Flying Like Iron Man #13: JET ENGINES, EDFS AND MORE!

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Dec 15, 2017


Flying Like Iron Man #13: JET ENGINES, EDFS AND MORE!
Flying Like Iron Man #13: JET ENGINES, EDFS AND MORE! thumb Flying Like Iron Man #13: JET ENGINES, EDFS AND MORE! thumb Flying Like Iron Man #13: JET ENGINES, EDFS AND MORE! thumb


  • Yeah everyone evacuate
  • Jesus
  • Flying like Iron Man returns the project you've all been waiting for Peter the guys convinced me that if we crack 100,000 subscribers
  • We should try and recreate this scene from Iron Man in three two one
  • Let's be honest, it's probably gonna look more like this
  • You know the drill I promise the internet something stupid and now we have to deliver
  • A big thing to everyone who's for the GoFundMe campaign in one year
  • We raised three thousand six hundred dollars out of our seventy-five thousand dollar goal
  • Unfortunately, it's become very apparent that we're not going to be able to use crowdfunding to support the flying like Ironman project and as such
  • We've shut down the GoFundMe campaign and will not be asking for any more donations
  • T-shirts t-shirts get your t-shirts here help make sure the hacks machine doesn't go under since we do really expensive projects
  • We don't really think about it
  • However we're not giving up, I promise the internet
  • I was going to fly and I still intend to why haven't we posted any updates on the flying like Ironman
  • project in over a year
  • Well, we have just not to YouTube there have been posts on our Instagram page and our Facebook page and even our Twitter
  • Which is another reason? Why you should follow us on those social platforms, but the funny thing is if everyone who commented asking
  • Where's this project? Why aren't you posting videos on it? Just donated five dollars?
  • We would have broke our goal in a matter of weeks
  • And then we would have been able to continue the project anyway with the three thousand six hundred dollars
  • We did raise from GoFundMe
  • We were able to buy one of the 195 millimeter Kubler etf's able to produce 24 kilograms of thrust wait a sec
  • $3,600 ooblar costs
  • $6,500
  • Unfortunately these ETFs have a very long lead time
  • We ordered one
  • But we won't be getting it until around February 2018 so until then we're gonna be working on different aspects of the project
  • But we are hoping to have about one video per month on the fine like Ironman project so if we're shutting down the GoFundMe campaign
  • How are we gonna afford to continue this project?
  • Well instead of continuing the project from a year ago
  • Which many of you guys were asked us to we decide to put on the back burner and?
  • Focus on growing our YouTube channel and our business instead and it's worked in the past year
  • We've grown our YouTube channel by over 1 million subscribers and over 70 million views in fact
  • We're in the top 50 channels in all of Canada. That's insane
  • We have an awesome facility and great people on a team in fact
  • We have four full-time employees here a few part-timers
  • And we even have high school co-op students what we're doing here is really unique
  • I don't think there's ever been a case of an engineering company that's been born on YouTube
  • until now and that's us and now that we've gotten to the size that we are it's a lot easier for us to get
  • Sponsorships so our plan to finish the flying like Iron Man project is to fund it fully through the videos
  • Through sponsorships like this video sponsor war robots as you know you guys can help support this project without spending a dime
  • All you have to do is click on the link in the description below and play a free game
  • War robots is an awesome tactical 6v6 multiplayer robotic warfare game
  • There's an absolutely huge variety of specialized robots, so you can find the gameplay style that fits you for me
  • It's the robot called hover
  • it's as if we merge the flying like Iron Man project with the exoskeleton and loaded it with an absurd amount of weapons is a
  • Glorious flying killing machine with the amazing 3d graphics and constant updates with cool new stuff
  • It's no wonder over 70 million players have already installed the game
  • download war robots via my link below and given a special massive bonus of the GI Patton robot and a unique skin for it for
  • Punisher machine guns 100 gold and 400,000 silver to spend on whatever upgrades you want with this offer
  • You'll have a pretty big advantage when you start playing but now back to the project
  • Go ahead and click the link in the description below and try war robots for free if enough people sign up
  • We'll be able to afford one of these a freaking jet engine wait a jet engine. I thought you're using ETF's well
  • That's the plan, but jet engines have way more thrust
  • Yeah, but you can't control them accurately. How are you gonna? Hover stabili?
