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10 years ago today we lost Debbie Abono. Same day as we we lost Ronnie James Dio. Two massive Metal Legends.

Rest In Peace, Deb. You were always our Mama Bear.

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Behold Forbidden Easter to our Forbidden People!

Thought we wouldn't?

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Check out this cover of Through Eyes of Glass by Luka Matković from Serbia. He plays everything AND sings.


Post your attempts at your favorite Forbidden songs here. We'd love to see what you all can do!

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Forbidden - Through Eyes of Glass (Full Cover)

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Forbidden Gathering during times like these. We need respect one another’s space, health and the situation at hand. Even these two get it.

Quarantine yourselves and keep it clean!

Cover modification by Jovan Stojković
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I hope that all my friend's and the fans of Forbidden know how overwhelmed I am by your support. Now when I get up every morning, I know I'm loved!

Thank all of you so much! I'm finally thinking about seeing everyone after all these years. I have another reason to live!

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From Russ:

To my fans and friends. Yes, I'm still alive!

October of last year I was put into a rehab and alcohol abuse center after drinking heavily most of my life. This was made possible by Craig Locicero and Mark Hernandez kicking my ass and picking me up off of rock bottom.

Between those guys and a few other amazing people that know who they are, I’m here today and not something much...
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Craig’s Out of Body Out of Mind play-through for Twisted Into Form’s 30th birthday.

Per Russ Anderson’s request.

Thank you ALL for the love and support for the last 3+ decades. We are beyond grateful!
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Talking Twisted Into Form LIVE on it’s 30th Birthday
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Happy 30th Birthday to Twisted Into Form!
What is your favorite song and memory from this record?

Tell us your stories.
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BLACK FRIDAY SALE & and all the other news!

[ Officialforbidden.com Link ]
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