Film Theory: Thanos Was WRONG... He CAN'T Snap! (Avengers Infinity War)

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Film Theory: Thanos Was WRONG... He CAN'T Snap! (Avengers Infinity War)
Film Theory: Thanos Was WRONG... He CAN'T Snap! (Avengers Infinity War) thumb Film Theory: Thanos Was WRONG... He CAN'T Snap! (Avengers Infinity War) thumb Film Theory: Thanos Was WRONG... He CAN'T Snap! (Avengers Infinity War) thumb


  • Thanos, buddy, I love you, but after all these movies
  • and after all that effort to get those infinity stones, your big triumphant
  • moment where you vaporize half the universe finally comes around
  • and you choose to... SNAP!? Snap.
  • I mean, come on! We're not all "picasso" here but it's just uninspired!
  • Think of ALL the other things you could have done! The Thanos clap...
  • The Thanos PUNCH THE SKY! The Thanos Dab!
  • A little dated but still relevant with the youngsters...
  • The Thanos... shadow puppet.
  • The Thanos American Sign Language!
  • It would be great for building awareness of other forms of communication!
  • No? None of those? Well that's just uncalled for!
  • No one asked for the Thanos Middle Finger Salute!
  • Well now you're just being childish.
  • *film theory intro plays*
  • HELLO INTERNET, welcome to Film Theory!
  • The show that makes being a know-it-all about all your favorite franchises
  • . . . a snap.
  • Now that we've all had time to sit back and reflect on the glory that was "Avengers Infinity War",
  • I wanted to bring up something that's been bugging me about it.
  • Don't get me wrong! I love this movie, it was basically the "Marvel Cinematic Universe" meets "Survivor All Stars."
  • I mean, I'm sitting there in the theater seeing how many of my favorite Marvel characters are in this thing
  • and I can't tell where my own gleeful drool ends and the fake butter flavoring on my popcorn begins. (ew.)
  • Yet, in spite of ALL of that, there's one part of this movie that I found just a bit too implausible to let go.
  • And when I go back and think about it, I actually let A LOT of things go for this movie.
  • I mean, Heimdall can "see everything" but misses Thanos's ship?
  • Uh, sure. . . we all make mistakes.
  • Thor can just JAM somebody else's eye into his socket and SEE again?
  • Whatever, I guess he's a god, the mortal rules don't apply to him.
  • Dr. Strange has literally the WHOLE movie to use his Time Stone and just
  • DOESN'T?
  • Even though he should see Thanos's plans for galactic genocide coming a mile away,
  • and he has portals that are able to rip people in half, or at the very least, capture them,
  • which should make pulling off the gauntlet VERY easy.
  • You know, I don't have an explanation for that - it's movie magic, okay?
  • And Dr. Strange is my favorite marvel superhero,
  • so he basically gets a free pass all around.
  • No, the problem I had with this movie was none of these things - it was this scene.
  • *avenger infinity war scene of thanos snapping*
  • Did you catch it?
  • It was over in a snap... literally.
  • Thanos snaps his fingers and wipes out half the universe for the sake of resource conservation
  • like some sort of overenthusiastic Al Gore,
  • but there's a PROBLEM here!
  • The snap ITSELF, the ACTUAL act of CLICKING his fingers like a hulky Dorothy trying to click her heels
  • to get back to Kansas!
  • I mean, COME ON!
  • He's wearing a giant gauntlet made of "Uru",
  • a metal. He can't just snap his fingers while he's wearing them, right?
  • Think about EVERY movie you've ever seen where people are wearing metal armor,
  • every Game of Thrones episode - heck, every British period piece where they wear those dainty tea gloves!
  • Nobody is snapping in those things!
  • I mean, I can't even unlock my cellphone when there's a little french fry grease on my fingers
  • so snapping in a gauntlet is near IMPOSSIBLE!
  • And not by the rules of some convoluted comic book universe,
  • but by the basic laws of physics!
  • It's moments like this where I'm like, "Marvel! I love you!
  • I count down every release you have like a 6 year-old counting down to Christmas!
  • But sometimes it's like,
  • "Do you even science, bro?"
  • So I have to call you out, answer the tough yet essential questions here, and show you why Thanos's
  • finishing move is a deafening dud.
  • If we want to determine whether you can snap while wearing the Infinity Gauntlet,
  • we should first clarify what's actually making the sound of a snap.
  • "Durrrh MatPat, a snap is just a sound that your finger makes when it hits your palm,"
  • you, the 22 year-old master of acoustics, might be saying.
