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  • *classic Domics opening*
  • Why is it so hard to buy a jift for someone?
  • Whether it's something you have to buy, or something you want to make, I find it difficult either way.
  • Actually making a jift seems like much less stress because of the
  • recipient will tend to appreciate the item more, since you put your heart into it.
  • But I feel it's a little different with purchasing jifts.
  • Like unless you're psychic, you have to develop this whole system to determine what item
  • would be close to, if not perfect for your special people, or a person.
  • And you can visibly see the stress in people's faces when they're shopping for others
  • Ugh . . .
  • I get stressed when I see their stress. I went to the mall the other day to get some food. Okay, FOOD.
  • I wasn't even shopping, I was just hungry.
  • I discovered that people are actually at the closest to committing a murder
  • when their parking spot is in danger of being stolen.
  • I entered a parking aisle and noticed a car was waiting for someone else to get out.
  • And, so to speed up this process, and avoid a gridlock because I also
  • noticed a few cars starting to pile up behind them.
  • I stopped to let the parked car get out, and I guess the other driver thought
  • I stopped there, so I could steal their spot, so they started violently honking at me
  • Le sigh
  • For me personally if you happen to get me a late jift, I'm perfectly okay with it
  • O-Okay, I'll stop saying "jift"
  • I- I just wanted to try and experiment.
  • I- I could already feel some of you getting frustrated from all the way here in pre-production like
  • What the-? Has DOM lived his whole life saying jift?! What an idiot!
  • Okay. I'm sorry. Okay, bring it back, but yeah, if it gets to me it gets to me.
  • I understand that deadlines are stressful, and I don't need to force myself into your schedule
  • Just because I happen to be born at a certain time of the year and this applies for Christmas as well
  • if you want to wait for those post holiday deals, go ahead. I'll wait.
  • I mean can you imagine if gifts had a hard deadline?
  • Hey, Dom sorry man, my wife just gave birth to our first child and
  • I kinda wanted to be there for her entrance into the world.
  • I hope you don't mind, but here you go.
  • *sucks teeth* Uhh, what is this?
  • Ginger : It's your present. Sorry. I know it's late.
  • Well ginger pale. You see my birthday was yesterday
  • Do you know what that means?
  • It means today is yesterday's tomorrow.
  • It is no longer the appropriate date to receive such a thing.
  • Ginger : I'm sorry.
  • Dom : You messed up man. Okay. Just just accept it, but you know what I'll take it anyway.
  • As an early gift for next year just in case you feel I'm not important again!
  • Even when you've known someone for years.
  • Sometimes you still have to do these covert operations where you have to eavesdrop on their
  • conversations or send a friend to bait them into saying what they actually want and then report back to you.
  • Sometimes those answers come up in normal conversation, months in advance
  • before the actual festivity, and if you're not taking notes
  • Or if you don't have a good memory, then I guess that's unfortunate.
  • Sometimes cryptocurrency is really affordable years in advance
  • and if you're not willing to take the risk and investing then that's also unfortunate *weird Dom grunt
  • *panzy Dom sobs*
  • I could have been a millionaire
  • And even after you find out what your recipient wants
  • you're not sure if someone else has already planned on getting that item for them.
  • And if they are you have to decide if you're willing to compete with them to give it first(?)
  • What do you do?! I get that surprises are important.
  • But is the risk worth potentially getting them something they don't want, or like, or already have?
  • No, Dom. It's the thought that counts.
  • Yeah, but uh. There has to be a margin of error with these things right?
  • Like, we can't just start giving people toilet paper for Christmas.
  • Actually toilet paper would be great. I'm running low and telling them
  • Yeah, I thought about getting you a Tesla
  • but, you know I can't afford it.
  • Getting someone's clothing sizes a whole nother ordeal
  • If you don't have access to their closet to get the Intel firsthand . . .
  • You gotta risk guessing their size.
  • But what if you haven't seen them in a while and you're not sure if they've grown, or shrunk, or died?
  • That's what gift receipts are for.
  • But, what if you ordered it from China and it already took four months to get here.
  • Of course you can be upfront and just ask about these details from the actual recipient.
  • But, I can't give that advice without sounding hypocritical since I'm the type to reply with,
  • "Nothing" When people ask what I want for my birthday or Christmas
  • And it's true most things that I need I'll probably just save up and purchase myself
  • and anything that I want is probably too expensive to ask for as a gift.
  • Well, Dom. What do you want?
  • I want a house with a designated room for rhythm games.
  • Also, how do you try and be consistent with gift budgets for people in the same householder group?
  • You can't just be like, "Hey Mike. I know you've been eyeing that camera for a while . . .
  • Well here you go, buddy!
  • Hey, Ginger Pale, here's a fidget spinner.
  • You obviously don't want to come off as if you like someone less than someone else.
  • But, sometimes someone's wishlist just cost more than others.
  • I try my best to balance it out, like if I got my sister a nice bag
  • I'll probably get my other sister a bundle pack of smaller items that together equal a similar cost
  • But I understand that unfortunately.
  • This is a privilege for people with spending money. I guess during the season of gift-giving
  • It's more work to have a lot of friends
  • I mean, it's great to have many friends
  • But each friend is pretty much a gift that you need to get because you don't want anyone to feel left out
  • Or you can save time and money and leave everyone out and tell them not to get you anything as well.
  • Either everyone wins or everyone loses.
  • Take your pick.
  • But I just want to point out that if someone gives you a gift and I mean,
  • genuinely gives it like they don't want anything back.
  • Then the transaction ends there. You were given something to keep
  • and if you appreciate it then that's a bonus for the gifter
  • You don't have to feel bad and try to return it just because you think it's too expensive
  • Or you think you're undeserving of it if you feel guilty for not getting them something of equal value
  • or not getting them anything at all don't be, it- it was a gift.
  • Not a trade. if it was a trade and the parameters of cost and value exchange
  • would have been specified and agreed upon beforehand.
  • Accept the gift it is yours to keep.
  • And if they do try and make you feel bad, just just run before they have a chance to take it back
  • Easy.
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