Funniest Classical Orchestra Ever... - Rainer Hersch

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Apr 24, 2013


Funniest Classical Orchestra Ever... - Rainer Hersch
Funniest Classical Orchestra Ever... - Rainer Hersch thumb Funniest Classical Orchestra Ever... - Rainer Hersch thumb Funniest Classical Orchestra Ever... - Rainer Hersch thumb


  • Do you ever wonder what happens to your luggage once you've checked it in?
  • So does British Airways.
  • 160 Destinations. 90 Countries worldwide...
  • ...could be in any one of them.
  • The first violins, second violins, violas and cellos - that's the basic formation...
  • Now some orchestras, they swap the cellos and the second violins, like that...
  • The Philharmonia, they've sat like that on occasion - that's right isn't it? 'Yes, very much so...'
  • Other orchestras use another formation - this one here where they basically stick the...
  • ...percussion, woodwind...brass at the front and the strings in a jumble at the back.
  • That's if they really hate their audience
  • Other orchestras use this one. This one is the 'giant poodle' formation...
  • Very popular.
  • This next one, this is the 'Tetris' formation...
  • That was very popular in the early '90's that one.
  • And this next one, this is the formation you get if you put...a bar into the rehearsal area...

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Rainer Hersch conducts the Philharmonia Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall, London. CHECK out Rainer Hersch: http://www.rainerhersch.com BUY the concert DVD: http://amzn.to/1y6bxxs BUY the solo show CD: http://amzn.to/1KERjP3 JOIN his mailing list: http://bit.ly/1oLyrXY
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Introducing the comedy of Rainer Hersch! Rainer conducts the Philharmonia Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall, London. Music includes Rossini William Tell Overture (excerpt), Leroy Anderson 'The Typewriter' (excerpt); Pizzicato Polka conducting by juggling; Symphony for Audience, British Airways commercial rewritten; Who sits where diagrams; Blue Danube (excerpt); Radetzky March (excerpt). All arrangements by Rainer Hersch.

British stand-up comedian Rainer Hersch has performed on every comedy stage in the UK and in more than thirty countries across the world. He has appeared thirteen times at Edinburgh Festival, headlined the famous Comedy Store and presented countless shows for BBC TV and Radio. A trained pianist and conductor, he also combines his comedy with music, leading orchestras from Australia to St Petersburg - including many Pops Concert series in the US and Canada. He has collaborated with some of the great names in classical music including Alfred Brendel, Nicola Benedetti, Dame Evelyn Glennie, and Marc-André Hamelin.

Join his fan channel http://bit.ly/1hGR52j to check out his other clips. Rainer is available either solo or with orchestra and for performances in English, German, Spanish and French. For all enquiries: management@thecomedy.biz

Die lustigste Orchester der Welt. Die Komödie von Rainer Hersch. Rainer schreibt und performed seine eigenen Shows und dies weltweit von Kanada zur Karibik, über Australien und Süd Afrika. Sein Repertoire reicht von solo stand-up zu seiner eigenen berüchtigten 8-Mann Band oder einem voll ausgewachsenen Symphonie Orchester (das er sich zeitweise ausleiht). Er schreibt eine nicht so ernsthafte Kolumne für das BBC Music Magazin, war in zahlreichen BBC TV Serien and hat mehrere Radio Sendungen geschrieben und produziert. Weitere Information und Kontakt: www.rainerhersch.com und management@thecomedy.biz

Le plus drôle orchestre du monde. La comédie de Rainer Hersch.
La orquesta más gracioso del mundo. La comedia de Rainer Hersch.

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