GIRLS vs BOYS Pringles Challenge!!!

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GIRLS vs BOYS Pringles Challenge!!!
GIRLS vs BOYS Pringles Challenge!!! thumb GIRLS vs BOYS Pringles Challenge!!! thumb GIRLS vs BOYS Pringles Challenge!!! thumb


  • daawasho wacan www.youtube.com/mukhtar4love
  • Hey guys it's Karina and it's Ronald and we are from Sis VS Bro
  • and today we are doing the Pringle challenge Girls VS Boys
  • http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UC2C_mCNg1dkJUyR7MDuaGOQ
  • so our special guests for today we got the Cheese King and the Unicorn Queen Magi and Logan
  • so we have 19 flavors of Pringles and we're gonna try them blindfolded and guess which ones they are.
  • We are gonna play in teams Girls VS Boys.
  • ..and the girls are obviously gonna win
  • no we're obviously gonna win no no no no no no no Logan were gonna win no no no no no no no
  • Karina you can't just lie on camera like that
  • nooo *laughs*
  • Round One where are the Pringles? I wanna eat some I want to eat some actually *inaudible noises*
  • no peaking guys
  • i'm not!
  • okay Round one
  • okay let's start I feel like We are gonna oh i know what this is um what is this is?
  • *gasps* yesss!
  • Ronald come here
  • whoa what is this are you done oh no i taste it now i know what it is
  • okay um of all right um okay you guys go first
  • BBQ BBQ yeah BBQ... (all) yayyy! BBQ is my favorite Pringle
  • no i smelt it and i was like that's not cheese so i could smell that from like miles away
  • 1 point for the girls and 1 point for us yeah we're gonna win still no we're gonna win
  • next dish
  • Let round two.... BEGIN! OK huh um i already know what this is ah
  • I- I already know what it is
  • how?
  • i know
  • everyone done eating? (all) yeah
  • yep yeah okay
  • i smell it i smell it i smell it
  • uhm you wanna go first? yeah
  • salt and vinegar
  • dill pickle
  • dill pickle
  • oh no!
  • oh it was oh no yeah
  • yes Ronald!
  • so 2 points for us nice one Ronald
  • ready for the next round boo yah!
  • Ron meet again oh my dears I don't know relax paste it this once comes me three
  • we're closer to reach an arm we're doing it
  • kid 3 2 1 butter yeah and spicy honey what did we do we test my salmon okay
  • analise is not spicy I mean we both have a point
  • next my friend boy bra about me so soon enough in there one in the hospital all
  • right how I'm really so me in an old yeah my daughter Saipan I know it lists
  • her still spicy I know I need one firefighters doing the trick here we go
  • co-op this is she hmm open
  • I'm gonna introduce to you something
  • okay we got around okay do we have it I don't know okay okay we got our answer
  • okay on three energies Helmand the element thing the cheese element thingy
  • majiggy tear open how is that sour bring them I totally think the jeweler's to
  • tea so so gets no boys for anybody ready for free no no not on the tie
  • don't go yeah mmm I taste it no idea open your eyes a
  • pancake like bacon
  • you're going that who's at home I know I was looking at it just like no okay we
  • got our answer okay okay wha - hey hey ma you saw me
  • ham and cheese me in here I know what if I'm right
  • max aw your girls have two and a half we have two and a half this is a tie but
  • we're still gonna win no I have million miles know we're winning my way would be
  • there would be a comeback okay oh hey wait a moment
  • go oh I know what mmm open quicksilver's catch-up minute king okay three hmm
  • catch oh yeah baby yeah ah okay round number seven less cooling weeks look at
  • how they know we're gonna win oh wow I got em you are way prettier and
  • ready set go
  • day of the eye wow I'm back yeah big yeah I know I know they're not
  • immune from oh wait holes and bad friend oh she's a friend um okay okay oh the
  • one thing it is that means they're in half points for I told you to come back
  • I told you to come back would happen ready for Pringle number Andy now Oh
  • gonna open I also open up there's only one possible thing for that wave but
  • then we are I did not know and I think we already did no are you ready yeah I'm
  • ready oh stop all right you sour cream and
  • onion he's Aldrin darn it okay ready for the
  • next round number nine is ready not Oh
  • ya know busy convinced okay hey yeah we have 40 points and they
  • have reality we're gonna win Phil Murray now put them on please what what am i
  • famous is my baby yeah I got it oh yeah
