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Thanks to the tireless work of tenants' unions, community advocates, and the thousands of GetUp members who contacted their MPs – the Government has been forced to put a 6-month stop to all rental evictions caused by financial hardship!

This is a massive win for renters across the country who were worried about losing their homes during...
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John Dow
Janet Davey
Roslyn Davis
We won't be held hostage to the demands of private health lobbyists.

No public funds, without public control.

It’s time for a coordinated response to this crisis.

Put public health in public hands

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Irene Hird
Leanne Matthews
Erica Smith
Carolyn Brede
Joy Dando McInerney
If private hospitals can’t pay their staff and need a government bailout, we should nationalise them.

Healthcare is a right, not a business model.

Time to put essential services back in the hands of the people.
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Peter Satchell
Slava Bel
Melinda Hughes
Amanda Thorne
Scientists have just confirmed a third massive bleaching event on the Great Barrier Reef in recent years – but it’s not over yet.

Here's why

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Annie Lionnet
Peter Atherton
David Jones
Barry Homes
Rod Hall
Housing is a human right – during COVID-19, and always.
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Mike Wells
Trish Roberts
Dorothy Burgess
Michael Watson
Troy Todd
We can’t let big mining bring coronavirus into remote Aboriginal communities.

Big mining could bring coronavirus to remote communities

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Elizabeth Gardner
David Jones
Erika Steinlein
Laurel Dunn
Together, we've made some HUGE wins!

Here's what else we need to keep our communities strong
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Suzanne Phillips
Kristy Anne Mounsey
Geraldine Crown
Frank Gasparre
Moira McHugh
The media aren't covering this story but that won't stop us elevating the concerns of remote Aboriginal communities.

Scott Morrison has said mining is an essential service BUT having fly in fly out workers untested and unquarantined in and around some of the most at risk communities in the country is too risky.

Government leaders must declare mining non essential. Put people before profit...
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Daryll Bellingham
Deslea Brittain
Linda Leavitt
David Jones
While millions are facing unemployment, millions of jobs are needed to fight this pandemic and to keep the economy running.

The Government MUST implement a Job Guarantee to match the untapped potential of workers and a need for a liveable wage, with the work that society immediately needs.

The Government's been taking commonsense actions that people have been fighting for years for – and...

Getting the job done

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Natalie Doyle Thomas
Pnlp Jan
Marloes Bakker-Marsden
Christine Brown
Jenny Angus
Let's spread some love!
What's the most inspiring local act of kindness
you've seen in response
to COVID-19? ♥
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Chris Lucas
Neen Jaa
Anna Krumshaw
Alison Arnott
Brenda Gardener