Fortnite Sword in Real Life BURNS EVERYTHING!

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Oct 19, 2018


Fortnite Sword in Real Life BURNS EVERYTHING!
Fortnite Sword in Real Life BURNS EVERYTHING! thumb Fortnite Sword in Real Life BURNS EVERYTHING! thumb Fortnite Sword in Real Life BURNS EVERYTHING! thumb


  • hey guys this episode make it real has been sponsored by fortnight which means
  • we're gonna build a fortnight project now building a battle bus or even a
  • fortnight glider well that's a little ambitious for first project so we're
  • actually gonna be making a melee weapon from the franchise instead specifically
  • this thing the kryptonite slicer an awesome sword by itself with a burning
  • hot edge on the back for even more destruction now just a note this is from
  • fortnight's save the world it's not actually available in the battle royale
  • game anyway before we start building it I want to tell you guys a little bit
  • about fortnight since you know they sponsor the video so unless you've been
  • living under a rock fort night is one of the biggest games on the internet right
  • now and for good reason - it's free-to-play and available in almost all
  • platforms pc mac ps4 xbox one the switch iOS and even android it's a battle
  • royale style game which means a hundred players drop onto an island to duke it
  • out play solo in duos or in squads of four people the last team standing wins
  • one of the unique features of this game is the environment is completely
  • destructible and you can build your own structures - with the season 6 update
  • there are tons of new characters and content being added to the game jump in
  • yourself using my link in the description below now let's build the
  • slicer first we got design it
  • to design the slicer we're gonna be using solidworks which is a 3d CAD
  • software that's used by the engineering industry now just like the Han Solo
  • blaster we're gonna be using a picture of the slicer and then we're actually
  • gonna trace the outline to create the 3d model all right now that we have them
  • all done let's start adding some details
  • and a few more details a few more all right now let's add the
  • image of the sword as a texture so it looks just like the game do you know
  • what time it is now it's time to plasma cut
  • Where's the laptop?
  • What? oh Elena was using it
  • optimized for maximum material
  • Actually it's not, see if I mirrored that one there
  • Shhhhhhh
  • do a little bit of welding sharpen the blade and finish designing it
  • bring me a pumpkin
  • This reminds me of
  • what fortnight because that's what it should remind you of
  • let's get down to business
  • Now where did I put those batteries?
  • That's a lot of batteries
  • And we're using all those to power the Slicer
  • Alright, James is working on Stormbreaker so I'm gonna finish designing slicer
  • all right so before we finish the slicer I thought we would test it
  • and what better way to test it
  • test it then on balloon fill the oobleck
  • Oobleck is a non-newtonian fluid which means it acts like a solid under any
  • sudden impact but a liquid when left to it's own devices
  • okay that oobleck was too easy let's try
  • the world's strongest substance known to man juice boxes
  • wow I broke the wood in the opposite direction
  • perpendicular to my attack
  • that's a special bonus
  • I drink the blood of my enemies
  • Not quite
  • all right now tempered glass is actually really strong so let's see what happens
  • pretty friggin strong
  • tell you what next time I swing this sword I won't even
  • swing the sword and I'll break that cleanly ish in two
  • wonder how I'm gonna do it?
  • well you're gonna have a stick around until the end of the video
  • all right so this is a very first test of this slicer now this thing packs
  • serious power we've got 12 lithium polymer batteries here each can actually
  • put out 300 amps to see the complete circuit diagram check out our page at
  • maker IO all this power is running through two automotive relays rated for
  • 200 amps each so should work but now is the moment of truth so I just have to
  • press this button here and if yeah this was just in I can't see anything
  • all right ready
  • seven-hundred amps five-hundred amps, four-hundred amps
  • we're in the safe zone nothing can go wrong
  • except for that that looks pretty good what smells pretty good holy crap
  • 350 amps look at that it's already wow it expanded in it pushed your joint over
  • to the right
  • oh yeah heat makes things expand
  • shoot
  • let's see how fast it burning some wood
  • 350 amps
  • instant heat look at that
  • lead everyone loves lead poisoning
  • Oh my
  • alright the blade kind of stopped it
  • Wow this project is pretty legit
  • don't breathe this
  • the cool thing about this design is this titanium
  • tube actually has a tungsten core now tungsten has a melting point of over
  • 3600 Celsius which means the outside titanium will melt before this loses its
  • shape which is pretty darn cool and since titanium has a melting point
  • of something like sixteen to eighteen hundred fifteen to sixteen hundred
  • Celsius where you can get this over a thousand degrees Celsius and it will
  • still be able to cut things
  • let's break some
  • all right it's time to test it out if you guys haven't tried fortnight yet
  • I've got a link in the description below and it's completely free to play and
  • they sponsor this project which allowed us to make this awesome sword let's see
  • what can do I'll demonstrate just how hot it is by touching it
  • that's quite
  • scary looking like seriously like
  • alright time for a real test
  • that was awesome
  • one vial of slurp juice
  • Wow Oh
  • here we go
  • so the cool thing is we could add a flamethrower attachment super easily to
  • this to turn into the fortnight slicer flame sword which i don't think exists
  • nope not hot enough
  • we've got an ivan head from zombie go boom let's see what I can do
  • now that's what I call a zombie weapon let's see how the Captain America shield
  • fares against a slicer you scared
  • I made a little Sparky
  • So due to the massive size of Captain America shield it's actually wicking all the heat away from
  • the blade which actually makes it a pretty good defensive weapon against a
  • red-hot slicer but I could just use the blade side
  • oh there goes the GoPro
  • all right so earlier in this episode we tried to break tempered glass using the
  • blade of the slicer and it actually stood up pretty good and didn't break
  • and I promised you guys that the next time I tried breaking the glass I
  • wouldn't even swing the sword let's see what happens
  • like I know like tempered glass kind of just explodes but like this is heat does
  • it explode outward now I think at least when you hit it it breaks down because
  • you're hitting it I have to be ready to catch the sword
  • that was freaking sweet that was awesome boom fortnight kryptonite slicer play
  • fortnight today
  • alright so that first take was so awesome we've got to
  • actually film this again in much slower slow motion I think we're filming at
  • 7,000 frames a second 6,000 frames a second the first shot was only 1500
  • frames a second so let's see if we can actually see the glass cracks propagate
  • as the extreme heat in this causes of the glass to shatter
  • are you scared sitting there
  • the glass is actually taking some of the heat out it's got a nerve-wracking
  • because it just explodes batteries are getting really toasty
  • what have we created
  • alright that was awesome this is probably one of my
  • favorite projects now it just worked so well big THANK YOU to fortnight for
  • sponsoring this build if you guys haven't tried playing yet there's a link
  • in the description below and if this video does really well maybe we'll try
  • some other projects from fortnight maybe even a glider plus if you guys want to
  • try rebuilding some of our projects including this one and others support us
  • on patreon to be able to download the 3d models and we'll probably be using this
  • project again in the future so if you guys have any ideas of what we should
  • try cutting and burning with it let us know in the comments below
  • as always make sure you subscribe and hit that notify bell you're not gonna
  • wanna miss the next episode
  • you're making me look bad ain

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