Flavored Oxygen Taste Test

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Flavored Oxygen Taste Test
Flavored Oxygen Taste Test thumb Flavored Oxygen Taste Test thumb Flavored Oxygen Taste Test thumb


  • - Today we sniff some tasty oxygen. - Let's talk about that.
  • ♪(theme music)♪
  • - Good Mythical Morning. - Oxygen. It's all around you.
  • - Breathe it in. - (both inhale)
  • But don't get your hopes up because, you know what? It's mostly nitrogen!
  • It's only 20.95 percent oxygen and about seventy-eight percent nitrogen,
  • and there's some other gasses that are not really important.
  • Argon, carbon monoxide, you know, that kind of stuff.
  • And sometimes 20.95 percent oxygen is just not enough,
  • and some enterprising people have decided to make oxygen bars,
  • which are businesses where you go in and sit down on a stool,
  • - put some tubing in your nose, - (laughs)
  • and suck in pure, uncut oxygenated oxygen.
  • - Sounds fun. - They say that there's all
  • type of benefits to this, including removing toxins,
  • enhancing well being, reducing stress, strengthening your immune system,
  • - and even curing cancer. - Mm. They say. Yes,
  • but you know what they also, instead of just sniffing the oxygen,
  • said, "Let's make this fun, and let's flavor that oxygen."
  • That's a thing that exists, and today we're going to find out
  • if we can tell what flavor oxygen is by sniffing it in our noses.
  • - It's time to play: - (bubbly sound)
  • What Flavor Is This Oxygen That We Be Breathin' In
  • Through Tubes In Our Noses, Friend?
  • - Here we are at the oxygen bar. - Party time!
  • It is tended by a bartender. Didn't necessarily come with it.
  • - Guy looks a lot like Chase. - Hello, bar key. What's your name?
  • - Hi, I'm Chasé. - (Link) This is very science-y looking.
  • There's, like, bubbles coming out of bottles that are colored differently.
  • - Is it safe? - Absolutely.
  • - You don't know. - It's oxygen.
  • - He's never done this. - You don't know.
  • We just put you back there and told you to turn some valves.
  • - (Link and Chase laugh) - Alright, so,
  • we should get hooked up here. We've got the oxygen nostril-ators.
  • - That's the proper name. - I've never put one of these on.
  • This is like what they do at the hospital.
  • - Doesn't go over your head, dude. - (laughs)
  • - See, I've never done it before. - Nostril-ate it.
  • - Oh. That's kinda nice. - And then put it on the ears.
  • - Ear it up. - Ooh.
  • - And then bring 'er down. - And tighten it down?
  • And then boooop! Right there.
  • I feel like we're both going into surgery together,
  • which we should do, by the way. I've been meaning to talk to you
  • about that. We both need a little--
  • We should do that together.
  • My ears are a little tight-ish. Are you saying perform the surgery
  • or have surgery performed on us in tandem?
  • We should do it together and hold hands at the same time.
  • Right, like the one where they make it where you can't make babies?
  • - Yeah. That one. - Let's talk about that later.
  • - (crew laughs) - For now, we're just gonna oxygen-ate.
  • - (blubby sound) - (both) Round one!
  • - Alright, the tubes are connected, Chasé. - Smells like plastic oxygen right now.
  • Well, he hasn't opened the vales yet, have you Chasé?
  • - Nope, I'm about to right now. - (Link) Alright,
  • you guys know what we're smelling, but we do not.
  • - Ooh. - Is that it?
  • - Just breathe. - There you go.
  • - I don't know how to do this. - (crew laughs)
  • - You don't know how to breathe? - I don't know how to do it, man.
  • Just breathe, man. It's subtle. It's refreshing yet subtle.
  • - It's very subtle. - Is it flowery? It's very pleasant.
  • - It's got a tangy sweetness to it. - I find doing this helps.
  • Is that recommended? I have a guess.
  • - I have my guess too. - Alright. Three. Two. One.
  • - Orange. - Roses.
  • - You sayin' orange? - Roses?
  • - It's called 'The Grove', which is orange. - No, it's citrus-ey.
  • - (ding sound and buzzer sound) - Aw, man. You nailed it!
  • It was either lemon, grapefruit, or orange. I went with orange.
  • - Oh, dude. I'm not off to a good start. - You said roses?
  • - (crew laughs) - You know what roses smell like, right?
  • Yeah. Like this! You got the wrong valve open on me?
