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Apr 18, 2019




  • I don't like getting my head in here man...
  • Hey guys! It's time for our monthly update on our aliens power loader build!
  • In this episode we're gonna be making the power loaders grippers or as I like
  • to call them, the jaws of life! As always make sure you're following us on
  • Instagram to see real-time updates on the build the videos are released on
  • YouTube once per month let's get started! Bogdan: So I managed to do majority of the
  • design while I was in class and that includes the palm for the gripper the
  • hydraulics that are going to be moving it up and down as well as the large hydraulic
  • motor that's gonna spin this gear and allow us to put different attachments
  • onto the gripper, but now that I'm back in the shop let's design the fingers!
  • Alright so as you can see I just finished up mounting the hydraulics and
  • the linear guide rail and what that allows us to do is that when these
  • hydraulics open and close our gripper we can move. So next we have to figure out
  • how we're gonna manufacture these grippers because right now it's a solid
  • block of Steel which will be very difficult and very heavy to manufacture
  • instead we're gonna figure out how we can plasma cut this and then weld it together!
  • So to actually do the perimeter plates what we're going to do is we're going to
  • select the face that's going to be joining all of them which is gonna be
  • the side plate and then we're just going to offset the entities and that's going
  • to take the whole perimeter of this and we're going to set that to a quarter of an inch
  • into the inside and that will give us a quarter of an inch to weld around when
  • we get to joining these. So we can do that and then we can select that whole
  • chain and repeat the exact same thing so that we can get the thickness of our
  • perimeter, now we're going to separate the whole thing out into individual
  • slots and join the piece.
  • So now that we have that we can extrude it out to the other piece, so let's make that
  • visible and we go over here select our perimeter plates and extrude that out!
  • There we go, so now we've got plates that cover the entire outside, however while
  • they do cover the whole piece they would be very difficult to join because it
  • would be very hard to hold them in the perfect place to make sure that the
  • whole thing is parallel straight and even and there's no gaps anyway so what
  • we're gonna do is we're gonna add tabs all the way around like a jigsaw puzzle
  • and then what we can do is we could just slot them into each other, clamp it and
  • weld it all across so let's get to it!
  • So now that we have our whole perimeter covered in the tabs what we can do is we
  • can go into extruded cut, select our sketch and select all our contours so that's
  • going to include the inside and the outside and that's gonna be the same for
  • every one of these tabs. So what we're doing here is we're creating a gap of
  • about half a millimeter around each slot to allow us to have some clearance for the
  • fit because the plasma cutter, while it's very accurate it's not perfect it does
  • have some little bit of slag and there is a curve on the actual cut so to
  • compensate for that we are over sizing the holes just a little bit so that when
  • we weld them they'll still be able to fill in perfectly and we don't have to
  • worry about trying to fit them in with like a hammer they should just tab right in!
  • Alright so now what we want to do is we want to get that exact same thing on
  • the other side, we're gonna take all of those features and mirror them across.
  • I am not supposed to be beatboxing whoops...!
  • Okay, there! So now I just have to
  • fix some of the assembly... All right so now that's exported let's go cut it!
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  • Bogdan: Parts are set... Machine is homed! Whenever you're ready!
  • James: Hit the button!
  • James: Is it done? Bogdan: It's done!
  • James: That's a lot of pieces...! Bogdan: Yeah well now we got to deburr the whole thing,
  • grind it all off and then we can start welding!
  • James: Well have fun!
  • All right, let's start putting together the first finger. We've got all the side
  • plates in now I'm gonna get this top plate on!
  • So now the whole thing is
  • clamped and we're gonna tack weld it around the perimeter to hold the whole
  • thing together and once we test fit it with the rest of the arm we'll be able
  • to weld all across and make it nice and strong. So now that it's all tacked up
  • we're gonna wait for it to cool pull off all the clamps and start the other finger!
  • So! We got the fingers made alright just need the thing that holds it together...
  • The palm!
  • Bogdan: Let's put together the palm! James: All right so we got it all held together with clamps now, which means
  • we can tack weld it! Good to know we can crush a person completely...!
  • Bogdan: Look at this thing.
  • that's a bearing... James: And it goes right there! Bogdan: It goes right here!
  • James: What's it rated for? Bogdan: Like 11,000 pounds James: You could put like a transport truck on this
  • and spin it around like a lazy susan... Or attach our gripper to it!
  • James: It's literally as big as the entire arm... Everything is moving! Oh god! It pulled me!
  • All right, let's put the other one in.
  • Ooooh my god...!
  • We got a carjack, we got a log and then we got Mjolnir on there holding up the arm so
  • we can see if the bearings spin, so let's bring it in.
  • Bring her down! That's a nice baring... don't try to do a loopty loop! Bogdan!!!
  • Bogdan: Got it! Haha!
  • Bogdan: Well it's down now!
  • Bogdan: All right, so let's cut a slot.
  • James: In a tube!
  • James: Oh it's peeling up look at that!
  • James: All right, moment of truth, will it slide?
