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'Garam masala' - "The Magic Spices of Cooking........." -'Garam masala' - "The Magic Spices of Cooking........." – is a Youtube channel, specialized in traditional Kerala Foods and Malabar Delicious foods. This channel blossomed in 2013 and taken on a life of its own created and maintained by Fousiya Faizal.
I feel, our traditional recipes have started disappearing from our daily diet. People are running behind the junk food, they becomes the victim of Habitual Diseases.
"Eat to live, don't live to eat."
- Benjamin Franklin.
Basically, it means that eating should be something you do to live, get the right nutrients etc., not the place where you get enjoyment. Here, I suggest sticking on our grandma, mom and mother-in-law from whom we learnt traditional recipes.
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05:10 Aadu Thala Curry / Mutton Head Curry
74K+ views | Dec 28, 2015