  • - (laughs) - (bubbly sound)
  • - (both) Round two! - What's good here, bartender?
  • - I recommend two. - (Rhett and crew laugh)
  • - (Link) Smellin' number two. - I still smell orange.
  • You gotta clear the pipe of the orange roses smell.
  • - I'm also starting to feel good. - Are you invigorating?
  • - I feel smarter. - (crew laughs)
  • - I feel like I've got a sixth sense. - It kinda builds,
  • but it starts subtly. Are you getting it yet?
  • - I gotta do my thing. - Hold on.
  • I think I just need to get nothing but that in there.
  • Oh. That doesn't help at all.
  • - (crew laughs) - Oh, really?
  • - I'm not getting a scent yet. - I mean, I have a guess.
  • Are you getting a rea-- I'm not getting a reading at all.
  • - I'm getting a read, yeah. - I gotta shake my tube or something.
  • Shake your tube. That'll solve everything.
  • - Alright. Mm. - Alright. Three. Two. One.
  • - Blueberry. - Lavender.
  • The answer was 'uplifting' which is peppermint.
  • - (buzzer sound) - Peppermint?
  • - Oh. Hold on a second. - I didn't get any peppermint in that one.
  • I wanna go ahead and say I've been cheating by looking at the color
  • of the bubbles, and so I said orange for the first one
  • - because it was orange. - Aw!
  • - (both laugh) - Hey!
  • - (bubbly sound) - (both) Round three!
  • Alright, Chasé. Fire this one up.
  • - (Chase) Alrighty. - Mm.
  • I think I'm gonna give you guys the name of this one without the aroma.
  • - It's called-- - Okay. We get a hint?
  • - Oh yeah. - Oh, you think we need some help?
  • I think you might need it. This one's called 'invigorating'.
  • - Oh, that is so helpful Chasé. - You're welcome.
  • - I'm being invig'd. - I don't think that leather would
  • - be one of them. - Leather is invigorating for you?
  • - (laughs) Well-- - When worn where?
  • I'm just saying, leather is the first thing that came
  • to my mind when I started to analyze this smell.
  • I think I know it. Mm. What color is it?
  • - It's clear. - (crew laughs)
  • - Is mine in right? - No, dude.
  • - (laughs) - You got one right in--
  • - Shove it up your nose! - Oh!
  • - And now breathe through your nose. - Ooooh.
  • I've got this one. I'm all over this.
  • Alright guys. In three. Two. One.
  • - (both) Pine. - Blackberry.
  • - (buzzer sound) - What?!
  • - (Rhett and crew laugh) - Blackberry?
  • - Hold on. - Blackberry's growing under the pine tree!
  • - (bubbly sound) - (both) Round four!
  • - Pine, huh? - Fire it up, Chasé.
  • - (Rhett) Oh. Ooh. - This one is called 'tropical'.
  • I feel like I could do more right now. We should be doing something productive
  • instead of sitting here and smelling oxygen.
  • We could have, like, cords that go on for like fifty yards,
  • - and we could just-- - I want it all the time.
  • - What is it? - Oxygen, man.
  • - What flavor? - Oh.
  • - You don't even have a clue? - Tropical, huh?
  • Trop-i-cal. I'm going to the tropics via
  • - my nose holes. - I think I might know this one
  • because I'm guessing something that's tropical and then I'm trying to confirm
  • it with my smell buds and I believe that's happening.
  • - It's like I'm on vacation right now. - I feel like we should fight right now
  • or something. Don't you feel like you could, like--
  • I feel like we could go twelve rounds, bare knuckle.
  • - I feel like I could bust through a wall. - (laughs) Yes.
  • Not a physical wall. More like an emotional wall.
  • - Okay. - (laughs)
  • - Alright, I'm gonna guess. - Alright, gentlemen.
  • In three. Two. One.
  • - Piña Colada. - Coconut.
  • - Piña Colada. - (buzzer and ding sound)
  • (laughs) Yes! Yes! Don't you taste the piña colada?
  • - (bubbly sound) - (both) Round five!
  • - What's in a piña colada? - (Stevie) It's rum, coconut milk,
  • and pineapple juice, so, technically you can get a third of a point.
  • - We'll give you a third of a point. - Okay.
  • - Alright. Alright. Coconut is a third of a-- - Give the poor guy a third of a point.
  • What's the ratio of coconut in a piña colada?
