all those who served, past and present! #HappyVeteransDay
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#ICYMI: A recap of the 20th annual International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) conference.

Highlights from ILADS 2019 - Global Lyme Alliance

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"I've hit a brick wall like never before."

When Trying to Act 'Normal' With Chronic Illness Leads to 'Running on Empty'

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The goal of his tick project is twofold: to learn about Minnesota ticks and tick-borne diseases, and to encourage students from rural areas to learn more about science and consider pursuing a science degree.

Targeting ticks

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EDITORIAL: Urge feds to support tick bill. Lyme disease is a national problem and we need the national government to step up funding. [ Dailygazette.com Link ]

EDITORIAL: Urge feds to support tick bill

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