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Dear 18 million people we’ve had the opportunity to interact with over the past several years here:

We’re taking a break from Facebook.

At Mozilla we champion platforms and technologies that are good for the web and good for the people that use it.
We stand up for transparency and user control because they make the web healthier for us all.

That’s why we are pressing pause on any...
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We're looking for the first Firefox extensions aces of the Quantum era!

(There will be prizes )

Join the Quantum Extensions Challenge and win prizes.

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Because we can all use a little more whimsy every now and then:

The Simple, Serendipitous Joy of Browser Extensions

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Our latest update blocks untrusted websites from being able to access your computer’s camera, microphone, and location data. Blam.

The latest Firefox browser is big on privacy

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Submit your extension for a chance to become one of the newest champion extension developers *AND* get your add-on promoted to all our users.

Join the Quantum Extensions Challenge and win prizes.

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Stop random sites from even ~asking~ if you want their push notifications with this handy little feature in our latest release:

Firefox can now block those annoying notification requests

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Fedor Portman
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Surprised to see Jessica Jones using Firefox?

Don't be! She's been using it since season 1. Any good PI would want to take advantage of that built-in tracking protection.

As Seen on TV: Why Your Fav Fictional Characters Use Firefox

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If you need something to help make you feel optimistic about the future of the web, check out all the amazing women being featured in #WWWomen for #InternationalWomensDay ‍

[ Mzl.la Link ]


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When you need to build a presentation for work or are facing very tight meme turnaround deadlines (probably less work related), we've got a screenshot tool right here for ya in the browser:

5 Ways to Take Screenshots Further – The Firefox Frontier

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