  • - It's ninety percent of a piña colada! - You're gonna loose that battle
  • - if you go down that road. - Piña colada.
  • - Alright. Is this one going, Chasé? - You guys are going.
  • - This one is 'timber'. - Mm.
  • - Okay, so it's a tree. - We've already guessed pine one time.
  • It's not as strong as what I thought pine was before.
  • - No, it's not. - Which was what? What was that?
  • - Blackberry? - Yep.
  • Blackberry's pine. This is not pine.
  • - I'm thinking oak. - Why would they make oak?
  • - (crew laughs) - I don't know,
  • - I think you should guess oak. - I mean, why would they make pine?
  • - (funny voice) "I need to smell some pine." - Timber?
  • (normal voice) I feel like I can see longer.
  • - Like I just sa-- - Like a longer duration?
  • - (laughs) - And for a longer distance.
  • You're like an owl. You're becoming an owl.
  • Do you not feel these things? I feel like my eyes got--
  • - No. I don't even smell anything. - If there was a knob on the back of
  • each eye. It was like somebody went in and was like, "Bloop! Turn it up!"
  • - (inhaling) - but my laser vision is not helping
  • - with my smell-o-vision. - They're all so subtle to me.
  • But I think that if it was more-- If it was any stronger,
  • you'd get tired of it, but this way you keep sniffing
  • - (Link) Yeah, yeah. - and sniffing and sniffing
  • - until time's up. - Hold on, I feel like I can see longer.
  • - (laughs) - No. Alright.
  • - I can, man. - I've got my guess.
  • - I got a guess, too. - Okay. In three. Two. One.
  • - Cedar. - Spruce!
  • - Cedar. - Spruce.
  • - Cedar. - It's Christmas Tree.
  • - (buzzer sound) - Spruce!
  • - That's a Frazier Fur, man. - Oh, look up what percentage of
  • - Christmas trees are Spruces! - (Stevie) Christmas trees are fur trees,
  • pine trees, and spruce trees, so, I feel like I should give it to you!
  • - I get a third of a point. - (ding sound)
  • - A third of a point. - (bubbly sound)
  • - (both) Round six! - Release the oxygen!
  • - (Chase) There you go. Breathe. - Oh.
  • It's taking me somewhere. You know, scent's tied to memory
  • - stronger than actually even being there. - I don't think that's exactly how the
  • saying goes. I think it's, "The strongest scent tied
  • to memory is smell," but go with that.
  • - I'm going to a funeral. - (Rhett) You're smelling balming liquid?
  • Yeah. I feel like I'm at a funeral for my great aunt,
  • - What? - and I didn't know her that well.
  • - She only had one leg. - This smells like your great aunt?
  • Yeah. She only had one leg. Yep. I've got it.
  • - I need a hint, man. - This one is called 'summertime'.
  • - Aunt Hazel did not die in the summertime. - (laughs) Okay.
  • - It was the dead of winter. - I think you followed the smell of
  • Aunt Hazel down a rabbit hole some summertime.
  • (singing) Summer, summer, summertime!
  • - Would you sit back and suck in oxygen? - Okay.
  • I still am I little bit sidetracked with how I feel and, like,
  • now I feel like I should write a poem. I feel like I could--
  • - (normally) Write it. Right now. Write it. - I could just bust it out.
  • Here we are at the oxygen bar. We're gonna go home together in a car.
  • If we die before we wake, at least this oxygen we got to taste.
  • - I mean, I just came up with that. - Wake and taste do not rhyme.
  • - Yeah they do. - (crew laughs)
  • Call Eminem. He'll tell ya'. I have an answer.
  • - I got the answer. - I have the answer.
  • - I know this. - Alright. In three. Two. One.
  • - Watermelon. - Honeysuckle.
  • - Watermelon. - (buzzer and ding sound)
  • - (laughs) Honeysuckle? - I don't know, man.
  • - It didn't smell like watermelon. - You need to take it out and twist.
  • - (laughs) - Do I have the left in the right and
  • - the right in the left? - I think you got the left and the right
  • - mixed up. - Dang it!
  • That's what it is. Yeah. You've been getting it all backwards
  • - I knew it was something! - because watermelon backwards is
  • - honeysuckle. - (bubbly sound)
  • - (both) Round seven! - I've only got a third of a point!
  • - Better than zero. - When I woke this morning,
  • - I could only breathe out of one nose. - (Rhett) Oh, here come the excuses.
  • - (Link) That's my handicap for this, man. - I will take mercy and, you know what?
