Game Theory: We SOLVED Dark Souls 3! + Dark Souls Giveaway

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Game Theory: We SOLVED Dark Souls 3! + Dark Souls Giveaway
Game Theory: We SOLVED Dark Souls 3! + Dark Souls Giveaway thumb Game Theory: We SOLVED Dark Souls 3! + Dark Souls Giveaway thumb Game Theory: We SOLVED Dark Souls 3! + Dark Souls Giveaway thumb


  • Ahh. You ignorant slaves.
  • Finally taken notice, have you?
  • Of the power of my beloved Ocelotte-
  • That's major awesome onto you
  • Don't you forget it.
  • Hello Internet! Welcome to Game Theory!
  • Where today, get ready because im about touch the darkness with in you.
  • Then touch the darkness within me.
  • That... sounded so wrong...
  • And watch where your hands are going there Ashened One-
  • acting pretty fiery there for an Unkindled.
  • That's theorists, today it's time for Dark Souls.
  • What? You only thought I looked at games built on catoonishly, over-blown, racial stereotypes?
  • N O P E
  • In fact, Dark Souls is, without question, my favorite modern gaming franchise.
  • And I've been eager to put it under the old Theory Microscrope™ for a long time.
  • But the reason it's taken this long is that for as impenetrable as the mysteries of games like Undertale and FNAF are-
  • Dark Souls as a franchise is on a whole 'nother level.
  • Because even the most basic information that we take for granted in other games-
  • is completely hidden away in these games.
  • There aren't any long winded speeches from characters explaining their motivations.
  • There aren't books filled with game lore strewn about. Heck, it's not even like Destiny where the story is
  • documented on a separate site.
  • Let's face it, what little dialogue there is, is written like a riddle.
  • Long story short, you can play through the entire franchise and still essentially know nothing, about
  • these games' story. So, tell me, as a non-initiated gamer who is interested in these games,
  • what's the goal of Dark Souls?
  • -- Uhh... light a fire?
  • Why?
  • -- 'Cause it's. Uhh... going out? Being extinguished?
  • Why does that matter?
  • -- 'Cause... it'll get dark? I guess...
  • Praise the sun, praise the sun guys, PRAISE THE S U N.
  • Aaaaand... scene.
  • Thank you, thank you, I feel like my theater background really, really came into play there.
  • And you know what? It doesn't make these games any less fun.
  • Dark Souls is a franchise that is built on making you work for things.
  • And most of us that with the associate that with the brutal gameplay that, if you work at it, you can absolutely master.
  • But it also applies to the story half of the game too, because there is an incredibly rich and complex lore
  • that from software created, that 99% of players'll never really appreciate.
  • Since most of it is hidden in obscure NPC dialogue, level design and item descriptions.
  • You have to do some painstaking work to piece the random trivia bits together.
  • And I'm not exaggerating when I say painstaking. I have 20 pages of notes just for this video.
  • But that loyal theorists is what I'm here for, to turn my video game fun time
  • into meticulous boring research time,
  • so I can boil it down into a theory that'll give you all a newfound appreciation for the work that went into-
  • incredible game franchises like this one!
  • So now, without any further ado, onto the theory!
  • Playing Dark Souls 3, there was a burning question that occupied the back of my mind
  • and bugged the heck out of me like Navi screaming "HEY L I S T E N!"
  • Who is the main character of the game?
  • Who are you playing as?
  • Because, believe it our not,
  • I think that your character in Dark Souls 3 DOES have an identity.

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Dark Souls is, without question, my favorite modern gaming franchise. But doing a theory on these games requires an IMMENSE amount of explanation since every element of Dark Souls lore is hidden in things like item descriptions and design details. So today, I'm reviewing the entire Dark Souls story and setting up the pieces to unlock these games' greatest mystery -- who are you playing as in Dark Souls 3? Because when you actually put the puzzle pieces together, your character ISN'T just a nameless protagonist, but rather DOES have a lore behind him...but it's going to take a LONG time to get there. So apologies for the 2-parter, but in order to make sure everyone understands what's going on when I start getting deeper into Dark Souls Lore, I had to make sure we all had a solid understanding of the main plot and characters! And to make it better -- there's a giveaway! Huzzah!

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