  • Will it bind up when it's got like 20,000 pounds of force yanking on it?
  • James: It seems to roll nicer...
  • Well we might as well keep going!
  • Okay while Bogdan's doing some of the finishing touches on the weldment
  • we can start looking at the hydraulics. This is something called a flow divider
  • and it ensures the same amount of hydraulic fluid going in one end comes
  • out the other end that's really important when you have two hydraulic
  • cylinders working in parallel because if you just connected them with a tee like
  • this the flow would go to whichever cylinder has less load. So we have this
  • like this we need that to go in the bottom and over here, two feet isn't even
  • long enough. Okay so this is the arm, these are the grippers, now we have to
  • size all the hydraulic lines coming out of it. One line and the other line...
  • Now the confusing part let's just draw them on this side so we can...
  • *Listing all components in a messy way*
  • Now we just need to figure out what
  • these hoses are. So from here to here, I'm gonna buy five and six foot.
  • Sho-pping-list...
  • All right, so we got our shopping list me and Riley we're going to princess auto, buy
  • some stuff come back, Bogdan will have it mounted.
  • Riley: Wait what did we even come here for...?
  • James: this one looks smaller... Two three foots!
  • Riley: Perfect! James: This is what we want... A swively boy, but we can take a tee adapter lock
  • the top of the tee and wammo blammo we got the same thing. But the size we need.
  • Check!
  • Shopping list completed!
  • James: It's time to attach the two foot hoses: that one and that one!
  • Riley: It's tight for sure but maybe it could be a bit tighter I don't know...
  • James: Look at this mess of hoses!
  • So the buttons work as long as we power it up and assuming Bogdan didn't design
  • this wrong... Riley: We will have a working power loader? James: I hope so!
  • All right, ready for the big test! Here we go!
  • Nothing is moving... The 3 of us: Whoa! James: You didn't tight one of them enough...
  • One is closing! And now the other one- Why are they backwards?!
  • Riley: Is it leaking a lot? James: Nah just a little bit!
  • Past Riley: It's tight for sure but maybe it could be a bit tighter I don't know...
  • James: Power! Riley: Lifter!
  • James: It's opening it's opening! Closing! It's closing!
  • James: Okay we did it, ready?
  • James: You guys ready for this? Super, epic... Crushing!
  • Riley: Hydraulic press?
  • *The 3 of us laughing*
  • James: Looks like a duck!
  • Riley: What do we crush now?
  • James: One hand, in the eyes! Yes!
  • Here we go! Riley: Indiana Jones! Oh boy...!
  • James: All right what else can we crush?
  • James: That looks so disturbing from the phone...
  • James: YEAH!!!
  • YEAH!
  • Yes...!
  • James: All right, so you might notice when we started crushing things the fingers kind
  • of went like this, show some b-roll of that. You can see it here, that's
  • because there's a bit of slop in the system but we actually need that slop
  • because the way we've actually designed this linear guide to save cost is we
  • have bearings that actually ride in a track and what happens is the bearing
  • actually engages on one side and the other side allowing it to spin
  • vice versa when it switches this is actually the same way a garage door...
  • So as you can see there's these bearings mounted for the garage door and right
  • now they're riding on the inside of the track but as you go up they'll actually
  • ride on the outside track. So to get rid of some of that slop we can either try
  • and reduce the width that these bearings have to move, we'll need to leave
  • enough so it can actually adjust otherwise it's not gonna slide. Or we
  • could add a second guide rail right here, the reason we didn't just use nice big
  • honkin linear guide rails is because they're really expensive! A guide rail
  • that would be rated for what we're trying to do in this space would
  • probably be a few thousand dollars just for the chunk of Steel which is crazy
  • and we can't afford that... So we made this! Or Bogdan made this, but now we need
  • to make it better!
  • So as you may have noticed during our initial testing of the
  • gripper you saw a little bit of flex in the actual fingers now we anticipated
  • that but there was a lot more than we were hoping for what ended up happening
  • is during the welding of the railing to the side plate the actual rail warped a
  • little bit giving us a little more space in the middle which causes that huge
  • deflection that you see in the grippers so what we've done to mitigate that is we've
  • actually added tie rods on either end of the gripper so theoretically with this
  • new design the bearings move very little and that means that the
  • gripper will not have the same amount of flex. So what we'll actually end up doing in
  • the second hand is leaving a bit of material in the middle so instead of
  • having one big slot there'll be two smaller ones and that will make sure
  • that the steel can not flex or warp in the middle!
  • *Chokes*
  • Owen: Good start...
  • James: We're good, let's start...
  • *Continues choking*
  • James: That's pretty good. The mouth straighter too... We've got the tensioner in the middle.
  • We might even just include this in the video...
  • All right, this is so awesome! In the
  • next video we'll be fine-tuning the gripper, get it all painted and then do a
  • serious destruction video where we show off just how powerful these grippers are
  • make sure you subscribe and hit that notification bell so you get notified as
  • soon as our next video comes out thanks for watching!
  • I see it. I like. I want it. I got it. *Ariana Grande meme*

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