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The man born Navyvadius Cash is ready to dominate the charts as the 25 year-old Atlanta native's classic mixtapes have put the streets and clubs in his clutches with his first single "Tony Montana."

"I'm just coming out, but if you go anywhere in the south," says Future, "I get that love and respect like I have a catalog of LPs under my belt. My mixtapes have had a definitive impact which is amazing and humbling at the same time. Now my music is spreading all over the world. I'm ready to deliver universal hits."


00:00 Trap Niggas
5M+ views | Aug 31, 2015
04:00 I Won
530K+ views | Aug 11, 2015
04:42 Blood On the Money
4M+ views | Jul 18, 2015
00:00 Big Rube Speaks
63K+ views | Nov 06, 2014
04:51 Future - Sh!t (Official Music Video)
22M+ views | Sep 23, 2013
03:34 Future - Magic ft. T.I.
24M+ views | Jan 31, 2012