Find the Center of a Circle (3 EASY and QUICK Ways)

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Jul 18, 2017


Find the Center of a Circle (3 EASY and QUICK Ways)
Find the Center of a Circle (3 EASY and QUICK Ways) thumb Find the Center of a Circle (3 EASY and QUICK Ways) thumb Find the Center of a Circle (3 EASY and QUICK Ways) thumb


  • - So you're trying to find the center of a circle?
  • I'm gonna show you my three favorite ways to do that.
  • I'm Mike.
  • Welcome to TomahawkDIY.
  • Few years ago, I made a video
  • that got hundreds of thousands of views
  • as people tried to figure out
  • how to find the center of a circle.
  • There were lots of great comments.
  • I went through and tested all those different comments
  • to see what I liked best.
  • Came up with this.
  • Take a look.
  • I'm trying the circle method number one.
  • So thanks to Oz Skes, Skies, Oz Skies,
  • S-K-E-S, thanks to Oz for this method.
  • I quite like this one.
  • So Oz recommends drawing a square.
  • So to draw a square, you wanna have a square.
  • I'm gonna get a point here, and then we've gotta
  • get our same length on each of these two sides.
  • So let's see, four and a half,
  • not quite, we're getting close though.
  • It can be a little bit tricky to get it.
  • There's four and five eighths on that side.
  • Let's see, four and a half,
  • four and five eighths on this side.
  • Okay, so I'm gonna draw my square here.
  • Now if this has been done right,
  • when we spin it round here we should be able
  • to line these two points up again
  • with four and five eighths like so.
  • And we should be able to finish that square.
  • So with our square drawn, we can draw our diagonals
  • and that's gonna hit the center
  • like so.
  • All right.
  • Next, comes from Sooner Science Nerd.
  • Thanks to Sooner Science Nerd for this suggestion.
  • Sooner Science Nerd is using the chords.
  • So remember a chord is just drawing between two edges
  • of a circle, take two points on a circle,
  • draw a straight line, that's called a chord.
  • Now I'm gonna make it easier.
  • I'm gonna use chords that are lengths
  • I can easily divide in half.
  • So let's draw a four inch chord right here
  • like so, and then at the halfway point, the midpoint,
  • we're gonna draw a line.
  • And just for good measure,
  • over here we'll do a six inch chord,
  • which would be three at the half length.
  • And for fun, we'll do five inches over here.
  • And half of five inches is two and a half.
  • So now we've gotta draw 90 degree angles
  • from each of these three points.
  • And you could use a square to do that
  • if you got a square like this.
  • Or you can find anything else got a square.
  • So on this case, I'm just gonna use a piece of paper
  • 'cause that's gonna be a nice 90 degree angle.
  • Go like that, do the same thing over here,
  • got my 90 degree angle, and that should be our center.
  • 90 degree angle here.
  • And there we go.
  • We got the center.
  • Now we coulda done that with just two chords obviously.
  • The third one is just to check, kinda making sure
  • that they all come together nicely.
  • So thank you, Sooner Science Nerd, for that suggestion.
  • Okay.
  • And then we've got JC130676
  • recommends this way.
  • This is my third preferred way
  • to find the center of a circle.
  • We're gonna be cutting out a template with a piece of paper.
  • I'm gonna throw something down I can cut on,
  • and you can do this in one of two ways.
  • You can either draw the line and use some scissors,
  • or instead of drawing a line on this one,
  • I'm just gonna use a knife.
  • Obviously, be really sure you're not cutting yourself.
  • I'm gonna follow around this.
  • Gotta keep my angle.
  • Looks like I'm cutting this circle down a little bit,
  • but if I've done this well that paper
  • ought to just come right up.
  • Got a little bit, trim off over here.
  • And there we go.
  • Put the cover back on the knife.
  • And now with this template,
  • we're gonna quarter it.
  • So if I get my edges line up nice and neat,
  • fold it in half that way, fold it in half another way,
  • and if I take,
  • and JC130676 suggest
  • just cut the edge of my circle,
  • and I've got a template.
  • So got that thing all lined up
  • nice around the edges, I believe.
  • And there's the center of my circle.
  • So I hope you found that helpful,
  • checking out these different ways
  • to find the center of a circle.
  • Thanks so much for watching TomahawkDIY.
  • Please subscribe, leave some comments.
  • If you've got some ways that you prefer better,
  • leave some notes, maybe we'll try it
  • and learn some more good tricks in the future.
  • Please share this, like the video, subscribe,
  • and have a great day!

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See my favorite 3 ways to find the center of the circle. This is based on testing a dozen ways to find the center of a circle. (test video being published soon). These were all suggestions in comments from my original center of circle video: (/watch?v=UdvPYzKypwc).

These three methods are all quite easy and quick. Check them out.

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