Getting My Driver's License

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Getting My Driver's License
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  • Huh? What's this?
  • Ah, it's the video!
  • And...
  • You're giving...?
  • B-bringing! Oh!
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  • *Intro*
  • I did not get my driver's license until I was in my early twenties.
  • In my province, we have three levels of licensing for typical four - wheel vehicles.
  • The G1, G2, and the G.
  • Gangsta...
  • The G1 is what most people consider to be the learner's permit
  • and it is what you gain when you pass the written part of the license test.
  • regarding the rules of the road and traffic signs.
  • It allows you to drive a car if accompanied by someone with the G license,
  • but with a few restrictions.
  • The G2 is gained after passing the road test
  • and it allows you to drive on your own...
  • ...but with a few restrictions.
  • And the final form "Gangsta!":
  • "G"
  • is the full driver's license
  • gained by doing another road test
  • mainly to test your abilities on the highway,
  • and frees you from many of the previous restrictions.
  • Growing up, many of my classmates and peers were all in a rush to get their driver's license
  • They think,
  • "Oh man, it's gonna be so
  • I'm gonna be able to go
  • I can finally go on
  • and pick up
  • and not (snaps fingers)
  • have ta (snaps fingers)
  • wait (snaps fingers)
  • for da (snaps fingers)
  • bus (snaps fingers)
  • any (snaps fingers)
  • more!" (snaps fingers)
  • Hey! Hey, my guy...
  • If your mindset is:
  • "Girls don't like me because I can't drive"
  • then you probably have poor taste in women anyway
  • and you're only going to attract other people with poor taste like yours.
  • Have fun tasting poor together.
  • Not poor in terms of wealth, but in terms of...
  • eh, doo doo?
  • I moved to the U.S in Grade 11 and 12,
  • and I feel like many of my classmates already had their license
  • and were privileged enough to have cars.
  • So most of them either drove to and from school
  • or had a friend they could carpool with.
  • And you didn't even need a nice car.
  • People believe that simply being able to drive was enough to raise you on the social ladder.
  • Meanwhile, I was one of the few who still took the bus
  • which was filled with mostly freshmen and sophomores.
  • Mmm, soft s'mores.
  • I didn't really mind too much.
  • Eh, it took longer to get home
  • but then again, I was sixteen.
  • Y'know...
  • What was my rush?
  • To get home and play MapleStory?
  • Yeah. Yeah, that's exactly right.
  • This continued on to my college life when we moved back to Canada.
  • I went to Ryerson University
  • Huah! Flex!
  • in downtown Toronto
  • but I still lived at home with my family.
  • I commuted to school every day
  • so I didn't really have a reason to get my license.
  • I wouldn't have a car to drive anyway
  • and even if I did,
  • driving downtown is a nightmare.
  • Literally, the only accident I've ever been in
  • was when I was downtown.
  • Plus, I'd only get to borrow my parent's car
  • in the evenings and the weekends
  • and
  • let's be honest,
  • architecture students don't even get home until like, midnight
  • or later
  • or even ever.
  • "Alright! I'm off to school!"
  • (speaks softly) "See you in two weeks."
  • And I needed the weekend to catch up on sleep
  • from all those all-nighters.
  • I wasn't going places,
  • but eventually I got tired of not having a simple way to show my I.D.
  • So I decided I wanted to get my G1.
  • Why are our identities even dependent on your ability to drive?
  • How do you I.D. a kid?
  • "Woah, there! Hang on a sec!"
  • "What's your name, kid?"
  • "Dlatgirph."
  • "Spelled with a "PH" instead of an "F".
  • "What?"
  • I got my G1 when I was maybe 19.
  • I took a driving course and I'll never forget my instructor's name
  • because he introduced himself like this:
  • "Hello. Good morning everyone. Welcome to Driving School. Today, I am Raj."
  • Wait... today?
  • Wh-What's your name tomorrow?
  • And then the next day he'd reintroduce himself.
  • "Hello. Today, I am Raj."