  • Well, let's put that assertion to the test.
  • First, snap your fingers.
  • Now, do the same thing but hold your index finger, ring finger and pinky away from your hand.
  • I-I'm complete serious, try it now.
  • Everyone all done?
  • It sounds pretty different, right?
  • Keep trying to snap with your fingers in different arrangements.
  • I mean, sure, it still makes a sound when your middle finger hits your palm,
  • it just doesn't make the same kind of 'snapping' sound.
  • And that's because snapping is actually acoustically a lot more complicated than we imagine.
  • It's this thing that most of us learn to do when we're six or seven, specifically to use as social currency
  • in first grade
  • and yet TO THIS DAY it remains as one of these universal mysteries
  • we don't really understand about our own bodies!
  • So let's unravel that mystery right now!
  • TRUE, the thud of your finger hitting your palm makes a sound,
  • and so does your finger as it moves down your thumb and pops off at the end.
  • But actually, both of those sounds are quiet compared to the popping noise that's made by the air in your hand.
  • Now, that might sound weird, but when you snap, the air that's trapped in your hand is what's making the big sound -
  • or, in our case, making half the universe disappear. Let me show ya.
  • Look at the shape of your hand when you're getting ready to snap. It should look roughly like this.
  • You'll see that your ring finger and pinky are pressed against your palm,
  • roughly creating a cone that's closed - or nearly closed - as the bottom.
  • When your middle finger moves towards your palm, the cone changes shape really quickly,
  • which actually forces air up and out of the cone towards your index finger.
  • The reason why most people have a similar hand position when they're snapping is because this cone
  • shape ends up being the best for amplifying sound.
  • The movement out of your 'hand cone' projects sound and the air pressure in one concentrated direction.
  • This is CRUCIAL for the snap and it's actually the same way that the flared end of a horn or a brass instrument works.
  • The more you can compress the air in the cone with your fast middle finger movement,
  • the faster the air'll be to rush out of your hand cone, and the louder the snap sounds.
  • That's why when you move you middle finger faster -
  • *snap snap*
  • - you get a louder snap then when you move your middle finger slower.
  • *slower snap snap*
  • If you wanna snap even louder, you can use two hands.
  • SERIOUSLY! It's called 'The Persian Snap',
  • and while the YouTube tutorials I found were hopeless in teaching ME how to do it effectively,
  • you can hear for yourself how loud it can be!
  • *loud persian snap*
  • So here's the rub: Thanos IS actually creating the shape with his hands -
  • he's actually got pretty good form going into the snap -
  • so shouldn't he be able to create a great sound at the climactic moment?
  • Well, no.
  • Because if you thought that physics has already ruined snapping for ya, ya ain't seen nothing yet!
  • The second issue is one that was actually recognized in the movie - or, at least in the movie filming.
  • Josh Brolin, the actor who plays Thanos,
  • reveals that when he was doing motion capture for the movie,
  • the Infinity Gauntlet was represented by a hockey glove - and that posed some problems.
  • Josh: "And to snap [with] my hockey gloves on, it just doesn't work."
  • So, does that mean it would be impossible to snap while wearing any kind of glove on a hand,
  • including one that's blinged out with magical rocks?
  • Well, not necessarily.
  • One of the issues with snapping while wearing gloves is that your fingers create less friction with the snapping motion.
  • Basically, they're more slippery, which means that the air in the cone never gets a good 'pop'.
  • Relative to gloves, human skin has a high coefficient of friction, meaning that you actually need a lot of force
  • to get skin to move on other skin. *hand waves back*
  • But to give you a comparison, the coefficient of friction on the palm of your hand is about 0.62,
  • The coefficient of friction on cotton is about 0.51,
  • and the coefficient of friction on metal, like aluminum, is 0.42.
  • Since metal has a lower coefficient of friction than a lot of other materials,
  • it'll naturally be worse at snapping than almost anything else you could wear.
  • That being said, what you lose in friction, you can actually make up for with sheer force.
  • You can try his home with just your fingers -
  • hold your middle finger against your thumb loosely, and snap.
  • It's kind of dull and quiet, right?
  • Now press your middle finger really hard against your thumb, and snap.
  • It's much louder.
  • By increasing the force required to overcome the friction, you speed up the moving finger,
  • which in turn speeds up the air that's being compressed,
  • which in turn makes the snap LOUDER.
  • Could you do the same thing while wearing a magical, metallic gauntlet?