  • what's the heck it kind of spicy just a little app um oh my god we got it okay
  • I think that Chaffin right over Darst thank you this one sauce it's all good
  • we did touch salt and pepper we've it's all the winners with oh I've never
  • invited me out Sophie I'm in Damon's and just even open yeah and I'm like a
  • method okay yeah I saw her last you like children I don't know Josh I
  • know it's open mouth I like phones now so we'll call Griffin round 11 Randall's
  • coming up and try them on notice and AnnaLynne open eyes
  • yeah original open it yeah reject Nolte show you some jet so five and a half for
  • the girls yeah I'll get a Mitchell come on come on
  • bolli I'm ready for doing good don't believe it you're not going to win No
  • thank you clapping open your eyes okay we're ready one and local entities do
  • you have any man destined for man cha-cha entails and gone but we're gonna
  • win that drum for sure masculine underwear no use
  • I go to middle a fringle number 13 is coming guys close I see you becoming and
  • right oh yeah
  • we have five now and we have selected a Capri stolen no free Dominic this or
  • solo no single oh yeah oh yeah I do with honors
  • oh wow gee Tom you next key and then - I got no cheese nacho cheese
  • so do we both got half a point okay so hospice for girls and how it was weird
  • for me Pringle number 15 is gonna you go I battle you ready and ready try not
  • and helping you're a great man I'll turn it in
  • are you kidding me good drugs not a good answer that's a strong word is that is a
  • word for that I all right I like that but that's way less miss cheese you I'm
  • not crazy I like you like it oh damn it I feel like a little flavor
  • you guys are you ready yeah okay okay one two three onion salmon and a little
  • tiny and Lisa can't you see no number six being is commie nederlands accessory
  • more no no no no whoo sign me up here you know what is this girl on our grief
  • or him how we know it you know what it is okay whoa oh my gosh go time it's all
  • I'm saying yes okay guys boys ready yeah yep we're ready we're ready
  • you know it's definitely no no I mean no that's have a senior we got halfway
  • there so Sargon little little spin half six points Jessica just on three equal
  • number 17 coming right up and you go try not Lou
  • overnight especially make him I don't hmm okay you ready
  • Cole we have this 32.1 baby favors down below we should just stop what is it
  • so that means we got sweatin 0 for Donald we're getting out when it brings
  • all number 18 scummy up 18 right here everywhere I'm gonna try not open your
  • eyes no I don't like though oh good hmm you're like this mmm I known it but I do
  • know the name oh yeah you got it guys everybody I know yeah um 3 don't already
  • big thing hey Kanye on 3 wha keep an eye man
  • um we're - Gina yeah and then so I meant oh I was gonna say change but big thing
  • cuz we got please get cheese so here we got that going
  • negative seven so no matter what we are gonna want one for no luck but there
  • will try so try it he'll try I don't even know it doesn't
  • matter it will make a bit if we get this we win the game now if you then you win
  • the game now oh we're going to do next friend oh yes board ah I told you girl
  • laughs Wendy yeah I might never sure what this drill doors went I'll go in it
  • measure is perfect for today what a I stink girl oh wait when the best part is
  • it's true yeah and you boys can keep on track I can we move on to the final dish
  • and that spring goal is here right now
  • mmm and you like poutine or something yeah it's contain your own Putin thing
  • I'd say from the case that speaking yeah Taylor can we open nothing you yeah now
  • G look that's why ha ha freaka I mean yeah dude you don't know who Tina's like
  • if you live in Canada and you don't know what - Tina's you're not Canadian and I
  • don't know what - teen is I'm dialing a group I do not know it it's price is
  • fries with gravy and cheese it's delicious
  • so it's final we are the hood but there will be a revenge eventually yes
  • bitch they are no losers they both have to do the awkward dance
  • we hope you like this video if you did

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GIRLS vs BOYS!!!! Before watching comment who do you think won!!! Girls or Boys??? So now, let's get to the Pringles Challenge!

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