  • well if we use a hybrid system of jet engines and ETFs we should be able to hover and have enough thrust I
  • Don't know why you're explaining this right now people have stopped watching or talking too much
  • You're right
  • So as you guys know for a while
  • We've been saying no jet engines don't use jet engines and that's because there's quite a few cons to using jet engines
  • There are pros though a jet engine has far more thrust than EDF you get a longer
  • Flight time because you can store more gas on your back than can lithium polymer batteries
  • And they're smaller than ADF's so it'll be just like flying like Iron Man rather than maybe something like flying like vulture
  • But there are some issues with using jet engines one you can't control them accurately like you can with an EDF if you put four
  • Jet engines in a square. You couldn't make it
  • Hover because fine-tuning each of those to be able to hover just as impossible number two
  • The exhaust coming out of a jet engine is over 800 degrees that means we're back to the first problem
  • We had using model rocket engines
  • We'd literally burn our skin off down to our bone probably if we got in the way of the exhaust
  • So that's another huge issue that we have to work around but
  • What if we did a hybrid system if we used a few jet engines to provide most of thrust to lift us off the ground?
  • Then we could use lower power ETFs around us in a drone shape and use a commercially available
  • Drone controller board to give a stable flight now. That's an idea
  • Regardless we're still very much in the engineering design phase
  • We're gonna have to get a jet engine and a good ETF in house to do tests to see if our design is even feasible
  • The jet engine we're looking at right now is by King
  • King Tech the jet engine we're looking at right now is called the J King 10 the K 3 10 G
  • And yes that stands for 310 Newtons and thrust that's almost 70 pounds of lift
  • That's huge, and it's only slightly bigger than the shoe blur 195 millimeter ETF's, right
  • Actually it might be smaller its skinnier, but maybe longer
  • Plus you can get even bigger jet engines that put out hundreds and hundreds of pounds of thrust that aren't that much bigger
  • The issue is cost we've looked at some of these and they can cost upwards of fifty thousand dollars each
  • Which is crazy?
  • But weight hack Smith hasn't Richard browning already flown successfully
  • Like Iron Man using jet engines aren't you just copying him now?
  • Well to be fair my videos came out first almost a year before his first video came out so if anything I think he copied
  • me
  • Nah he didn't copy you he's been working on this in secret for years and years
  • Well, maybe, but I did it first on the internet and that means I did it first
  • Okay there, buddy
  • Anyway, well it's true that Richard browning has already successfully flown like Iron Man using jet engines like we're maybe going to do
  • There's a few issues that we see with his design and the biggest one that sticks out to us is his lack of control
  • Basically it relies completely on pilot skill to be able fly which while that is really cool
  • You do have to be a skilled pilot in order to use this super scary system
  • It's not really practical especially if you're planning to commercialize it which apparently he is
  • What we think would work better is if you had a hybrid system like we mentioned earlier where we have?
  • ETFs and jet engines to provide stable flight that you don't have to control
  • Because the big issue we see is if he goes up too high in the air, and he loses control
  • He's not saving himself in fact. We've already seen this in a few of the videos that he's released
  • Besides hybrid systems are already tried and proven
  • That's how the flyboard air works, which is one of the closest things to flying like Ironman that we have right now
  • Have you seen it before?