  • "Dude! Just remain Raj!"
  • "Like... one time is fine!"
  • Honestly, the lessons were really straightforward
  • and much of it seemed like common sense.
  • Like,
  • "Oh, if you're at a stop sign and there's the little boy crossing,
  • do you:
  • A: drive forward and literally murder him?
  • or B:
  • (muttering confusedly)
  • not that.
  • And after, like, a week of lessons and a bit of studying,
  • (Honestly, I should have just read the book and saved money.)
  • I wrote the test and passed it with flying colors.
  • How do colors even fly?
  • (types on cell phone) flying...
  • (types on cell phone) colors...
  • (types on cell phone) idiom...
  • "Derives from when ships would return home with their flags (also known as colors)
  • flying to show that they had been victorious."
  • Ah!
  • Well...
  • no, I didn't go to war or invade a country,
  • but yes, I passed the test easily.
  • And they grade the tests really quickly too.
  • Like, right away.
  • Like, everyone is aware if you failed or not.
  • "Hey!"
  • "Didn't pass, huh?"
  • "Yeah..."
  • "No, I guess not."
  • "Good."
  • (ominous sound)
  • "You think this is a joke?"
  • "Learn the rules, man."
  • So I got my G1 and I was excited and ready to finally practice some actual driving.
  • I had like, two weeks worth of road lessons from my instructor,
  • not "today Raj" or "tomorrow Raj",
  • but a co - worker of his.
  • And I guess it seems like, most people have driven before
  • or have been shown how a car works
  • because when my instructor came to pick me up and start my first lesson,
  • I sat down at the driver's seat
  • and he just said:
  • "Alright, let's go."
  • (deafening silence)
  • Huh?
  • I'm sorry...
  • Did I accidentally press" Start and Skip the Tutorial" ?
  • My parents have actually never let me drive their car,
  • not even after I got my G1.
  • When I asked if they can teach some basics,
  • they said:
  • "Didn't we pay for the lessons?"
  • "They're gonna teach you anyway!"
  • True. You're right.
  • He is my instructor.
  • He will instruct me.
  • He did not instruct me.
  • He gave me this unimpressed look like:
  • "Ugh!"
  • "Why don't you already know how to do
  • this thing that you're here to learn."
  • "Come on, man."
  • If you paid for piano lessons and Day 1,
  • your teacher goes:
  • "Alright! Play!"
  • then you'd feel kind of scammed.
  • Anyway, he eventually showed me the ropes and
  • off we went!
  • Driving for the first time felt so exhilarating!
  • I wasn't driving super fast at first,
  • but the fact that I was in charge of all the movements of a car,
  • it felt amazing!
  • This definitely wasn't allowed,
  • but a couple of months later,
  • a few days before my road test,
  • I had one last driving session and Raj
  • decided to bring me to the neighborhood where they'd
  • actually do the exam
  • and had me do a run-through of the course
  • and warned me of the areas where most people failed.
  • "Listen, I'm not supposed to bring you here,
  • but be careful on the stop sign!"
  • "It's kind of hidden!"
  • "Watch out for the school zone over there!"
  • "Be ready to slow down
  • and they'll likely make you do a parallel park on this uphill road
  • so let's go ahead and practice that!"
  • Thanks "Raj Today".
  • I know you probably did that just to boost the
  • student pass rate statistics of your driving school,
  • but (smacks lips) I really appreciate it.
  • BAM! Got my G2!
  • And a couple of years later,
  • I did my G test and flew some colors again.
  • Gangsta...
  • Guys, please take driving seriously.
  • This ain't Indonesia.
  • You can't just bribe your testers to get your license.
  • I know I make a lot of rants about annoying drivers,
  • but that's because I want people to drive well,
  • safe
  • and aware.
  • We all share the same roads.
  • Try not to act like you're the only one on them.
  • Once I started driving, I'd have a lot of downtime on my way to my destinations,
  • but now I can listen to audio books while I travel.
  • Two birds, the one bird feeder
  • (Stop throwing stones at birds)
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