Funny MoonPie Tweets

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Funny MoonPie Tweets
Funny MoonPie Tweets thumb Funny MoonPie Tweets thumb Funny MoonPie Tweets thumb


  • I'm a man, woman, brand, seeking: men, women, retweets and attention. even if you think you've got it pretty bad
  • Just remember There is a bot
  • Who's been politely asking for a Moonpie every day for the past four years and yet
  • Will never get to taste one may. May I have a Moonpie?
  • May I have a Moonpie? May I have a Moonpie? May I have a Moonpie? May I have a Moonpie? May I have a Moonpie? May I have a Moonpie?
  • Me: Brand Twitter is dumb
  • Also me: is a brand. Everyone say hello to Braydon. sure you can give your tasty moon pie a name
  • But it's important to consider that one of our employees
  • May have already named it. The miracle of birth is a beautiful thing and if you disagree then the unfollow button is right there
  • Buddy. Me: wow the super moon is so pretty. Neil deGrasse Tyson:
  • FYI the very concept of a super moon is an embarrassment to everything else we call super: Supernova, super collider,
  • Superman, Super Mario Bros.
  • We are conducting an initial review of verified accounts and will remove
  • verification from accounts whose behavior does not fall within these new guidelines.
  • We will continue to review and take action as we work towards a new program we are proud of. Okay
  • please don't take ours the way we only tweet about MoonPies Honest. Okay this makes sense
  • self-actualization: morality, creativity, spontaneity.
  • acceptance. self-esteem: confidence
  • achievement, respect of others, love and belonging:
  • friendship, family, intimacy, sense of connection.
  • safety and security: Health employment, property, family, and social stability.
  • physiological needs:
  • breathing, food, water, shelter, clothing, sleep. retweets:
  • OMG they feel so good. one moon pie equals great. two moon pies equals even better.
  • 50 moon pies equals Wow loving this.
  • 100 moon pies equals seems like a lot, but okay.
  • 666 moon pies equals uh oh.
  • 667 moon pies equals whew haha all right keep em coming. Oh crap we forgot to post about national dog day
  • This is the only dog we could find sorry guys.
  • Moon Pie is actually an acronym! moon pie (duh),
  • Oh my, oh boy, No, (what we say if someone offers us another snack) party, internet, E (?)
  • Hey fellas if you ever lose your wallet
  • Just know you can stuff a moon pie in your back pocket and it almost feels the same. you (an intellectual)
  • I don't engage with brands online. me (an intellectual brand) okay, that's fine
  • We respect that but please buy moon pies. got a good review online:
  • "It good" when you learn that moon pies aren't actually made on the moon: life is hypocritical. test tweet
  • Please ignore.
  • Please stop
  • Retweeting we were testing something some days you're the moon and other days you're the pie not real sure what that means
  • But if you're feeling sad we can talk about it.
  • We are not advocating this
  • But you could dip a moon pie in moonshine and have a great time who knows all right guys who's gonna win today?
  • *hashtag* solar eclipse
  • 2017 the awesome cool moon 81% the lame boring Sun
  • 19% *hashtag* making moon pies is within the confines of the law
  • Very thankful that making moon pies isn't a crime because we'd probably be in jail for a billion years
  • Someone took two bites out of our moon pie and put it back sometimes your best won't be good enough
  • But that doesn't mean you aren't good enough you
  • Social media managers only exist to give faceless corporations annoying millennial voices and have no ROI me
  • Actually your tweet made me go buy Moon Pie some Sailor Moon Pie is just an inside-out snore
  • But in reality as more as just an inside-out moon. Pie is an interesting list on how different languages describe moon pies English
  • delicious
  • Spanish: delicioso
  • French: délicieux, Australian: g'day
  • Dothraki: athdavrazar, Chinese: *Characters in chinese*, Antarctica: (penguin noises)
  • Hostess has declared golden cupcakes their official snack cake of the Eclipse
  • Lol okay, Moon Pie who's gonna win the big fight tonight all this Johnson?
  • Ol' Fist Johnson 39%
  • Mr Punchy 61%. boss asked to post a picture of our moon pie today and make it go viral so here It is please retweet.
  • Who is she?
  • Tired:celebrities having children together Wired: brands having children together
  • What's better than a Moonpie? a homemade moon pie. No. are these any good at (@) moon pie?
  • Yeah. It's Saturday night time to throw a moon pie in the microwave and yell the national anthem. are moon pies actually good? Yes
  • Megan. Has branded content gone too far? yes, banana flavored but also yes
  • "Too much class" "Too much class" "Too much class" "Too much clout" "Too much clout"

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Social media brands are more than ever trying to connect with the millennial generation. Here's another example of a brand (MoonPie) who excels. Narrated by Graham The Christian.

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