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Damn. This is happening. Laserface at Ultra Music Festival!

Grateful to bring this show to Miami to a whole new audience.

This is the only Laserface of the year… so if seeing the show is on your list, I’ll see you at Ultra. Game on.

Gaz xx

Ultra Music Festival
Nice Lasers

[ Ultramusicfestival.com Link ]

Laserface x Ultra

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9 days left to finish this album and I will freely admit I am struggling.⁣

This final stage is never easy.⁣

It’s a fucking grind.⁣

The fun stuff - writing the songs, recording the instruments, hanging with others - that ended months ago.⁣

Now it’s just me in a small room with a bunch of songs I’ve heard thousands of times, trying to make them better.⁣

It’s at this point the doubt...


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yesssss! My first release of the year, this is 'Yesterday' with NASH feat. Linney.

we shot this little teaser when we debuted the track to 6,000 people at Laserface Minneapolis and what a moment it was!

let me know what you think. links to full version in comments! much love, Gaz xx


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Different music, same outfit.

Album 4. This is happening
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New song today 'SOMEBODY' feat Kovic!

For the first time in my life, we wrote a video script at the same time as we were writing the song... so the two go hand in hand a lot better than the usually dance music videos (hopefully!)

Would love it if you can watch the video and let me know how we did.

Gareth Emery feat. Kovic - Somebody (Official Music Video)

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Announcing Gareth Emery Unplugged!

For the first time ever, we’ve put together all of my live unplugged releases in one place! No need for a Spotify subscription or to watch adverts - just follow the link in comments, enter your email address, and I will send you the EP today.

Also let me know what unplugged track I should do next!!

Gareth Emery Unplugged

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this holiday period I’ll be playing some of my favorite cities and wearing photoshopped hats.

who’s coming out?
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Oh my f***ing god. Still in a state of shock and bliss for the biblical event that was Laserface Minneapolis last weekend.⁣⁣
I decided at the start of my set I’d allow myself a few drinks to enjoy this one, and in the end, I didn’t bother because I wanted to experience every moment with a clear head. This was one of the greatest shows of my life, I didn’t want to forget a single...
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new song, thoughts?⁣

on the eve of our final Laserface show of 2019 in Minneapolis, here's my final laserface themed release of the year.⁣

this is:⁣

laserface 03 (leaving you)⁣

beautiful video from laserface ibiza. can't wait to do all this again tomorrow in minneapolis!⁣

Gareth Emery - Laserface 03 (Leaving You) [LF Ibiza]

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