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A pet fox is not for everybody; it is difficult and a challenging adventure that requires sacrifice on your part (and your stuff!).. Always do extensive research before getting a fox or other exotic on a whim.

If you want a pet fox, your first requirement is to read through all the posts on THE fox owner forum Sybil's Message Board http://www.raskbb.com/sybilsden/viewforum.php?f=6

Asriel is a tame American-bred red fox of the White Mark color phase/morph/subspecies. He is from a dealer in Pennsylvania, but made available to us by Dave and Tammy of Tiny Tracks, a breeder which I highly recommend! You can get one just like him at http://www.tinytracksexoticanimals.com/

My previous pet red fox RonRon was my dear companion for nearly 8 years ('08-'16), and is greatly missed, but will live on in our memories and on this Channel!

Check your state, county/township, and local city laws on exotic animals.


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