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Infectious disease experts reflect on the moment they heard about COVID-19, and their response when they realized its severity:

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‘A sinking feeling’: Canadian experts on when coronavirus first felt like a serious risk

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Jesse Craig
Daryl Harrington
In the summer of 2005, Alicia Ross vanished from her family's home with no reason to leave.

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Crime Beat: Alicia Ross, everyone’s daughter

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As Canada shut down in mid-March, location data sent by our phones to Google showed a quick and profound change to our way of life.

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Coronavirus: Phone data shows Canadians avoiding restaurants, transit, stores, offices

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Darrell Norris Jr.
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An autopsy found that the body was Tracy's sister, Ivy Chen.
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Sister charged with first degree murder after body found in Minnekhada Park

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"I would like concrete evidence of this so-called pandemic," said Mak Parhar, the same man whose Delta Hot Yoga studio was shut down for claiming it could kill the virus.
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B.C. man in hot water for filming himself ‘investigating’ COVID-19 test site, hospital

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“I don’t think I need to comply and believe" B.C.'s public health warnings over the coronavirus, the man told Global News
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B.C. man in hot water for filming himself ‘investigating’ COVID-19 test site, hospital | Globalnews.ca

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Denise Daigle Fisher
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Brent Carney
“I needed to step up and set up this space because it was so urgently required,” the clinic's doctor said -- but the landlords see things differently
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COVID-19 anxiety sparks friction between New Westminster testing clinic, landlords | Globalnews.ca

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Uri Freno
Robert Matthews
They were married 75 years ago, but on Thursday a B.C. couple were forced to celebrate their anniversary seperated by a pane of glass. He's 102, and in a care facility that is currently closed to visitors. [ Bit.ly Link ]

B.C. couple marks 75th anniversary amid COVID-19

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The economic impact of COVID-19 continues to devastate businesses across British Columbia.
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B.C. businesses ‘in need of life support’ due to coronavirus fallout

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The proposed changes would create a new registration class called 'associate physician,' who would have to work under the supervision of a fully-registered doctor.
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Proposed B.C. change could put foreign-trained doctors to work during coronavirus pandemic

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