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Thank you to all who served during the Vietnam War. Please take a moment to share this with Vietnam vet and thank them during this social distancing period of time.
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Geraldo on Trump’s coronavirus leadership: “Like General Patton, the right warrior for the fight.”

Geraldo on Trump’s coronavirus leadership: ‘Like General Patton, the right warrior for the fight’

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Thank you for your sacrifices. We will get through this together.
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Who needs Call of Duty when you can battle in Pong?
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Dr Birx very politely warns the media to knock off the doom and gloom talk.

Dr. Birx and the Media Frenzy

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President Trump to New Yorkers: “We are here for you. We are fighting for you. We are with you all the way and we always will be.”

Trump: U.S. Navy hospital ship is ‘message of hope and solidarity’ to New York

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Never leave home without it.
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PICS/VIDEO: Space Force’s history making first mission. There is nothing like watching the power of a rocket taking off.

Pics/Videos: Space Force's first-ever launch took off with a next generation of military spacecraft Thursday

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Can’t build it fast enough! Head north when the south is completed.

Coronavirus can’t stop border wall

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Rep Ocasio-Cortez throws a temper tantrum during a congress hearing on the coronavirus stimulus. It's better when muted. Embarrassing for the U.S.

AOC Temper Tantrum

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