Gas Reciprocating Saw [Restoration]

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Oct 25, 2017


Gas Reciprocating Saw [Restoration]
Gas Reciprocating Saw [Restoration] thumb Gas Reciprocating Saw [Restoration] thumb Gas Reciprocating Saw [Restoration] thumb


Another tool restoration done! This is a 1960s Wright B-520 Blade Saw that has a 116cc engine. They originally had three different blades available: all-purpose, hardwood, and a meat cutting blade. The meat cutting ability was probably where this saw shined the most.

I decide to give this tool a fairly thorough restoration with only the double cylinder not being taken apart. There are not a lot of parts available for this model saw and I did not want to risk breaking/damaging a part that would be so difficult to replace. Just the replacement carburetor kit was difficult to find and took months to get to me. I was able to find a spare blade online though. I decided to alter the paint scheme a little as well, as I thought it looked better. I hope to get a powder coating system one day so that the finish is as tough as possible.

I found a digital copy of the old label online and had it printed onto vinyl. I then stuck it onto some aluminum duct tape to remake the proper label look.

Operating this saw was ridiculous. The power switch is the trigger, so if you let go of it, the saw shuts off. You can make it idle by shifting the trigger slightly to the left when you let go, but it doesn't always work. This saw also does not have a muffler, and it is incredibly loud.

Happy Halloween!

I have to thank everyone on Patreon who supported the purchase of this tool. Literally, could not have been done without you. Thank you!

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