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BLACK FRIDAY SALE & and all the other news!

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Members of Forbidden along with other Thrash Metal Titans from around the globe will be preforming songs together at next year's Dynamo Metal Fest in Eindhoven, Holland.

BAY AREA INTERTHRASHIONAL will be born on July 18th 2020!

Watch the interview here with Craig on Zetro's Toxic Vault here. More details to follow over the coming weeks.

Bay Area Interthrashional

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Forbidden hoodies are here and other cool shit!
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Just in time for Winter! Your Forbidden Evil and Twisted Into Form hoodies are here!

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Behold Forbidden Easter!

Be safe all.

Recreated by Strephon Taylor.
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On this 29th Anniversary for the release of Forbidden / Twisted Into Form I wanted to post this amazing picture. Here we have the guys in Death Angel, Horde of Torment, our tech Takumi Suetsugu, Jim Welsh from Combat Records and the rest of the Forbidden boys (Russ on the other side of the glass) singing background vocals.

I believe all we really did is “Out of Body, Out of Mind” that day....
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Our old friends Brian Lew and Harald O got the book made into a movie.

Murder In The Front Row coming soon!

Now your metal history and where Forbidden fits into it, kids.

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See Metallica, Exodus Reminisce on San Francisco’s Eighties Metal Scene

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ALL Sizes available once again of our new Merch. Hoodies are coming SOON!

Get your shirts here @
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Merchandise update w/ Q&A

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Picture by Jonathan Jarrell 1990

Forbidden's cover photo

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