  • What I don't understand is why hasn't someone put an Ironman costume on yet and use one of these
  • But wait I thought you said you're gonna do your own EDF
  • Well if you guys were following us on instagram. You'd see that
  • We've been working on one for the past half year actually and the reason we're able to do
  • This is because we actually got a sponsorship from SolidWorks now SolidWorks is the CAD software that both Ian
  • And I have been using for over a decade
  • It's basically one of the industry standards for a mechanical engineering CAD and they gave us the full package
  • We even have simulation software which will allow us to determine if our EDF design will actually put out enough thrust
  • Electro tape blue of
  • The simulation says we should get about 250 Newton's of thrust from this design
  • But unfortunately that is just a simulation so we're gonna have to actually test this and to do that
  • We're gonna have to build a thrust test jig
  • All right
  • All right just kidding
  • That is not our test rig so what we need to do is build a thrust test rig and is capable of measuring several things
  • the RPM of the motor the input voltage the input current and obviously the thrust output by the EDF blade oh
  • And the input throttle and we need to log it all so we can graph it later
  • Both Bogdan Benjamin and been working on this thrust test jig for a few months now
  • And we're actually going to explain it in more detail in a future video
  • So we're outside the shop and we're about to test our custom completely in-house designed 20 inch is it 20 or 24
  • 20 22 honey 20 inch EDF
  • So we had to outsource this to auditive because in house we only have the FDM printers
  • Which as you saw in our previous videos gifts didn't hold up to the test that we did last time
  • So this is actually printed with a process called SLS or a selective laser sintering, and this is actually nylon powder
  • That's been fused into that shape and then we actually printed the duct ourselves
  • So that's eight individual pieces all screwed together and then epoxy using ecstasy
  • resin bobbins created this little thrust test jig and
  • What we'll actually be able to do is measure the thrust output from this fan blade and this motor
  • So the power of this we're actually using a hundred and fifty, CC gas engine replacement motors sold by hobbyking
  • It's roughly around 10 kilowatts. Which is a crazy amount of power in such a small form-factor
  • It should be fairly strong, but we're gonna test it and see if it explodes, but big shout-out to auditive for providing us with
  • this part
  • They have tons of other 3d printing technologies that you just can't get in-house
  • So I believe the simulations said we should be getting around 30 kilograms of thrust out of this so if we can
  • Get that and that means we know the saw works simulations are correct, which will allow us to redesign the blade and optimize it
  • Whoo
  • All right so our initial test is just going to spin it up to about 20 or 30 percent
  • we don't want to push it right away because there's a good chance this propellers just gonna explode and
  • When we go up to a hundred percent, I want to be really far away look
  • So that means if I go all the way to the top
  • Maximum power is still 30% if we flick it to the third person yeah third position
  • That's a hundred percent, so we don't want to do that so middle position
  • Let's do it oh
  • My god
  • Jesus you guys you guys realize how dangerous is flying like Iron Man project really it. Did you hear how loud that?
  • Looks good motor is gold
  • speaker trailer is cold I
  • Don't like that noise though you guys just six of these on my back
  • Alright, so you turn the controller on to give us full hundred-percent throttle and we're only going to go up to fifty
  • We'll see what happens. See how we're feeling and then continue from there. Oh
  • Boy, I'm not standing in front of it
  • Oh, it's 15 per side
  • I
  • Feel like we're building up friggin genin
  • She still hasn't blown
  • It looks fine like looking at it
  • Okay, ready, yeah
  • This is 30%
  • Yeah, everyone evacuate
  • And everyone to safe distances alright, so we're going up to 30% again
  • That's 30% unlocking full-throttle
  • My god sexy
  • 70 80
  • 100
  • The entire neighborhood can hear us the entire neighborhood
  • Motors hot motors Bernie a bit
  • Speed controller not too bad
  • Wires not too bad
  • Would include this in the video too slow a clip like we live stream
  • five kilograms
  • wow five kilograms yeah
  • Alright, so those initial numbers were pretty pathetic, but we've looked through the data now and plotted on a graph
  • So it's science time for those interested slowed down the video to 1/4
  • blah
  • blah science blah science cool stuff blah graphs blah science haha science blah blah
  • So the TLDR of that is we need to do a lot more testing which we'll be doing in a future video
  • But regardless we're actually really happy with that test because the part didn't explode which is really impressive considering. It was 3d printed
  • Well, that's all for this update. We're gonna try and have an update on this once a month, but big
  • Thank you to all our supporters on GoFundMe you guys allowed us to buy one of those sugar
  • 195 ml ETFs to test out and a big, thank you to our video sponsor war robots
  • Which will hopefully allow us to buy a jet engine to test as well
  • And if you guys want to support the project we're selling some limited edition hacks
  • No t-shirts that you can buy to help support this project show your support by buying one. There's a link in the description below
  • Thanks for watching and make sure you subscribe you're not going to want to miss this

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