  • Theoretically, yeah!
  • Especially if you're as strong as a Mad Titan.
  • The other thing that's actually sitting in Thanos's favor here is metal's ability to conduct sound.
  • Going back to what I said a few minutes ago, that snapping moves air a lot like a brass instrument or a horn,
  • have you ever stopped to wonder WHY horns are made of metal and brass?
  • Well, it has a lot to do with the fact that metal is actually a great sound conductor.
  • This is because, at the molecular level, metal molecules are arranged in a Lattice Structure,
  • which just means that molecules repeat in the same patterns over and over and over again.
  • When you have that kind of molecular structure, it's able to carry sound waves through in a very uniform way -
  • preserving the sound wave and either allowing it to bounce right off, or projecting it outward.
  • Fabrics, like cotton or leather, that you might use for other kinds of gloves, have a totally different
  • molecular structure because they're polymers.
  • Instead of being able to preserve the sound, polymers, which are long and tangly, break up the sound waves and absorb 'em,
  • making them really bad sound conductors.
  • That's why fabrics are used to absorb sound.
  • So it seems like everything should be aligning for the Infinity Gauntlet to make one tremendous and
  • thunderous snap like you hear in the movie!
  • EXCEPT, there's one huge factor getting in the way.
  • You know how we said that metals transfer the forces applied to them into the surrounding air?
  • Well, that's assuming that AIR is the thing that's surrounding them.
  • Again, think about a trumpet or a horn.
  • There's air vibrating inside the horn, caused by your mouth blowing all that nice air and spit,
  • and it's transferred to the outside, all along the horn, and through the metal's ability to vibrate as the cone widens at the end.
  • The Infinity Gauntlet, though, has a problem, which is that Thanos's hand is in it!
  • If we were able to take his hand out, you'd actually get a lot of reverberation from a snapping sound,
  • because the metal would be free to vibrate with air on either side.
  • But because this is the Infinity Gauntlet, and was made specifically FOR Thanos by the Dwarf King,
  • we know that this gauntlet genuinely fits like a glove.
  • "The glove too fit, you can't acquit."
  • That means that when Thanos snaps, his fingers inside the gauntlet will actually be deadening his own snap,
  • with most of the sound energy simply being transferred into his own skin.
  • This isn't to say that there won't be any sound when Thanos snaps,
  • just that, instead of an actual snap, or even a kind of metallic clunk,
  • we're just more likely to get a metal grinding sound from how hard he has to press to get the snap to work in the first place!
  • It's... not exactly impressive for the Master of the Universe.
  • After researching all of this for the last 'couple weeks, I wanted to see if anyone had tested snapping in metal gloves.
  • So, as I was literally finishing the last couple sentences of this episode,
  • I found out that my buddy Kyle Hill over on 'Because Science' actually did an episode covering this topic a couple weeks ago.
  • He takes a VERY different approach to this, where instead of diving into the acoustics,
  • he goes for the practical physics, and actually tries on a bunch of different gauntlet recreations
  • from one of my other favorite creators on YouTube, Tony Swatton from 'Sword & The Stone',
  • who makes all kinds of movie and video game weapons in real life.
  • If you wanna see some of the stuff that they put to the test, because, you just can't get enough of fictional gauntlet physics,
  • well, definitely check THAT one out.
  • AND YES, before you run off to the comments and remind me that Thanos literally has the power of
  • ALL THE UNIVERSE'S in his hands so he can make his snap sound like anything he wants -
  • *fart noise*
  • *wah noise*
  • *a dying Stormtrooper*
  • *demoman taunt saying KA-BOOM*
  • And at the end of the day, REMEMBER.
  • It's just a theory -
  • Now that you know Thanos's dirty little secret behind his lame finishing move
  • you can ruin Infinity War for all your friends and family!
  • But it doesn't have to stop with Marvel Movies - HOHONO!
  • There's a whole world of bizarre physics out there to make you and everyone you know weirded out,
  • or paranoid about pretty much anything you could ever want!
  • Basically, the thesis of Game Theory and Film Theory's channels.
  • In all seriousness, taking the stuff we take for granted everyday and learning about how it actually works,
  • whether it's how we snap,
  • why your toaster flips bread in the air, or
  • even why you can see through glass
  • has always been mindblowing to me.
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  • AND NOW if you'll excuse me,
  • I need to get back to that Purge episode that I promised last week and that didn't... come out this week.
  • Sorry, it was actually a lot tougher to figure out than I expected.

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