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The most satisfying Warzone clip you’ll see ALL DAY…

The most satisfying Warzone clip you'll see ALL DAY

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Francesco Borselli
Matty Soczynski
Shaun Allen
Ross Carrozza
Sethu Sonof Parvathy
Alexander-Arnold - £40,000-per-week
Robertson - £50,000-per-week
Salah - £200,000-per-week

The awkward moment when Mane realises Lallana is getting paid more than him

Every Liverpool player's wages for the 2019/20 season have been revealed

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Jarek Jake Yaro
Dylan Alexander Bloom
Димитър Димитров
Khaled Mohamed
Mostapha Howaidy
"Football is a job for me, and golf is my love, I don't have any pressure on me except for the one I put on myself. The ball has become business, everything is based on score. All I want is to spend time with my friends and play golf. It's practically all I do, because it makes me happy." ‍♂
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Philip Harris
Adrijan Paunović
Robert Corcoran
Chris Moore
Mike Marshall
Liverpool value Werner at 'significantly less than £30m' and won't trigger his £50m release clause ❌

Liverpool withdraw from Timo Werner talks and WON'T sign the RB Leipzig striker

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Myles Graham Saunders Allman
Rob Whitaker
Neil Tackleberry Foran
Sodipo Richard Olayinka
Michael Clarey
A+: Spurs, Leeds
A: Chelsea, Man United
B: Everton, West Ham
C: Liverpool, Stoke
D : Man City, Southampton
Please go bust: Arsenal

Every English club's fanbase has been ranked from 'A+' to 'please go bust'

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James Foran
Sarvesh Kadam
Joey Cornelius
Ross Hughes
Gregory Botha
Cristiano Ronaldo in 2003: ‘If you think I’m good, just wait until you see Fabio Paim’

Paim was better than Ronaldo at Sporting Lisbon - but their careers couldn’t have been more different

What happened to Fabio Paim - the player Cristiano Ronaldo said was better than him

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Paul Goddey
Vlad Bobe
Luke Walker
Johnson Nsikan
Frederick Parker
Are you involved with grassroots football whether that be as part of a club yourself or a parent of a young player?

Are you involved with grassroots football whether that be as part of a club yourself or a parent of a young player?

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Lacklustre: Roman Reigns, Kane
Trash: Vince McMahon, The Miz

The Rock, Stone Cold and Edge are all rated lower than AJ Styles

Former WWE world champions have been ranked from 'GOAT' to 'trash'

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Brendan McPeake
Andy Law
David Forrest
Cat Lacey Lee
Dan Collins
Sepak takraw is all kinds of WILD

Sepak Takraw is just CRAZY!

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Christos Papageorgiou
Totsapon Kitsangthong
Rhiannon Brookes
Casey KC Anderson
There have now been 12 positive results for coronavirus since the Premier League began testing

BREAKING: Premier League reveal four positive tests for COVID-19

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Mark Parsons
Neil Tackleberry Foran
Michael Khan
Jordan Reynolds
Rob Harris