Flirty Heechul part 2

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13:28   |   Jun 05, 2017


Flirty Heechul part 2
Flirty Heechul part 2 thumb Flirty Heechul part 2 thumb Flirty Heechul part 2 thumb


I wanted to make season 2 of Heechul's savageness but real life is being a bitch right now. I've been so busy I haven't even watch some of the latest episodes. I have to rewatch old episodes for me to do another savage compilation and I just don't have time. This one was a little easy cause I already had some clips.
The moment I have a much longer free time I'll start rewatching old episodes. I'm also waiting for episode 5 subtitles cause that's the only thing missing from Heechul's tv mania part 2 video that I have on draft for almost 2 months now. lol

I don't know if I'll upload clips from Hongki's episode. I upload clips from guest I stan/semi-stan. I may only semi-stan FT Island but "I Hope" was my jam my first few years into Kpop and "You're Beautiful" will always be one of my favorite Kdrama ever. So if no one uploads clips from that episode, I might upload a few.

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