  • Let's say from here on out they're worth two points a piece.
  • - Maybe you can close the gap. - Alright. I'll close your gap.
  • - I also feel like I can do a lot of math. - Eight times seven.
  • - Fifty-six. - Seven times six.
  • - Forty-two. - Nine times eight.
  • - Seventy-two. - One plus three.
  • - Four. - Fruit plus fruit.
  • - Fruit. - Wow, that's good.
  • I need to go back and take the SAT right now.
  • - I also need a hint. - I call this one 'serenity'.
  • I think this is like something you get in a spa.
  • You know how if you go to some spas, a small woman will walk on your back?
  • My back is so big. I had two women stand on my back
  • - one time. - I had a woman on my back one time
  • and I thought it was two women. It was her knees and her elbows.
  • Yeah. We should go get a massage. I feel like I could give a great massage
  • - right now. I would know-- - I don't need one. (laughs)
  • I have an answer. I think you've already guessed this?
  • - I don't know. - Yeah. That's what I was thinking.
  • Alright guys. In three. Two. One.
  • - Lavender. - Vaporub.
  • - Lavender. - (ding and buzzer sound)
  • - (laughs) I can smell better than he can. - You know--
  • - (laughs) - Man, I guessed that earlier.
  • - Can I get some points? - You did! I told you that guessed it earlier.
  • You told me! I thought you were giving me a
  • - Rhett-herring. - No. I wasn't.
  • - (bubbly sound) - (both) Round eight!
  • - I mean, it's okay. I'm a better smeller. - (laughs)
  • - This one's worth six points. - Oh.
  • For the win! Ooh. This is by far the strongest one.
  • Is my mind just now waking up to what my nose has been experiencing
  • - the whole time? - Well, let me ask you a couple of questions.
  • - Do you feel like we should fight? - Yes.
  • - Can you do math? - Yes.
  • - Can you come up with an impromptu poem? - Yes.
  • - Can you see longer? - Yes.
  • 'Cause those are all the things that's been happening to me.
  • - Like, give me some math equations. - Seven point two times eight point three.
  • - Fifty-six. Seve-- Fifty-nine point one. - (laughs)
  • You don't know it either. That's right.
  • - (laughs) - Fifty-nine point one.
  • This is strong, guys. Whenever I go to the oxygen
  • party bar, I'm going straight for this one.
  • - I need a hint. - This one is 'chillin''.
  • How is chillin' different than serenity?
  • - Wow. - It's not.
  • This is a stronger version of serenity. It's like, when you serene really hard.
  • - You start chillin'. - No. Chillin' is very serene,
  • - but you're also cool at the same time. - Ooh. Coldness.
  • Climb on my back. Dig your knees and your elbows in
  • - 'cause I'm ready to guess. - Okay. In three. Two. One.
  • - Vanilla. - Menthol.
  • - Eucalyptus. - (buzzer sound)
  • - I was about to say eucalyptus! - But you didn't.
  • I was this close. Menthol and eucalyptus
  • - have a similar experience. - Okay.
  • Alright, congratulations, Rhett. You earned it, man!
  • - I win! - Outright.
  • And you know what? You win the prize
  • - ♪(celebratory music)♪ - which is a lifetime supply of oxygen
  • - Woo! - And nitrogen and everything else
  • - that's in the air. Suck away, man! - I'm like a super hero!
  • Breathe in. It's like you can steer your own head.
  • (makes motorcycle sounds) Thanks for liking, commenting,
  • - and subscribing. - You know what time it is!
  • Hi, my name is Elizabeth, and this is Ivy.
  • We're from McAllen, Texas, and it's time to spin the
  • - Wheel of Mythicality. - Our friends,
  • the Gregory Brothers, Songified an episode of Good Mythical Morning.
  • You can go see that on the extras channel. Link in the description.
  • - The wheel got lower! - Woah! What happened?!
  • We got up high! Click through to Good Mythical More.
  • We're gonna get the crew to taste oxygen-es.
  • - ♪(celebratory music)♪ - Oh, somebody won something, Link!
  • - Congratulations to-- - (Rhett) Lillyenrose!
  • - You get a personalized GMM! - (both) When--
  • - (computer generated voice) Lillyenrose - (both) eats asparagus--
  • - (computer generated voice) Lillyenrose - (both) 's pee smells like roses.
  • [Captioned by Hayleigh: GMM Captioning Team]

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