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Rembert Browne took some time away from New York Magazine to help Katie Nolan find out more about the Atlanta Falcons fans that came to Houston for the big game.
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It's about time someone addressed this with one of Brock's Houston Texans teammates.

Katie had to get answers from JJ Watt.
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Jake David
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Garbage Time with Katie Nolan at the Super Bowl.

What a week. #SB51
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Jason Bourne
Standing up for Atlanta Falcons fans. #SB51
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Val Nardolillo
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Patrick McDevitt
Official Terry Bradshaw's Steelers vs. Tom Brady's Patriots. Which is the better dynasty? #SB51
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Jordan Lear
Katie Nolan, Nick Wright, Greg Jennings, and Sarah Tiana play America's new favorite game show: Retired or Not Retired?

Retired or Not Retired?

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Kevin Hastings
Deronne Kincaid
Official Terry Bradshaw joins the panel to discuss the QBs role, his Steelers, and why he thinks he's never in the discussion for greatest QB ever.

Terry Bradshaw on His Steelers vs Brady's Pats and QB Success

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Randy Gee
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Katie Nolan shows off her QB skills in virtual reality.

Katie Nolan Is VR Tom Brady

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J Delgado
It's not gross if it's good luck? Katie Nolan tells Terry Bradshaw the weird story about how he's impacted her career.
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Michele Watson
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Peter Schrager takes Katie Nolan and the Garbage Time panel... to Schragertown.

Garbage Time Goes To Schragertown

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